Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Justice is a Fairytale

This last year, I have witnessed a lack of justice,
A. Jena 6
B. Mike Vick
C. and Now this Sean Bell Case.

In case you do not know about Sean Bell,( I will not even GO OFF on you if you don't know it, as it is likely due to this FREAKING WACKA$$ MEDIA), this is a case of Police officers (NYPD), who mistakenly shot and killed Sean Bell believing him to be carrying a weapon and/or involved with prostitution. Sean Bell was having his bachelors party at a Queens Strip club, where the police officers were running an undercover operation.

Important things to note here. Undercover cops, the thought of Bell's friend carrying a gun, Oh and yes 50 shots were fired from 3 police officers. More then half from the white cop(he led with whompin 31 of the 50.)

50 SHOTS?? WHAT? I have been to the shooting range, hell we all have played DUCK HUNT!!! 50 motherfucking shots takes about 3-4 minutes to release. Thats the length of a Music Video, Commercial break, Time it takes to pump your gas. 50 Shots.

No matter if it was mistake, or not, Sean Bell died. The night before he was to be wed, no less!

Here is what I am thinking.
  1. PIMPS do not have guns. If this was about prostitution investigation, you buy sex, what use do you really have for guns?? I mean, really. If this was about drugs, where people are known to tote heat, but c'mon Pimps? If you are building a case of prostitution, would you be better off carrying a camera, getting the sale on tape??? If you shoot the pimp or the hoe, you have no case? Where is the need for excessive violence in prostitution?
  2. 50 shots? Naw. No Way buddy. This is OD. People say, the police heard someone in Bell's party had a Gun. HEARD. Did you see this weapon?? Better yet did you tell him you were the PoPos?? Then you fired off for like 4 minutes, where's this gun?? There is footage to tell, these dudes where just firing off recklessly and almost killed various other bystanders. See this video
  3. Yall saw this 4th man business?? Clearly a lie , a cover up.
Nevertheless, it goes to court against the POPOS. What are we thinking here? The POPOS should go down on manslaughter no less. Right??!! I mean, the facts of the case are funky, but its clear Bell is dead and was unarmed. Right??


The POPOS were acquitted. They walked off clean.

Ultimately, you know that thing called Justice, that shyt does not exist. That shyt was created to make folks think they had a chance at life. It was created to make us at ease, and as of late it is continuously coming to light that it really is a FIGMENT of our imaginations. Just like the tooth-fairy.

To the Bell family, our hearts and prayers go out to you.
The POPOS and especially Mr. 31/50, and to the judicial system participants who allowed these dudes acquittal ...EAT SHYT and DIE.

More Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_Bell

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Most Segregated Hour in America: Some Insight on the Black Church

It has taken me a while to post on this subject because it is very sensitive to me. However, due to the mass media and the comments we have received about it I believe it is time. Let me begin by saying that I grew up in the black church. In addition to Sunday I typicall spent 3 additional days a week in church. I remember looking at all the people who only came to church on Christmas and Easter with disgust and my mother saying that the doors of the church are open to everyone regardless of when they decide to come. I also recall my pastor saying things that I honestly believed in my heart and understood but knew probably would not be accepted by the mainstream if it were heard outside of the walls. However that's where the problem lies. I think many are disillusioned about what happens in the black church and how not only is it a place for spiritual fulfillment but also a place where blacks can vent at times when needed. In order to fully understand this you have to understand how the black church came to be.

Upon this series of events, it has become very apparent to me that there is a universal ignorance about many black churches. The black church came to be when the white church used subordinating theology to fit their politics back in the day (particularly during slave times). This led to the separation of the white and black church. Granted this day in age there are many diverse churches in which both white and blacks attend together and sing kumbaya, however, in a predominantly black church there are many things discussed outside of religion. It is not the predominant thing discussed but there are things that are definitely said. Many times grievances are articulated, injustices, and politics to name a few things. And this is place where blacks feel like they can speak freely and courageously about things (aside from inside the walls of their home).

