Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Need a Reggie!!!

Good article passed on from the close confidant....

On the Court and on the Trail, One Aide Looms Over Obama

By Ashley Parker

In the last year, Barack Obama has learned a thing or two about running for president, and Reggie Love has learned a thing or two about Barack Obama. Mr. Love now knows that when it comes to food, Senator Obama “eats pretty much anything, from chicken wings and barbecue and ribs to grilled fish and steamed broccoli.” But when he is campaigning in a small town with limited options, a cheeseburger is always a good bet. (“Cheddar is the cheese of choice,” Mr. Love added.)

He knows that “the boss,” as he calls Mr. Obama, likes MET-Rx chocolate roasted-peanut protein bars and bottles of a hard-to-find organic brew — Black Forest Berry Honest Tea. He keeps a supply of both on hand.

And he has learned that all campaigns have their superstitions — Senator John McCain has a penchant for heads-up coins — and that Mr. Obama is no exception. That means that Mr. Love and Mr. Obama, for luck, play basketball every primary day.

Mr. Love, 26, is Mr. Obama’s body man, the personal aide who shadows the senator and anticipates everything he needs — and everything he does not need. He is not a bodyguard (security is provided by the Secret Service), but rather the ultimate assistant, rarely more than a body length away from the candidate.

Young, eager campaign aides are stock characters in movies and on television, but few have quite the élan of Mr. Love, who, at 6-foot-5, is about three inches taller than the tall candidate, fitter than the fit candidate (he can bench press more than 350 pounds) and cooler than the cool candidate.

“There’s no doubt that Reggie is cooler than I am,” Mr. Obama said, laughing, in a phone interview. “I am living vicariously through Reggie.”

Mr. Love, who played football and basketball at Duke, usually starts the day with Mr. Obama with a dawn workout in the hotel gym. They end the day more than 15 hours later, often unwinding before bed by watching ESPN’s “SportsCenter” or that night’s big game. (Mr. Obama sometimes flosses his teeth to ESPN while lying down.)

What a body man does depends on the politician. Senator John Kerry’s aide for his presidential race in 2004 was dubbed “part butler, part buddy.” Bill Clinton’s aide when he was president said their relationship sometimes felt more like that of an old married couple. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has a body woman, the efficient and glamorous Huma Abedin. On NBC’s “The West Wing,” President Josiah Bartlet treated his body man, Charlie Young, like a son.

Mr. Obama said he regarded “my guy, Reggie,” as the kid brother he never had. “But maybe I’m saying that just because he technically could be my son,” the Illinois senator said. “I don’t want to admit my age.”

Mr. Love said he had been hired with “no job description whatsoever.”
“It was just like, ‘You just go out there and — Take. Care. Of. Stuff,’ ” Mr. Love said, taking his time with each word.

Some of the “stuff” Mr. Love takes care of: When Mr. Obama makes calls to woo superdelegates, Mr. Love is at his side with a briefing book, dialing the numbers. When an outdoor speech ended on a windy day in Noblesville, Ind., he appeared behind Mr. Obama as he shook hands on the rope line. “Jacket?” he asked, a coat draped at the ready over his arm.

When Mr. Obama dropped food on his tie while eating in the car between stops, Mr. Love was ready with a Tide pen. He always carries one, along with ballpoint pens, and has turned himself into a walking dispensary of Sharpies, stationery, protein bars, throat lozenges, water, tea, Advil, Tylenol, Purell and emergency Nicorette, not to mention his ever-present
iPhone, BlackBerry and Canon Rebel XT digital camera. (Mr. Love keeps a photo journal of the campaign, and has more than 10,000 pictures so far.)

Compared with the even-tempered and self-controlled Mr. Obama, Mr. Love is raffish, always joking with the Secret Service, offering closed-fist high-fives to members of the news media and making frequent appearances in the daily pool reports. At a V.F.W. hall in Indiana, he helped out when the senator did not want a second Budweiser, taking it off Mr. Obama’s hands.
Mr. Obama often mentions that Mr. Love was a wide receiver on a football scholarship at Duke who also walked onto the basketball team. At a rally a few weeks ago in Mr. Love’s hometown, Charlotte, N.C., the candidate led the crowd in a chant of “Reggie, Reggie, Reggie!”

