Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Hundred

Thoughts Bups?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Buppie Don't: Not knowing How to BS Believably

Call me a hater, but who gave her permission to speak on this??

It ok Beyonce, just stick to dancing and singing..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miss New Booty

So a month ago I went to the John Legend concert here in Seoul. AMAZING! I was so excited about not only seeing John Legend but also about seeing a concert of an American artist in a foreign land. Anyway, for the event I decided to wear one of my favorite dresses from American Apparel. It is a form fitting, knee length, turtleneck dress. I love this dress because it can be styled up or down and is flattering.

So we are on our way to the concert, via subway standing because there were no seats, and I notice a middle aged Korean man. He walked past me several times and stares at me and then says something to me in Korean. He then proceeds to get another gentleman and they come over and are talking about me in Korean and pointing to my butt. At this point Best Bup is pissed and she tells me to turn around and look at these pervs. There are two Korean teenagers sitting in front of where we are standing and they laugh at these men and at our reaction. Best Bup then asks the boys if they know English so we could figure out what the men were saying but they didn't. Then it was time to transfer to another train. Once again there was standing room only and I am standing looking out of the window. Best Bup yells at me to face the other way and turn around. I turn around to find 2 Korean men fixated on my ass! I turned around to their delayed reaction of bringing there heads up. Best Bup is like this is crazy! It is making me uncomfortable fa real. I was like YOU are uncomfortable??? How do you think I feel?

It then continues the whole way to Seoul. There was a woman who stopped me in a shopping center and says, "Oooooh nice body!!!!" as she shakes her head in approval and smiles at me. Then on our way into the concert two young Korean girls pointed to their asses and gave me the thumbs up! The shit was so WILD!

My ass attracts attention in America as well but I believe it is much more subtle. I do not even think my butt is big for real. It is just that I am small and it is the biggest thing on my body. (I guess that makes it big..... Ahh Well) Anyway curves in Korea are what every woman wants. They love padded bras and butt pads here! So I guess to see it on a woman is fascinating. However this day made me rethink my wardrobe choices while I am here.

But it doesn't even stop there. In the school where I teach I notice a few of the kids tap my ass or poke it with a pencil to get my attention. One little boy tapped my ass like it was my shoulder to get my attention. Once I went over to help him he continues tapping my butt as I stand at his desk! I was like, "DUDE! INNAPPROPRIATE! Do not touch Teacher's behind!" He says, "Ooooookaaay!"

Then I was teaching a lesson about shapes today and I was asked what is round?

Student 1: "A ball!"
Student 2: "The sun!"
Student 3: "Teacher's butt!"
Student 4: "An orange!"

Like seriously?! This much attention is not needed!

Made me think of one of my favorite Nike ad's! Enjoy....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where is your Passion?

Finally the spring weather has broken. More and More of my Friends are entering the quarter life zone. The other day, a friend was talking about finding her passion.

Well, I am still looking for mine, but if you have found yours please share...

Monday, April 20, 2009

If I was Prez Obama

Yes we Did it America. Today I relapsed to how I felt November 4th, 2008.

Quite frankly I am still impressed. I am impressed that there are far more intelligent people in this country than I thought. After all some folks to this day believe Barack Obama is a Muslim, Or that he is just for blacks rather America, even though strait up he is not even black enough by some black folks standards.

Today I had some random smart ass remarks, from the IF I was Prez Obama POV:

  • To Jesse Jackson: Why was your ass crying the night I got elected? Did someone cut your NUTS off?
  • Shoutout to JohnMcCain, thanks for choosing Palin.
  • Shoutout to the Youth.
  • Shoutout to Colin and my homie Condea! We gotta stick together!
  • Real Talk, I could not have done this without one person. GWB. Your fuck ups, paved my way!
  • Thanks for the support Bill and Hill. You all are the true definitions of friends who stab you in the front. Thanks
  • MMM i need to be on some money. Im fitten put my face on something.
  • YEA, The First DOG IS BLACK for a reason!!!

If you were Prez Obama, what are some smart-ass comments you would say?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

She Smashed a Homie!

Forgive me, I just watched an episode of Ray J, where it comes out that one the the girls going for Ray J's heart smashed one of his homies. Of course she did not know it was Ray J's homie when it was done, but nonetheless she smashed a homie.

