Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fat Happy B!tch

Thanksgiving just passed. I am sure you stuffed your face enough to feed a small African village.

I used to seriously be in love with food. (CODE FOR: I used to be more fatter than I am now.)

Last new year, I was on this serious health and weight loss kick.I did well. Invested in different foods, worked out, and learned the weight thing.. I learned a lot about FOOD and the body. It totally changed my outlook on things. But the main lesson I learned is, BASICALLY the key to lose weight in America is to realize that 99% of the food here is bad for you!

I remember the day I fell out of love with food.After a 6 months of avoiding MCDickme ahem I mean .MCDonalds. I was in the midst of busy day and needed a meal. I went and got some meal with the CRACK Juice AKA Orange HI C. Now you know that ORANGE HI-C is straight CRACK JUICE!! I wrapped my lips around the straw in excitement, only to realize my tongue slapping the shyt out of me. THE ISH WAS EFFING NASTY. I knew it was all mental too. All I kept thinking about is how I am sucking down liquid fat. Coating my throat and I would have to RUN 15 MILES just to break even.

How is it that other cultures eat CARBS AND SUGARS and LOADS of MEAT, but in AMERICA you eat that same thing, and next thing you know your on the BIGGEST LOSER???!

Take for example RICE.
Pretty much every well populated place, eats RICE and loads of it!
-India, Africa, China...

America you eat too much rice(A CARB), you will blow up like Kramer from Senfield Career!

Now you can give me that " they live a more active lifestyle" arguement. I do agree.

However, do you think they naturally do 2 hours in the gym worth of activities in their day to day???!!!

Seriously, I have come to terms with, for the rest of my LIFE, I will have to Go to the GYM 3-5 times a week, just to make up for the leaves I eat!! We cannot afford not to workout.

Beyond that I really think this food ISH is a conspiracy. I know they are putting something in our food! That slows down our metabolism or something! You eat a biscuit, you get high blood pressure. You gotta buy medicine. The medicine doesn't work unless you lose weight.
You eat food ---> You get sick --> you buy medicine --> you gotta work out...

Plus go to the grocery store. Everything healthy is always more expensive. Salad is $5.00. 20 pack of Twinkies #3.00. They don't want us to be healthy, because we would Eff up the cycle!!!
They get kids hooked on sugar and carbs early, with all those cereals! Remember when you used to be tricked into cereal for the free toy!!!??! McDonalds, kids meal free toy. All succesful scams that have our Kids looking like this by age Five.

PLAIN OATMEAL aint never giving away a free toy.

Friday, November 28, 2008

US Economy: Are We Out the Game?

"The United States economy is like a poker game where the chips have become concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, and where the other fellows can stay in the game only by borrowing. When their credit runs out the game will stop"
-Marriner Stoddard Eccles

Friday, November 21, 2008

Are you 100%??!!

I just saw a NON White MALE President win the election , so my faith in things occurring have drastically improved. AND A couple of weekends ago, I was able to attend the Essence Young Woman's Conference in DC.I went to this conference, filled Woman from all Walks of Life, College and Beyond, FAMOUS Business minded women of COLOR.

I came to the ultimate realization, that I am very lazy and complacent in life right now. I know this because I have hunger and I am a do it type of person. However my last 2 years of life I have not been grinding.

Instead what I find myself doing is just riding the waves, and not creating the waves! I looked at these Women mentoring and sharing their knowledge, and knew I have the drive to be them and much more.

I am young and independent. I should be really moving and shaking.

I am not giving my goals the attention they deserve!!!

TIME for my BUPPIE A$$ to snap out of it!!!

Like for real, what are you doing? Are you 100% right now? I feel like I am really running on 40%. Time to take it up! And right in time for 2009!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Invading One's Privacy

Recently I was talking to a male friend of mine about his issues with his significant other. He was saying a lot of things with her were getting sketchy and he felt that she was lying to him and being sneaky. They were supposed to get together over the weekend but she said she was sick and had some other excuses as to why she didn't even bother to call him to explain her absence. So the next time she comes to the crib he waits until she goes to sleep and goes through her phone. Needless to say he finds things that he did not want to find. I told him "whooooaaa first I am blown at the fact that you went through homegirl's phone! Who does that shit?" Apparently a LOT of people do!