After the Democratic Presidential debate in Philadelphia in April, Mr. Obama borrowed a move from the rapper Jay-Z and mimed brushing off his shoulders, but it was Mr. Love who had uploaded his music to the senator’s iPod in the first place — a silver Nano that he bought the senator for his 46th birthday.

“So I’ve gotten pretty fond of Jay-Z,” Mr. Obama said. “He’s broadened my horizons in the hip-hop world.”

In turn, Mr. Obama said he had gotten Mr. Love into “everything from

John Coltrane to Frank Sinatra.”

“I think he’s got the most eclectic music of any 26-year-old,” the senator said.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Power of the D-I-C-K

So a few weeks ago a fellow female buppie and I were talkin about what we have observed personally and with fellow female buppies about sexual relationships. We have both noticed that some strange and unusual habits may come into play when a woman gets with a man that SERIOUSLY knows what they are doing in bed. It has become strangely apparent to me right before my eyes that some "good dick" can make a perfectly sane and intelligent woman turn into a dumb ass dickmatized crazed looney tune! All because no one has ever put it down on her like that before. Let's explore this a little farther shall we....

So for a few female bups I know I have noticed that good dick arrived around 5 years after they started having sex. (This just makes me shake my head in shame) So therefore when they do get some good lovin they will do anything in their power to hold onto it because they figure it won't show up again. So they will put up with and do some of the most irrational sh*t ever to keep this dick supply in abundance.

On the flip side for men, they know when they have a woman open and they're good in the sack! It's just like Eddie Murphy said on Eddie Murphy Raw, "Once a man hears a woman make a certain noise in the bedroom they know they got her. So they will act completely different." Completely different meaning act a damn fool and do whatever the hell they want because they know they got your ass! This is not always true but seems to be a trend from what I have observed. Men can get away with a LOT more knowing that they are putting it on a chick and chances are she aint goin no where too quickly due to this fact.

Let me take the time to define the term

DICKMATIZED (dik-ma-tized)- When a woman gets an all around sexual experience from a man that is so satisfying that it impairs her better judgement.

Here are some examples of the irrational things I have witnessed:


The women about to be described are under the influence of some GOOD DICK! They do not have histories of being crazy or dumb until these particular penises came along.

Scenario 1) A young woman has been seeing a guy for 2 years but she is the woman on the side. Now this man is living COMFORTABLY because he knows he has wifey and and this other young woman satisfied financially and physically. Now this young woman says she has feelings for this dude but she is just dealing with the situation as it is. When I asked her why a BIG part of the reason was THE DICK!

Scenario 2) Riding past a dude's house because you have the feeling that he is cheating. She sees he is not there so she camps a block away checking periodically to see when he arrives home and if he's alone. Only to see that he arrives home with someone so she proceeds to get out of the car and act a fool. Now the woman I am speaking of is a perfectly sane woman, HOWEVER, she got hit with some serious DICK and now her judgement is impaired and bitch is playin 007 actin a damn fool! SMH

Scenario 3) You just spend the night with your beau and you are leaving. You realize you forgot your phone so you go back to get it. Now on the way back you see the chick that you suspect your beau may be sneaking around with walking around the block so you have a pretty good idea where she is going. Now when you go to get your phone your beau looks a bit panic stricken and says he will go get your phone. But you know the next bitch is upstairs. HOWEVER this does not stop you from continuing to see this dude! The woman being described has gotten SMIZACKED with the DICK!

Scenario 4) You start messing with a dude that is cute but not really your type. And upon hanging out you come to the realization that the dude is an ultra LAME! He asks to borrow money, asks for you to rent him a car, and slangs dope! Now you are a PROFESSIONAL woman but one day you gave this dude a chance and let him hit and now look at you......DONE OFF! Led astray, bamboozled, DICKMATIZED! Givin a LOSER the time of day because he laid the pipe!

I say all this to show you ladies that it is a DISEASE! Don't get DICKMATIZED! It feels good when you got it but I challenge all my ladies in this situation to take a step back and look at yourself! Shameful aint it! Now don't get me wrong being DICKMATIZED is not always bad if a GOOD GUY has you in this trance! But if he's not, you may find yourself in a WORLD of trouble!