This leads me to the Rev Jeremiah Wright. So once all the media hype began to surround Rev. Wright I was very intrigued. I watched the 37 second sound bites that they played on repeat for weeks. But then I said to myself "Self why not watch this whole thing in its context so you can understand what this man is really saying." Before watching these sermons I was not offended by his comments as much as thinking DAMN black man what made you say that on the pulpit. However, watching these sermons and putting his comments in their CONTEXT I honestly saw nothing wrong with what he was saying. Everyone kept saying how can he say this so soon after 9-11? Let's examine some of Rev Wright's inflammatory remarks shall we...

"GOD damn America!"
Damned- righteous indignation cursing by GOD. Judgement on people of GOD.
In it's context.... America is compared to Israel. God condemned Israel for causing turmoil in other places. And let's face it people America is far from squeaky clean. Hell, it was founded by almost wiping out a nation of people and built on the backs of another people. (Yes I said it! This land belonged to Native Americans who were slaughtered like animals. The cotton industry is what economically built America and who was in the fields with no pay???) That's not even touching its foreign policy and things it has done and tried to force on other nations in the name of promoting "democracy". While at the same time sitting on their hands and letting other things go on in nations that were and are clearly unjust but secretly helping the political agenda of America. Now, because I have these feelings should I too be demonized like Rev. Wright? And who ever said he, or I for that matter because I don't disagree with his statements, hate America. Like Rev. Wright I love America and the opportunities it has provided me. But like him I also love it enough to point out its flaws. He never said that the people on September 11th deserved what happened to them. He does however want America to look at how they may be somewhat accountable for what happened and I do not see anything wrong with that.

"The chickens coming home to roost"
If you go on other people's soil and perpetuate violence you do not think that they may retaliate? America is not too good to be attacked. PERIOD!

It has become extremely apparent to me that this whole thing is just being used as a weapon against Barack Obama. Even after he said he didn't agree with the statements (which he had to say for politics) he is still being scrutinized for associating with Rev. Wright. Rev Wright is a man who served his country as a marine and continues to serve it through his ministry throughout the Chicago area. It is amazing how the oh so wonderful America can demonize a man who has been preaching for 36 years through a 37 second sound bite. Also can we take a moment and look at things through the eyes of Rev. Wright. He is a man who was alive during Jim Crow and I am sure suffered some injustices from it. So clearly his opinion on America may be a little different than all the finger pointing Americans who know nothing about having to deal with those injustices.

In closing I would like to quote something that Dr. Martin Luther King said, "America is the greatest war criminal in the world." Now Dr. King loved America. He died for his love of it and wanting to see equality in it. He loved it so much he challenged it to look at itself.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Hip Hop Moment

The penultimate paragraph of this piece confirmed my suspicion that "Americans" is a euphemism for "White Americans". Otherwise, why would Obama's "exotic background and multicultural looks" require that he prove to Americans that he "shares or at least respects their values"? The clear implication is that "Americans" equal White Americans. Are there not many non-white Americans with similar looks and backgrounds similar to Obama's?
- A Close Confidant

Brush It Off
by Maureen Dowd
Op-ed Columnist

It had to be the first time in history that a presidential candidate had a hip-hop moment.

Barack Obama, who says he listens to Jay-Z along with his “old school guy” favorites like Earth, Wind & Fire and the Temptations, alluded to the rapper’s 2003 hit “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” on Thursday to sweep away concerns about his pugnacity.

After conceding that the Philly debate was tough, he brushed the imaginary lint of Hillary, George and Charlie from his shoulders, in a wordless reference to Jay-Z’s lyrics in his anthem about not letting anyone crimp your ride as you cruise from the bottom to the top: “Got some, dirt on my shoulder, could you brush it off for me.”

There’s no doubt the cat is cool. It’s easy to imagine the wild reception many parts of the world would give a President Obama as he loped down the stairs of Air Force One in his aviator glasses, the chic and chiseled Michelle on his arm.

The imagery of the 2008 race is all about cool and hot.

Obama is cool in a good way. He continues to look to the stars as the Clintons drag him down to the gutter, even when Hillary suggests he should scamper out of the kitchen since he’s so obviously sensitive to heat.