After talking to him about this situation I spoke with a number of ladies and gents who have invaded their significant other's personal correspondence in one way or another. Whether it be going through their phone, looking at their email or facebook, or reading their journal. Maybe I am just a punk in this regard because I don't want to know that much. I remember in college being in my boyfriend at the time's apartment. I was in his room and I saw an instant message pop up on his computer that read "hey sexy." Oh needless to say I immediately got irate and asked him about it! Therefore, I can not imagine my reaction if I went looking and found something.

Honestly I feel like if you have to snoop you already know the deal! I tend to follow my intuition in situations such as these and go straight to the source if I am suspicious. If I go to my significant other and am still not convinced clearly there is not enough trust to sustain a relationship. Yet and still here are some reasons I have gotten from people as to why they snoop:

*All of the people I asked ranged in the age of 22-30 years old.*

1) I wanted to know if he was telling the truth about where he was.

2) I knew there was someone else but I want to see if there's only one.

3) He left his email open so I looked.

4) She went to sleep and her phone was right there. If there is nothing to hide why can't I look?

5) I just needed to know!

6) I wanted to prove that I knew he was lying.

7) I had a suspicion some funny business was going on and I looked and was right!

8) He looked through my facebook so I looked through his!

Of the people I had asked only one person looked and was wrong about their suspicion. The others found something sketchy or outright found out they were being stepped out on. Which goes along with my point if you feel the need to look you already know! Unless you just super paranoid!

I'm interested to know if you are a snoop why do you do it? Do you snoop even if you have no real reason to be suspicious? If you already know the deal why snoop?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Equal Rights FOR ALL!!! Especially when it comes to LOVE.

Okay so everyone is caught up in the honeymoon stage of this election and such. I know I am. The whole thing is still surreal to me to be quite honest. But at the same time it was quite a downer to me the following day when I found out that Prop 8 was passed in California. It was one of those things I saw and thought "Huuuhhh?!" Talk about taking a HUGE step back in a forward march to equality. In the days following I noticed the posts of some of our fellow bloggers such as The Snob and My Favorite Tenant and saw their thoughts and figured it was time for me to weigh in on this topic. And in the spirit of The Tenant this post may sound more like a rant....

I can not believe that people still have the audacity to deny people rights that honestly in my opinion would not hurt ANYONE! I mean wtf?! And the irony set in when I found out that around 70% of African Americans who backed Obama also backed Prop 8. Like are yall f*ckin serious. I am having a hard time articulating my thoughts on this because to me the whole thing is so oxymoronic. I will let Jon make his joke because it kinda explains my sentiments....

Like this to me goes on the same list as abortion in politics, IT AINT NONE OF YOUR GOTDAMNED BUSINESS. It is a private matter so bud the F*CK out and find something else to vote on that is more relevant.

My mother and I were in church a few weeks ago and there was a guest pastor who decided he wanted to entertain this topic. (The guy reminded me of rev Wright because he was high yellow, militant and loud. But moving on...) So he goes on to say that homosexuality is wrong, it says so right in the Bible, and if you are a homosexual there is a nice warm place in hell for you. So the congregation gets up and starts clapping and screaming hallelujah and my mother and I were just sitting in the church, that we have been in all of our lives, in an uneasy state. I tapped her and said remind me to tell you later how I feel about this. Once she reminded me later I explained to her that I believe in the Bible, I read it everyday, and I believe in it when it comes to my matters of faith and order. HOWEVER, do I take everything in the Bible literally? NO! And I don't for a number of reasons. I believe much of it is metaphorical and also it was written THOUSANDS of years ago. Homosexuality was not as clear to people then as it is now. There have been many developments in thought that I think give a greater understanding to homosexuality.

Now do I think that every person that is gay was born that way..... NO!

Do I believe Homosexuality is wrong.... NO!

Do I believe spiritually you should be condemned to HELL if you are homosexual...... HELL NAW!