Here are some traits of guys who you don't want to deal with PERIOD. However you definitely don't want these dudes to get you DICKMATIZED:



Broke and aint even trying to be on the come up (I don't have a problem with men who are on the financial come up. Let me just put that out there because people can get really sensitive)



Dumb as a box of rocks

Bitchassness Disease (this is a whole other blog entry....just stay tuned)

And for the ladies who are struggling with this.....DO TRUST another good dick will come along.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I've just been FRIEND ZONED!!!

Damn! I got GOT! I find it so amusing and ironic how us women do this all the time to MEN and now it swings back on ME as a female. It's a bit funny how it happened.

Convo looks a lil like this:

DUDE: Did i tell u i have a gf...
me: mm naw...
DUDE: yea shes cool but well see how things play takes a while to really kno a person... how about u any special guys in ur world

Just wait a G'Damn MINUTE HERE!!!
Is this not the classic move to the friend zone? Bringing up your interest in other folks? I know because I use this move myself! Karma's a bitch! I have been putting in time, trying to show this dude that I am a good woman. I don't overstep my boundaries, I was interested in his life, and I showed him I cared about him. Flirted with him, and told him that I was feeling him and wanted to get to know him more...How do I react to this bulshyt! I just wasted 9 mths of hard work to prove to him I was good material to be dejected to the Friend Zone. Aint this a bitch?? Never have we ever brought up interest in other folks, never had he asked about me "seeing" other people until this night!

me: one special just chillen
At this point, I am just thinking of how am I going to end this convo without coming off bitter. In the back of my head, I know what needs to be done. 1. DO not call him again ever. 2. Do not IM again ever 3. FALL BACK immediately. Ladies you got to because 1. I am not a home wrecker, and 2. my intentions were not to be his friend RIGHT NOW. It may come in the future, but right now after this convo is over...I will cease to communicate. Unless he initiates, and even in which I will be short.

DUDE: is it really hard as they say it is for blk women to find quality blk men?
The nerve of him?? *Shake my Head* Yes and you are living proof!

me: Yep I feel like for some reason, Men don't see me for my worth or want to put the work in to really have a relationship of some nature.
DUDE: i c

I could not resist, had to lightly vent. Ultimately, although this did not work out how I wanted it, there are still some positives.

For one, the guy was honest with me. I super appreciate it! Some men would not give you the courtesy of truth. I still think he is a stand up guy, however obviously he is not meant to be with me. Another positive is I did not embarrass myself and get all bitter and bitchy! I mean for what? I know I am a good woman and if he does not see that enough to want to be with me, he just freed me for the next man ! Right?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bill Clinton Protecting his HBIC!

Yea she won West VA. But thats because those folks are scared of Black people...Big whoop!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Democratic Race to Office [Insert YAWN]

I do not know about you but ever since the Jeremiah Wright joint went down, and that #20 something debate that did not discuss any new issues...this Democratic race just got played out.

Now its time for someone to drop out this race, and dang it HC all signs point to you.
But your not bouncing? WHY?

So just how much of a lead does BaRack have to secure the nomination?

View this nifty creation by the NY Times:

Now that you have seen that, Should HC Bounce?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pu$$Y MALPractice....

Pussy malpractice: ( [poos-ee /mælˈpræktɪs/prak-tis] ) : any improper, negligent practice; misconduct or misuse when it comes to the business of males/females pleasing a woman's vagina.
I know tons of women, straight, bi, homo. We enjoy sex. As Buppie's, we have a more independence and we flaunt that. Our Pussy's are along for the ride. Buppie women can want to smash, beat, get it in...whateva. And fellows trust we do. We plot and plan on the DICK more that you think. Once we decide to give up the cooch, we expect it will be well worth. This can also explain, why some Buppie Women may make you work a harder, to prove you deserve her goodies.

Negotiating and dealing with the game of sex, requires both parties to meet acceptable terms.

Examples of Acceptable Terms are:
  • PAPERWORK: STD ad HIV Screening Proof stating you do not have the heebee jeebees, (if you do not have this, DO NOT PASS GO. LETS TAKE OUR HAPPY ASSES TO THE CLINIC!!!)
  • A Few going on events with meals and drinks in which both parties have come to the conclusion they want to take it further.
  • Or maybe you just want to smash, beat, fuck, bone, or cut, GET IT IN

So you[ a Woman] have been waiting months for that good pipe...holding out on dudes because you don't want to appear "loose". When in fact within the first 5 minutes, you can determine if an individual is fuckable. So you decide the day your going to give it up because, your terms have been satisfied. You on the job thinking about this experience you are going to have with this man.