The Clintons are still scalded over the cool new kid in school precociously usurping the dream of Hillary, granddaughter of a Scranton lace mill worker and wife of a man who thinks he owes her the presidency.

This spurred the delicious spectacle of Bill Clinton, king of self-pity, suggesting that Obama was whining too much about the tone of the debate.

Like Bill, John McCain has his hot-headed flashes and struggles to stay cool.

But before it’s signed, sealed and delivered, as his campaign song goes, Obama will have to balance his cool with some heat, as J.F.K. did. He seems too imperious about the power of hot-button values issues that have proved so potent for most of his lifetime.

Sometimes when he answered questions at the ABC debate, you could see white letters on a black background scrawling across the screen of a Republican attack ad.

He can create an uplifting new kind of politics if he becomes president, but first he’s going to have to get past the shallow and vicious old politics he says he disdains (even if his campaign knows how to dip into the Clinton toolbox).

The thorny questions Obama got in the debate were absolutely predictable, yet he seemed utterly unprepared and annoyed by them. He did not do well for the same reason he failed to outmaneuver Hillary in a year’s worth of debates: he disdains the convention, the need for sound bites and witty flick-offs and game-changing jabs.

He needs to be less philosophical and abstract, and more visceral and personal. Some of the topics he acted dismissive about are real things on the minds of many Americans.

Obama does not need to wear a flag pin. By the time NBC colored its peacock logo with the Stars and Stripes after 9/11, it was clear that patriotism had been co-opted by commercialism. And he’s right that W. and Cheney used patriotism in a corrosive way to goad Americans into going along with their trumped-up war.

But when a voter from Latrobe asked in the debate why he doesn’t wear a flag pin, he high-hatted it as a “manufactured issue,” then, backing in tepidly, added, “I could not help but love this country for all that it’s given me.”

Asked about his friendly relationship with the former Weather Underground anarchist William Ayers — an association that The Wall Street Journal suggests could turn into the Swift Boat of 2008 given Ayers’s statement that “I don’t regret setting bombs; I feel we didn’t do enough” — Obama defended him with a line that only the eggheads orbiting his campaign could appreciate. Ayers, he said, is “a professor of English in Chicago.”

Obama has to prove to Americans that, despite his exotic background and multicultural looks, he shares or at least respects their values and understands why they would be upset about his associations with the Rev. Wright and an ex-Weatherman.

Even though his supporters raised Cain about ABC, Obama is smart enough to know he will need a better game against a canny war hero. Campaigning in Pennsylvania on Friday, he seemed eager to show he was not highfalutin. He said he and Michelle weren’t born with silver spoons; he shared how “burned up” he was when his sick mother could not get health insurance; he hugged a disabled veteran who thanked him for getting into the race, and he left a rally with a lusty “God Bless America.”

He’s trying, as Jay-Z says, to get flow.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

10 Things Never to Say to a Black Coworker

source: http://www.diversityinc.com/public/3372.cfm

In 2008, you'd think the taboo subjects and phrases would be clearly outlined and understood by all when it comes to what is and is not acceptable to say to a Black colleague. But that's far from the case. Here are 10 things you never want to say to a Black coworker or boss.

1) You're so articulate

You're so … articulate? Smart? Different? Yes, the speaker may intend a compliment, but what may be meant as praise instead comes across as being condescending. It implies the person being complimented is an exception to the rule and is exhibiting behavior atypical of others of his or her ethnic background.

"I haven't had it said to me, maybe I'm not articulate enough, but I've heard a number of Blacks say they've had it said to them … you're so articulate or you're so smart or intelligent," says Berlinda Fontenot-Jamerson, former director of diversity at Disney ABC Television Group. In her many years in the diversity industry, Fontenot-Jamerson has seen and heard it all. Some of it still makes her cringe.

"I feel like education and awareness is my mission, so I try to be kind when I check people to help them understand what they just said," she says. "I might make a joke to help them understand that it was a faux pas, and hopefully I have good enough relationships with them to have further conversations with them."