But this is the school of thought of many Blacks in particular due to the Bible. Many believe if we are to take the Bible literally we should be allowed to own slaves. Now MY Black people yall don't like that part do ya?! This goes into my school of thought on the Black Church (a blog coming to you very soon). Many Blacks enter a state of naivete when they get into their spiritual self especially in church. They will accept anything a preacher throws at them without using their own "spiritual common sense" if you will. And as a result become extremely judgemental. I was raised in a Baptist church. However, I was also raised to have a mind of my own.

I know too many good hearted, open minded, gays and lesbians to believe that they are hell bound because they are attracted to the same sex. I also personally know a couple that desires to get married but can't because the government won't allow it. Personally I just don't feel that is right!

What are some thoughts on this topic? Would you vote for or against Prop 8 where you live?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud to Be An American

So I didn't want to write this post until I spoke with my 89 year old grandfather to get his take on the outcome of this election. We have been talking alot more than usual due to the historical significance of this election season. But to hear what an 89 year old man from Augusta Georgia had to say about it made the experience complete for me. An 89 year old man that couldn't save his friend from being lynched when he was 15 years old so he watched helplessly. An 89 year old man that served his country in the US Navy and came home to be kicked off of the property of a diner, that he was not even attempting to eat in, while he was in uniform. To hear the pride in my grandfather's voice of what had taken place made me understand with more clarity what my generation had been a force in helping to do. We hear all the time of how many people endured so that we could enjoy this moment, however, to hear the pride and joy in my own grandfather's voice was the highlight for me! I asked him well how do you feel about it and he answered, "Well, I feel fine." His voice sounded calm and assured.

Because he has seen so much in the history of this country I felt what he thought today as well as the thoughts of many others who had lived to see the evolution of this country was much more insightful than my thoughts. One thing that my grandfather pointed out very strongly was that he was proud of America period. He kept reiterating the fact that people of ALL colors helped to make this possible because they were ready for change and they did not care WHAT COLOR it was. He exclaimed, "This aint no Black thing! This is about change and people's hunger to see it!" He also said that I should be proud of my generation and our technological mobility because without that Barack Obama would not have raised his record breaking amount of money. Also he would not have had the ability to get his grassroots efforts running so smoothly and successfully.

"His campaign was rooted in the internet. And you see that made all the difference. He created a message of change, and a following of many people, particularly young people, who believed in that change. And then he used that powerful tool to bring it all together, The Internet! He's a smart man and the brilliance in his campaign is going to transfer over to his presidency! You just wait n see!" my grandfather said very calmly but with much confidence.

The pride in my grandfather's voice beamed through the phone as he said, "I'm just glad I was around to see it. I knew it was going to happen I am just glad my body and my mind held out to witness it. Because GOD chose Obama to take America to this next step in history. He gave him the ability to make this happen. I didn't know who would be able to do it but it became clear to me early on that Obama was that man. And he did it!"

This election season has made me realize how little I have seen in my mere 24 years. However, I am proud as my grandfather said, to be apart of the generation who helped make the final push for this particular outcome. Many came before us to serve as catalysts and give us the opportunity and the ability to make this happen. Then the youth vote SHOWED OUT yesterday and held up their end of the deal and I am so PROUD! I saw so many young people of so many races yesterday who stood proud after voting and were so excited about doing their civic duty. Something just as touching to me was talking to a 56 year old woman at the polls who was so excited because for the first time she really felt like her vote may count for something REAL! Her 62 year old sister was with her voting for the very first time. She said this is the first time she really believed in a candidate enough to cast a vote.

My grandfather has shared so many experiences of the feats he has seen in not only race relations in this country, but the progress of humanity in general. I am looking forward to telling my kids and grandkids of what my generation helped to do on November 4, 2008. We helped to usher in the first African American President. A man named Barack Obama!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Countdown To Vote

Today is Monday. Tomorrow is the beginning of what seems the rest of my Buppie Life.

The way my stomach is turning every time I think of the results, you would have thought I was a 7 year old who just realized they have to bring home a report card with a D on it!

Whatever the results I really have to thank this election for getting some many people involved. Including me!

Honestly, I will always remember at least 2 elections. This current one, and of course the day George W Bush got elected. I just knew he would bring back slavery.

What ever the case is tomorrow. Let's GET IT Buppies!