You meet up and things get the poppin..he kissing on kissing on him.. he tears open the Magnum Trojan. Your thinking YES!! YES!!...

Then the most fucked up thing happens, You lay on your back anticipate the pipe, and he begins humping away, grunting and shyt. You are alarmed because you wondering how did the party get started without you?? Then he says some crazy shyt like "OOO you feel soo good"???

YEA GEORGE I feel you. Ladies you know you make this same face. Your confused because you don't feel a gotdamn thing!!!!

habeas smalldicktus- You know your penis is too small to be fucking me.

YADA YADA, you can try to refute this by pleading a case of SIZE don't matter, but for some it does, and You ARE OUT OF FUCKING ORDER.

Moving on, So its too late to you in the midst of this, so you try your best to forget you cant feel anything just to get through the experience, you in it an entire 66 seconds, when you hear "oooooooah" and just to confirm you look and see this

WAIT. HALT. OO no this dude did not just .... I can't believe this dude just CAME!!!

Factum est minunto- You just came in a minute.

Some men try to claim the defense of THE 1ST NUT BILL, EX Curia Unonuto.

Ex Curia Unonuto also know has The First nut Bill introduced by Sir One Eye William, states that if a 1st nut is achieved within the first 5 minutes of intercourse yet a erect penis follows within 2 minutes and remains erect beyond 10 minutes, the 1st nut in question is dismissed on all charges.

Realistically ladies, we all know that sometimes a man just needs to get the first nut. We hate it, but its just apart of having sex.

If one can build a case for Factum est minunto as the first nut, one can claim it. However, after a fair trail, if you are found guilty of this by a jury of your Peer (the person you are sexing!), you are a for VIOLATING and have committed 1st degree Malpractice!

So, your still in the moment, he whispers, "Girl that was just my first nut." (Exhibit A. He is now invoking EX Curia Unonuto here.) So you must abide to give this man a fair trial. you put in the work to try to get this man back erect. Your arm get tired and to note 3 minutes have passed... There's no coming back.

The Jury says: Guilty as charged.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Rants of Male Buppies

So one of my closest friends, a male buppie we will call Friend X, and I were talking about his dating habits. During this conversation he reiterated some points that I have heard from other men. He stated that even though he wants a good woman he does not know if he is ready to put in the time and effort to get that woman at this time. As he says he tends to go for women who are more "hood rich". He likes to go and meet chicks that are in "awe" of his college education and the fact that he drives a luxury 2007 car. He enjoys the lack of effort it takes to impress these women and the fact that they are also loyal and willing to stand by his side if he indeed wanted them there for more than 5 minutes. Friend X stated that a lot of his closest female friends are bups that are doing very well for themselves and when he hears them talk about men and their issues with them he often thinks, "Wow, yall just want waaaayyy to much. As much as I love yall I do not have the time and energy right now to be entertaining all your demands."

Friend X compared buppie woman to find German engineering in cars. He stated that I would love a fine automobile to drive around so everyone can see how nice it is and the way it runs. However,

A) He has to accumulate the wealth needed to buy this car. This draws the parallel to him that it is a bit extra pursuing a buppie woman because "you have to do sooooo much more to impress them."


B) This car is a fine piece of machinery but maintaining it is quite arduous. It requires constant maintenance and if something does go wrong with it he has to get the part from across the globe and it is going to cost him a fortune. He draws the parallel with this by saying that buppie woman are "so demanding and constantly want MORE." Friend X went on to say that if something goes wrong with a buppie woman, like if he makes the slightest mistake, all is in disarray and he has to go through an abundance of extraneous things to fix things and that may not even work.

So therefore Friend X said he will stick with his '96 Nissan Maxima woman. She dependable, if something goes wrong he can fix it relatively quickly and if you pimp her out she looks nice with her tints and sounds great with her new sound system! He states, "She's alright for the time being and she can be groomed. Granted she is never going to run like that Benz she will still run and look decent doing it."