2) Is That Your Real Hair?

Danielle Robinson, director of diversity, talent and organizational design at Diageo, a wine, beer and spirits company, said she was amazed when she got this question from a colleague. But instead of getting angry, Robinson explained to her coworker why the question was inappropriate.

"There are a number of ways to respond. But I told the person they had no idea if they might be asking that question to someone suffering from a medical condition [such as] someone recovering from cancer treatment," she says. "I wound up giving this one woman a little lesson because you never know what the situation might be of the person you're asking a question."

3) "You" people

"I've heard this one several times," says Fontenot-Jamerson. Who exactly are "You people," and how do they differ from regular people? Use this poorly chosen phrase at your own risk.

4) Do you eat a lot of … (plug in the offending stereotype here)

Some stereotypes simply refuse to die. There's nothing wrong with natural curiosity about the ethnic eating habits of some of your coworkers. The problem lies in focusing on stereotypical Black fare such as fried chicken, watermelon, etc. It reveals the speaker has a very limited and narrow perception of Black culture and cuisine.

"One of my young relatives told me when they go out on interviews they may get queries about fried chicken and the stereotypes about the food that we like to eat," says Fontenot-Jamerson.

5) Why are you so angry?

This one is more often directed at Black males, thanks in large part to the media, which often portrays Black men as being angry and/or criminals.

6) Why are you acting white?

Consider this a relative of "You're so articulate." Why would exhibiting proper behavior, manners or dialect be categorized as acting white? If that's the case, what does it mean to act Black?

7) You don't sound Black over the phone.

What does Black sound like?

8) I don't think of you as Black.

DiversityInc Partner and Cofounder Luke Visconti received a letter from a reader who was presented with this particular compliment. He responded, "What you are experiencing is the first instance of a person accepting another person who is outside of their 'tribe.' Although the words and the sentiment are insulting, the person expressing them is (usually) not consciously trying to insult you. In their backward and ignorant way, they are actually trying to give you a compliment."

9) You graduated from where?

This particular offense came to our attention directly from one of our readers, Beatriz Mallory, who wrote, "In a career of nearly 30 years, I've heard them all. I am both African American and Hispanic, so I get it from both sides, on top of being a female. In trying to recall the worst, I'd have to nominate this one. It is the unguarded question "YOU went to CORNELL? WOW!" The implication is that in their mind, someone like me isn't automatically worthy of such an accomplishment. I never express my annoyance."

10) The N-word

The ultimate faux pas. Just because you've seen repeats of Dave Chapelle's show where the word is used liberally, that doesn't give you--or anyone--license to make conversational use of the word. To read more on the debate, read Double Standard: Can You Use the N-Word? in the Jan./Feb. 2008 issue of DiversityInc.

And don't fall into the trap of thinking substituting an "A" for the "er" makes the word acceptable. Fontenot-Jamerson believes it's a word used far too casually among youths, both white and Black.

"The new generation uses the N-word very loosely [and] the white kids do it too," she says. "I've been in the company where the youngsters have been using the word because they don't understand the history that comes with it."

Like Fontenot-Jamerson, Robinson looks at each misspoken phrase as an opportunity to teach and educate. "A lot of the questions are usually out of ignorance or genuine curiosity. So I always look at opportunities like these as a chance to educate," says Robinson. "Instead of getting angry, you don't want them to make this mistake with someone else. There are ways to ask a question more inquisitively that won't offend."

Mike Vick...its UNFAIR!!

VICK QUARTERBACKS PRISON FOOTBALL TEAM: Suspended NFL star also washes pots for 12 cents an hour at Leavenworth.

April 8, 2008

Michael Vick

*Suspended Atlanta Falcons star Michael Vick is back on the football field, but his paycheck has gone from millions per year to less than 15 cents an hour.

According to the New York Daily News, the jailed NFL player is the quarterback of his football team at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan, where he is serving a 23-month sentence after pleading guilty to federal dogfighting charges.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank has been communicating by letter with Vick and says the athlete is doing a number of things to help pass the time.

