Sunday, June 12, 2016

Still a Buppie

Awww!!!! Blogging. I remember when I first started this ish. It was so refreshing to be me. To share my thoughts. I loved the engagement. I love how every convo led to a blog. It was fun. Then it became too much business. and that my friend honestly had me second guessing my writing and what I wanted to share. As a business it failed. As a hobby --- it was a successful outlet. So if you are still out there 6 years later... I am bringing me and buppie back. I am launching a youtube channel. This is something I have wanted to do for years. In fact I posted a video from 5 years ago ...hope it stays up cus youtube got some crazy rules... but the intent and why I am writing this is to be honest. I'd like to keep it my hobby. Things are just better like that. Asking you all to follow me once again on the tube . Subscribe. and Comment. Thank you.