Another buppie I am well acquainted with, we will call him Friend Y, comes from accumulated wealth. He is getting his second masters degree and is extremely attractive and very nice to talk to. We met through a mutual friend and he is extremely personable. However, he says he is done with buppie women, period. He has dated a few girls that I have met in the 2 year period that I have known him and they all have been White, Asian, or Latino. So recently I took the time to ask him about this. He replied "I been there and done that and I feel like Black women are not willing to even meet me half way. I gotta just meet them." I proceeded to tell him that I do not have a problem with "interracial dating" I do however have a problem with "discriminatory dating" and I thought he was better than that. He proceeded to say that "Yes, I understand where you are coming from with that but it is just my personal preference. I have had extremely bad experiences dating Black women and I am convinced that I am more compatible with women from different racial backgrounds." (SMDH) So I asked, so do you equate all Black women with being difficult to deal with? He responded, "To be quite honest I don't even pay much attention to them anymore in that respect. I think Black women are beautiful but I do not look at them to date them. They are apart of me but I have no interest in dating them. It may not be exactly right but it is how I feel."

Lastly, there is Friend Z, who is definitely on the up and up to where he needs to be. He had to leave undergrad for a while due to financial issues. However, he's taking classes part time at a community college and is about to finish his bachelors in the fall. He is working a 9-5 but has also started his own business. He is hard working and determined to get where he wants to go. Friend Z states that he loves buppie women and he definitely wants one but only "ragamuffins" are attracted to him. He admits to being picky himself. He wants a woman with no kids and her real hair for starters. He exclaims that as soon as he gets into his education situation buppie women seem to be immediately turned off. He says "I do not feel the need right away to go into why I haven't finished school yet. It's personal and in a few months it will be resolved. However many buppie women are so damn superficial that they do not know a good man when he is staring her ass in the face! So quick to judge somebody!"

Bups, males and females alike, what do you all think???

Monday, May 5, 2008

Finding the Right Woman


“… It’s so hard to find a good woman who’s gonna help build the family and not be so interested in just building herself. I could be like any other male wannabe celebrity out there and hang out and date a bunch of people. Of course, there’s a beautiful opportunity to be out there and free. Why not eat up all the fruit on the trees? But the end result is that those things bring a dishonor to the family, and I will have served nobody but myself. I’ve sacrificed what I want to do for the sake of my family, and that’s what I need.”
Terrence Howard

Left and Right on the Wings of Wonder

by Dan Carpenter

The crazy things some folks in America believe.

That the government has foisted AIDS on the black community.

That the CIA controls the drug trade in the inner city.
That the Bush administration was behind 9/11.

It's not just a few YouTube lightning rods who'll assert such outlandishness. Walk into any bar or barbershop in the 'hood and you're likely to hear somebody say things that nobody across town or in the know can believe he believes.

It gets easier to believe, however, when we consider the likewise unbelievable things that happen to be reality.

The AIDS story? How about the Tuskegee experiments, in which the government systematically infected black men with syphilis as a research project.

Drugs? Please. While the degree of our involvement remains in dispute, it's no secret that narcotics traffic funded the CIA-backed forces making covert war on Nicaragua in the 1980s. Our policy has been to just say yes to that industry in friendly countries from Panama to Afghanistan, and guess where the market is.

9/11? Certainly a horrible reach, even under Cheneyism. But remember the Maine, and Tonkin Gulf. We've had our ways of getting our wars.
In short, pernicious myths, if that's what they are, tend to have some root in pernicious deeds, particularly against people who have not had a benign relationship with their rulers over the years.

Call it irrationality, but concede that it's conditioned irrationality. Before condemning those who vocalize it, know the history from which they speak.

Know, furthermore, that their lore is, in essence, hardly unique in a nation where a majority or near-majority still believes that Iraq was behind 9/11; that the Clintons are criminals, maybe even murderers; and that evolution is a liberal fantasy.

We are, as wiser people than I have noted, a society that lives on superstition. Even our faith in technology flies against a mountain of broken promises. We keep asking science and God to save us from ourselves while we turn to brute force and God to save us from everybody else. We like to think of ourselves as a confederacy of tough-minded scoffers, yet we reserve our scoffing for the angels and devils we don't know.