"He is staying in shape," Blank told the Daily News. "Apparently, there was a prison football team and he played quarterback for both sides." Blank also says his star QB is washing pots and pans for 12 cents an hour.

"I just try to be supportive and as understanding as I can be," Blank said. "He talks about the process he is going through and what he has learned, the lessons of life, how he's going to come out a different person. He's sorry he has affected so many people in a negative way — the league, our club, our fans. He feels awful about that. The letters sound quite sincere to me. From a mental standpoint, he sounds good."


AWWWWWWWWW we know this is EFFED up!!!! GOD D@MN DOGS!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Buppie Re Defined

Dear Buppie,
So, some friends and I were playing Scrabble and we discovered that 'buppie' is in the official scrabble dictionary. This lead us to wonder about the history of the word, and whether it is a derogatory term or not. So, doing a Google search led me to you. So, is it derogatory?

BTW, I read a bunch of your stuff- thanks for the fresh view on things. I think YOU should be on NPR!

Dear Scrabblehead,

On behalf of all the buppie writers we appreciate you reading!!

Buppie. So the technical term IMO comes from

Buppie -A highly sophisticated and upper class black person. Usually a Black city or suburban resident with a well-paid professional job and an affluent lifestyle. b(lack) + (y)uppie.

It think its also more than that. A Buppie, is someone with style, a hunger for knowledge of the issues,histories, and news of its race. Someone who is socially responsible. Someone intune with his or her culture, yet interested in and open to other cultures. Buppie's tend to be analyze the things of the world. They have interest in Pop culture, and enjoy the company of other Buppie's.

I have heard some equating buppies with uncle toms. WRONG. We are not UNCLE RUCKUS from BOONDOCKS! Not So!

So what makes a Buppie? Want to hear your thoughts as well!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why Did I Get Married?

Recently the topic of marriage has become a big one among my friends and I. One of the major reasons is because a lot of the people we went to college with are getting married and one of my childhood friends has just announced her engagement to a man she has been dating for six years. On a quick tangent, I was speaking with 2 of my male friends and they were saying they were worried about what type of fathers they are going to be due to the fact they never had fathers that were present in their life therefore they never had an example of what a father should be like. This got me to thinking about marriage and what I have personally seen in regards to marriage as I have grown up. And it dawned on me that I personally have never lived in a house and witnessed a functional marriage. I have never really seen first hand the give and take of marriage on a daily basis and the work that goes into keeping it healthy and fruitful. Granted I know many people who are married and who have great relationships but I believe the foundation of knowing what that is truly about is seeing it as you grow up between your parents. Now I have 2 of the best parents a woman can ask for. They are 2 people that care about each other a lot and happen to have a working relationship because of me. But the key is they were never married! Here are some of my personal worries about growing up out of wedlock.

1) Depending on a man- During my upbringing my mother had the support of my father financially and emotionally but she was still very independent. This has definitely made me a lot more independent. I have a hard time opening up to a man and trusting him to take care of me. Especially due to the fact that I know I can do it myself and I know that it can be done without that aid. However, part of the beauty in marriage is having that partnership and trust. My mother is married now and I am learning that even as a middle aged woman it is still difficult for her at times to trust her husband and let him make decisions as "the man."

2) Characteristics of my father- My father is one of my closest confidants. From a very early age he kept it 100% gutta with me about relationships, men, and their thought processes. We are very close and talk almost everyday. He gives the best advice even when I do not want to take it and I rely on him for a lot. As a result of this I noticed I am attracted to men who are like him. He is very independent, not really into commitment but enjoys occassional companionship, and too smart for his own good. He expressed to me not long ago that he wonders if the fact that I have never seen him in a long term relationship effect the way I deal with men. I often think about that as well.

3) Harsh Reality- Even though deep down I want to end up married with children I know there is a possibility that that may not happen. I can be a mother and support myself and sustain a particular lifestyle without a husband. Do I want it to be like that..... No! Do I think there is a greater chance that this may happen.......Ehh not sure.