"DANGER, She smashed a Homie"- Tom Green

Which brings us to the debate of Smashing homies.
Straight up who has successfully done this? Smashed a homie, or your S.O did so, and you had a fruitful relationship???

For me if you even tried to holla and got rejected by my home girl and then swang around and came at me... Wrap it up B!!!. No Play here. I do not want to know that you were ever remotely interested in any of my homegirls. I would forever felll awkward. And its beyond extreme for you to have smashed one of my girls??!!! The same mouth that you put on her you want to put on me?? Oh please. I love my home girls, but dating a dude that smashed a homie is a no no..for ME!.

Now for what I think a guys POV is, Which I am speculating, because I am not a male bup, but to you (MALE BUPS) if she smashed a homie, she can probably smash you but never become a Wifey. By her smashing your homie, than trying to come out you..Well SMDH she is a ROLLA.

Yet I know there are female bups who have been in the above situation. Please comment in how it even got like that.

I know sometimes you do not know who to like. You may come across a dude, smash, and realize he is a asshole. Then met his friend on a reality tv show and fall in "love".

Which circles back to my main principle, Stop smashing casuallly out here folks. You do not know what bridges your cross or burn by having random sexual relationships. Everyone needs to remember this formula before one decides to smash.
Everyone has at the LEAST 3 Good Friends that are in the "NO SMASH HOMIE ZONE." So for every one person you smashed, technically you cannot smash 3 other people. So you stop smashing your casual, it not only one person that you will not be smashing, but you lose out in smashing 3 other people. Starts to add up...

Now I know there are people that are out there smashing homies, groups homes, etc. Hey do you. Be the pass around offering if you want that. But there is going to come a time, when you are going to catch feelings for someone and want more than just the usual smash, or to be taken seriously. SMAShing homies is something that stays on your relationship record. One of those 3 people close to your SO is going to be always able to utter this words about you:

" < Enter Name>, smashed a Homie"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hope all of you did your taxes. If not, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU???
You see my taxes were done First week in February because I need my money on time!
Anyway, saw this posting and thought I share this great info about how the OBAMA's 1040 looks like.

Release of the President and Vice President’s Tax Returns

As another demonstration of the President’s commitment to openness and transparency, today the White House issued the following releases making the President and Vice President’s tax returns public:
For the President:
Office of the Press Secretary
April 15, 2009
President and First Lady Release 2008 Income Tax Returns
Today, the President released his 2008 federal income tax returns. He and the First Lady filed their income tax returns jointly and reported an adjusted gross income of $2,656,902. The vast majority of the family’s 2008 income is the proceeds from the sale of the President’s books. The Obamas paid $855,323 in federal income tax.
The President and First Lady also reported donating $172,050 – or about 6.5% of their adjusted gross income – to 37 different charities. The largest reported gifts to charity were $25,000 contributions to CARE and the United Negro College Fund.
The President and First Lady also released their Illinois income tax return and reported paying $77,883 in state income taxes.
Copies of the returns are available below:

Friday, April 10, 2009


So recently I noticed a serious STENCH in my apartment. It took me a couple days to realize that it was the food going bad in my refrigerator because it stopped working. I don't open my fridge often because I eat out a lot plus I was gone for the weekend. However, I need my fridge to be in working order! I immediately told the staff at my school to contact my landlord about replacing my refrigerator. Here is my old refrigerator:

Koreans are never in a hurry to do sh*t! Therefore, it took my landlord damn near a WEEK to replace my refrigerator. If I were in America I would be getting a discount from my landlord on the rent for this huge inconvenience or at least getting my food paid for that went bad. I simply got an "I'm sorry" when I asked about some sort of compensation for my inconvenience and was told by my boss not to expect much else. As you can see I had a nice size refrigerator. Here is the new fridge that they brought to my place:

Okay so as you can probably guess I had the "WTF" face. Like first of all what is with this big ass bubble on the front of the fridge?! Like it got burnt or worse! Second this sh*t is half the size!!!! UGH! Granted my big fridge had never been close to being full, it is just the principle! Like how you gonna downgrade me like this when my original fridge stopped working?! Shouldn't I at least get an equivalent size refrigerator, even if it ain't brand new? And then you left the old refrigerator in my crib! So I got a big ass non-workin refrigerator just taking up space in my kitchen.