Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hater B!tches Marry Hater NI$@@As and Have HATER Kids

It all started in the 90's. The concept of Hatership and Hatin'. But on the Lolo- It's been around for Centuries. Before Christ. One of the first haters was Cain, Eve' son. The Bible says that God was pleased with Abel's sacrifice, but not with Cain's. As a result Cain grew angry, dejected and jealous. (I.E HATE) Soon his fierce anger led him to commit murder. (Extreme Hater)

Now it has made its way to the 21st century, and it is beyond an OVERUSED expression, for some it is a way of life.

Here are some of my thoughts on hate.


Have you ever met someone for the very first time? You are cordial and all, but for some reason you just sense...HATE?! Never said a bad word to each other, but there is something there. Well that is your hate radar, and it is 80% accurate if you keep it real with yourself. KEYWORDS: KEEP IT REAL. Perhaps deep down it is you. Maybe this person makes you jealous. (Therefore you are the hater.) If so then that is your issue, and you have to figure out why. Maybe these feelings are needed for you to step your game up? Get better. Or maybe if you feel them hating, and they really do not know you well, then..HEY! Pat yourself on the back. You are doing something right! Right?


What about that person who you call a perpetual hater? You know them and they are always talking shyt or telling you things you do not want to hear. But deep down inside you know there is some truth to it! Sometimes people get honesty confused with hatership. The fine line difference are the type of relationships you have with a person and how the information was received.

Now some people live in this imaginary world of "They the shyt." (Narcissists) These folks are so interesting to meet. They justify all honest feedback or opinions of them as HATE. Come on now. Shyt don't stink until you smell it. These type of folks have nose congestion.

Personally, I try to keep my luxury of bluntness to people I fuxs with. Otherwise, some may misconstrue my honesty and care as hate. It aint hate, it is 100% the Districts Buppie telling you what I think. Now over the years, I have learned when to and when to NOT keep it "100". I always ask myself, "How can or could I have said that better?", "Was I invited to make a comment?", "Will this make our relationship better?" I have to say my bluntness has matured and tapered as I have grown. Unless invited, I keep my damn thoughts to myself.

But like I said it is a luxury for folks I fuxs with. The relationship matters. I cannot stand it when people who do not know me, try to tell me about myself?! How dare you. I have so much depth to my personality, if you only met me once, or saw me on a few occasions, you can not really know who I am. Don't talk matterfactly about shyt you don't know anything about. Here is really how some hate begins. People draw conclusions, and share those conclusions with other people. That is the hateful circle of life.

Now the people I fuxs with, have all the right to go IN. I mean feedback does help you grow. People who you really love and respect know how to convey a message genuinely.

Contagious! Yet the act of hating with a partner(s) is a dangerous yet sometimes gratifying activity. It feels good to talk shyt about someone in a group, when everyone is just going IN. Yep feels good, until somebody leaks and the person(who you burned by talking shyt), comes to check you. So what you going to do boo?! This is a true test. By now we should be old enough to talk shyt in a safely wrapped situation. Or if not a safe situation, keep you mouth closed.

So in short bups, I want to hear your most hateful story. Come clean, were you the hater? Or were you hated on? Or were you just being honest? Let's work to eradicate hate, one hater at a time.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do You Wish To Self Identify?

So I am back in America. The land where everyone has an equal opportunity to be great, right?! *chuckling to myself* Anyway the job search is in full swing and since I am fortunate to know EXACTLY what I want to do professionally I have been applying like crazy. However, recently I was having a conversation with the Close Confidant (CC) and he made mention that he would do everything he could to not disclose race while applying for a position. He went as far as suggesting that I may want to remove my picture from my professional site, not disclose my sorority, or any organization that may be race affiliated until I get my desired position. However, if I know the person reviewing my credentials is black then disclose away. I then made mention of these Equal Employment Opportunity surveys that I am often asked if I wish to fill out after I apply for a position. He exclaimed "HELL NO! Don't fill that out. It is a way to exclude you before you even get a chance!" I immediately thought it was his generational school of thinking. He then began to support his argument with these points. (This is based on the assumption that the majority of the people that are hiring are White.)

1. The age of the people hiring The CC explained that the age of many of these people looking to hire were probably around their 40's which meant that they may have been influenced by the Reagan era and there is a possibility that they share his sentiments about Affirmative Action.

2. The economy is bad therefore who are they going to look out for first? One another!

3. Many think if you are successful and black affirmative action got you there. This has been a heated debate that I have had with my peers in college as well with older relatives in my family. The CC's point is that many people of all ages think this way, therefore, this survey is another tool to use against you.

4. People are naturally bias Whether you are Black, White, Asian, Latino or whatever people may form opinions about you before even knowing you when it comes to employment. So why even give them a chance to discriminate against you by revealing your race. Let them call you for an interview first and then form an opinion about you.

Now the CC made it quite clear that he is NOT against affirmative action. But he believes that this survey can be used for good or bad so why even take the chance and fill it out. He thinks it can easily be used to exclude you. I still was not completely convinced about his reasoning so I turned to twitter to ask my peers. And surprisingly many of my peers of many different racial backgrounds responded in resounding agreement with the "Close Confidant".

I guess my question is how much weight does this survey actually hold in regards to me getting an interview and more importantly a JOB. And if you choose not to self identify, and don't have an overtly racially distinctive name, won't they piece together that you are "other" anyway.

Bups what are your thoughts? Do you wish to self identify?