In closing I ask why do we get married? Especially looking at the attitudes of a lot of buppies I know and their fast paced lifestyles and sporatic dating habits. Perhaps it's just a 20 something phase that we are currently going through. Or maybe not because I am observing more and more 30 something year old women who got a lot going for themselves and are single as well.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Memoirs of a Regretful Cheater

"I have cheated I look back on the situation and regret it. My ex-bf to this day does not even know about it.. At least I think. But the bottom-line is that as the cheater you never end up happy. You either hurt someone, yourself, or both.

I saw someone I became interested in approx 1 week after I entered a relationship. Gorgeous, smart fun, and humorous. I could not resist and I flirted with him and he flirted back. We had the best conversations, and I would even leave the time I was spending with my BF, to have a conversations with Mister. Mister was not local, which allowed me to pay enough attention to my BF who was near me. Mister was fully aware of my situation and never tried to come at me out of respect for the situation. We grew very close as we kept talking. Even though we were talking, I allowed my self to gain feelings for him. We did not physically touch, but honestly every time we connected just on the phone, he was brain fucking me. Little did I know then, how fucked I would end up.

I don’t know why I did not just break up with my BF at that time. But now I realize I was just being selfish. I wanted the stimulation I was getting from Mister and I wanted the convenience of having a BF near.

Anyways when Mister and I finally met in person, After months of mental and social stimulation, we could not even resist each other …we or I physically cheated. And while I was with Mister I was not even thinking about my BF. All I wanted was Mister to continue to make me feel they way he was making me feel…which was so…so …RIGHT.

I finally came to the conclusion that I cannot do this to my BF anymore. I felt like I wanted to be with Mister. I tried to break up with my BF without telling him I cheated on him. I came up with some poor excuse. He was not having it. He made me see why I wanted to be with him, and made me believe that I had not even been trying. So we reconciled and I decided to try. After all I still had feelings for him, my BF.

So I told Mister I was not breaking up with my BF. Needless to say he was not happy. He was not pleased, but he let me make my decision. Mister and I tried to wean our once romantically involved situation into a friendship…it was never the same. Honestly, I liked Mister a lot. I always saw myself with Mister in the long run. So perhaps I was being selfish thinking Mister would always be there.

Eventually my relationship with the BF crumbled. It only made sense to go back with Mister, right?Once again me thinking selfishly. So I try to get back with him. DOESN’T WORK!!!. Our relationship diminished. he could not trust me, and I did not go for him when he wanted to be with me. I did not make that sacrifice he needed me to make when he asked me to. I was devastated. All I could think about is the potential we had to make a great relationship.

So what do I do? I stand by trying to prove to Mister that I could be his girl. I try to hard. I keep talking to Mister, pouring my heart out to him on every occasion. For some reason I could not understand why he did not want to be with me, when I wanted to be with him sooo bad. Then one day, Mister and I just completely feel off. I got tired of not getting anywhere and Mister probably got tired of hearing my spill.

So cheating? Yes I’ve done it. But there was a lesson in there that I needed to learn. I truly believe that honesty is the best policy in relationships. Those who feel they need to lie are lacking a confidence and appreciation of others feelings. Who wants to be with someone like that?? If I had just been honest with my self, I would not have let myself be in a relationship with someone so long that was not satisfying me. If I had enough confidence in myself, I would have broke up not needing to get with Mister or anyone else. And now as I look back at the situation, which was yearsssssssss ago, I still miss Mister and the friendship we had. Until this day I can honestly say, I have not connected with a male individual the way I connected with Mister.

Do not cheat there is no need to, you think by having all those people in your life that you are not missing something…but in the end you still end up missing something…

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Media Sucks

WARNING: FOX NEWS CLIP!!! This will be some SKEWED A$$ NEWS.

Comments: What happened to the separation of church and state??? Why are people up in arms about these pastors, reverends, and preachers. People believe what they want to believe I thought that was the beauty of America? Farrakhan can say what ever he wants. I may not agree, but I also don't have to listen...Rev Wright?? Was he that wrong for expressing himself?? Is that not what clergy is suppose to do? Preach the word of the GOD as they see it to people who want to listen?