If a minister who says his people have been categorically victimized is to be called loony and malicious, what do we say of a minister who proclaims his nation God's choice to win the war?
Is it any crazier to propose a 9/11 conspiracy than it is to declare, as Indiana legislators have done, that homosexuals are out to snatch your children?

Is it any more naive to give carte blanche to nuclear power, whose complexities and dangers we cannot even imagine, than it is to join a Rapture cult?

Paranoia and a penchant for belief in magic. Like opinions, they're something we've all got. Indeed, if you'll pardon the reopening of a sore subject, we darn well cling to them.
In that spirit, here's to peace in our time, here's to the power of words to change the world, and I'll see you in heaven.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bend Me Over Day

This is a straight rant!

You know, I've been getting harassed the last couple of weeks for some damn timeshare presentation,my dear co worker told me to go to, so I and she could get paid. Sounds good few hours, but hey i get paid to go so not an issue...

Finally put the dang thing in my schedule. On the way to the presentation, I am stuck in the worst traffic. PISSED OFF because you put a deposit for these presentations and I was going to be pissed if I lost this money because of a damn favor. I finally get in touch with someone who says, you missed the 5:30 now you have to come to the 8pm. Pissed because I am freaking hungry and expected to eat at the presentation, I am still stuck in traffic, and this has just become an inconvenience...

So I finally make it the vicinity of the presentation. So hungry I could not wait anymore, hit my favorite Subway, where I was able to calm down from my pisstivity enough to appreciate the fact that I did not waste my $50 bucks.

Across the Street I saw a Tarot Card reading sign, and go figure I have time to kill and I always wanted it done.

I walk in to some 20 year old chick. She tells me the prices, and I agree because I am going to get my money back and then some from the timeshare presentation.

The bitch tells me to shuffle up some cards. Is of course vague, and wrong about some shyt. Nonetheless I am amused and thats all that counts. Then.... she tells me my aura is fucked up. And she would like to work with me to make it better...and I would need some candles and shyt that cost $200.

Whadafuck are you talking bout?? Mother fuckers also trying to bend you the fuck over. Can't I just fucking enjoy the novelty of my fucking tarot card reading. Why the fuck you gotta damper and manipulate my day by telling me my aura is fucked and if I don't do something about it now, its a wrap for my Aura...After you just told me, I am going to be with the man of my dreams, and will be rich???

Bitch naw, I'm good. I walk out. NEVER AGAIN.

Walk into the timeshare joint, expecting food, Aint nothing but juice and chips. Thanks to my Lord I ate. Meet the salesperson. She knows this shyt is not for me, but I nonetheless go in with an open mind about timeshares, but I do not make financial decisions on the spot, so I know I'm going in to listen and get the gifts at the end. That is it!

I listen to the presentation, which was incredibly educational to me. Definitely something I will consider in the future. And I honestly explain all this to the chick. Like, Oh I will do this,
a. after I confirmed with my financial advisor
b. after compare these deals and systems to other companies
c. after I become bit more financially secure..
Thats how one makes an informed decision right?

I asked questions and still consider this opportunity. I was involved in the entire process. Why because I was consider doing it within the next year.

Right as we are wrapping up, she calls for reinforcement and this guy obviously has a chip.
I explain to him my reasons for saying no. He says, "You are an engineer, I thought you were smart"


We keep arguing back and forth and again he continues to insult my intelligence. I don't even fucking vacation like that to spend 150 a month . Do you know what 150 would get me? a month of gas, groceries, student loan payments all things which are priorities over vacation. WTF

He finally gives up and I am UBER FUCKING PISSED that they try to gang rape me to make a fucking sale. At this point I have spent an hour with the twit ass fucks and previous to this gang bang, and been there 2 hrs before that. I was seriously considering investing a year from now or so. But now Fuck the company. They wont see a cent of my money!

I make it out, get my gifts, but am and still pissed ass fuck. Those fuckers give sales ppl bad names. How dare you try to bend me over and dick me and then tell me I am not smart for taking it up the ass!!! How dare my co worker set me up on some crazy shyt!!
What a fucking waste of my day! This is precisely why I am mean. So much for niceness, cus ppl try to always bend you over!!!