Right wing nut vs left wing nut???

Listen and Watch this folks:

Villains, Arsonists, who is really getting away with saying what they want to say? How did the media obtain the power to determine and grade folks opinions??? I rarely watch the news. Its all propaganda's folks. Hypnosis and programming of our minds.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

George Bush Ruined my life

I do not understand America. Thats why I do not plan to live here for the rest of my life. I got to go some place where I see what my money does. The entire system of how we are run depends on keeping folks in debt. You always owe in America! What do we really get in return?? Not a damn thing, but the ability to live, which I thought was a god given right....

But ever since GWB got in office, I have really noticed how life just has not been the same.

I remember the the day he STOLE the election. I was in high school not old enough to vote. You would have thought they reinstated slavery.. it was the saddest day on earth. We were all just so gloomy. We sat in class on the brink of tears. Repeating rhetoric like,
"WE are not going to college because GWB is going to get rid of financial aid". Just sad. (The fact that it came true is even sadder)

But for real though as I reflect on these last 8 years, granted I am blessed to be where I'm at, GWB did ruin some parts of my life. And yes I am using this phrase as a hyperbole but the effects of this 8 years, cannot be forgotten. Many of the changes are so close to home. Have you noticed?

Let the list begin:

  1. Gas: I wrote this down specifically in my yearbook. In June of 2002, Gas was $1.53. In 8 years GWB almost Tripled Gas.
  2. Stamps: 23 centers, now 41 cents.
  3. Phone calls: a Quarter..now it is like 60 cents
  4. States Sales Tax. 2002. 4.5% 2008 6%
  5. When I first entered my college it 18Gs I left and it was 32G's. College is more expensive. Financial Aid does not even compensate.
  6. The student loan rates doubled from when I entered to when I left.
  7. Doublemint Gum 25cents what it now like 45cents???

This list can go on. All these are normal everyday things and the increase in cost has been ruining my life. How can people really make it with these increases????

That why this nation is F&%KED. We are definitely going towards some hard times. Poor Obama or HC. One of you is going to inherit some F&%KED up SH%T!!! You are going to have to increase taxes just to make ends meet. You are going to have to incur more debt for these VETS and Health care. I am praying that this Recession/Depression it effects me minimally. Lord let the IT business continue!!!

This war, we are damned if do, damned if we don't.
So what if we send our troops home, WTF are they going to do? There are no jobs!!! Many of the those who return find themselves homeless! The VA is not giving them any benefits. The money they earned overseas is not going to last.

If we stay there, its costing us like 20B a month sending us farther in debt??

Damned I tell ya.

Thanks GWB, had we invested that money in the US, maybe just maybe folks like me could use the money to buy more stuff to keep companies afloat, so that they would not be laying so many folks off!!! I could have used that tax break A$$$hole, cus paying back these F&%KING student loans is not Whats up!!!

I'm sure if we all evaluate how things were 8 years ago...Gosh Pre GWB... Revert that time to now. Man I would be living a more comfortable lifestyle.

And this stimulus package.
Stimulus Plan Damage
Stimulus Plan Damage

I am sorry folks, I am not at all that excited about it. GWB just gave us a loan from a loan. That like borrowing from Peter the Peter borrowing from Paul. I.E DEBT! We have to pay it back next year. I am putting that joint right on the mortgage interest. F&%K stimulating this economy.At least mortgage interest is a write off. Plus for real, when has GWB had a good idea that actually worked???

Buppie's, I am making this a call to action. GO BACK to Africa! No seriously. Invest there. You can open a business and make a impact on a real economy. Your kids will receive a much better education. Africa has countries which are developing fast, i.e South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, etc.
Get you foot in now!!! Then boom, all of us just chuck the deuce. You know what we can do with a fresh start?? If we truly organize as buppie's we could raise the entire continent to the greatness it deserves.

And the next president, based on what we are facing. We need some one to come in there with Some NEW DEAL FDR stuff. Aggressive plans and working with the Congress to re-up this country.

So GWB thanks a bunch. I can tell my days as a buppie...are winding down. See ya'll in Accra!