Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Equal Opportunity Dater

So I have been thinking a lot lately about of my dating experiences since moving to DC. I have had a few really good and really bad dates. I truly enjoy meeting new people. But I have noticed quite a few white and Latino men hit on me when I am out. I always kind of played it to the side like ehhh I'm not interested because he is not black. This made me really sit back and think about why I have these thoughts. This is something that I think about regularly because one of my best friends is in a relationship with white guy and I am getting ready to attend the wedding of one of my childhood friends who is marrying a white guy. So this got me to thinking maybe I should really practice what I preach about being an equal opportunity dater.

One thing that amuses me about this topic is that many black men do not like the thought of a black woman with a white man. (Not all black men have a problem with this. I am just saying a lot I talk to do.) And there are many different reasons. One reason given by a guy I know is that when he sees a white man and a black woman he immediately thinks "massah and his whench." I was like whaaaat?! But then he explained it just reminded him of how it seems it would have been in slave times. Then, he went on to say, "You ever notice in most instances when you see a white man with a black woman, the woman has natural hair? Like unpermed or dreads? Like they want an authentic African looking woman." I thought that was a bit extreme then for the next few weeks I noticed that every time I saw this type of interracial couple the woman had natural hair. Weird!

My main reservation is I feel like many white men, particularly the ones who hit on me, look at me as an experiment. Like they see black women as these ultra sexual beings that they can have fun with! My bestfriend says that white men are attracted to me because of my small frame and that goes further into my point. I don't want to be no white man's freaky black toy. WTF?! I remember freshman year of college I went on a date with a white guy and the whole time he was just making sly sexual comments and I was super uncomfortable. Needless to say I never went out with him again and when I saw him on campus I darted the other way. But many of my male friends have told me that the white men that do hit on me do think like this. (I hope my friends are being honest with me and are not simply hating.)

I just simply think that I am possibly missing out on a lot of decent men if I do not date outside my race. Like I am limiting my options and that's not cool is it? Another problem I have is I am honestly not attracted to very many white men. It is very rare I break my neck to look at a white guy. Here are a few tho that I always look twice at:

Good Ol' Brad Pitt. This man is sexy

David Beckham! Go Victoria cuz this man aint bad! I'd break my neck on this one.

This man makes me CRAZY!!!! I LOVE James Franco. I'd throw my panties at him.

Heeeyy Marky Mark! He's a cutie.

Paaauuuuul Walker! Yes sir! SMFH!

If a white man of the caliber of any of these men stopped me on the street I may be off the market quickly. Wrap me UP! So the next white guy who stops me coming out of Target or I see while bar hopping in Adams Morgan I am going to challenge myself to open my mind and entertain it. Who knows where it may lead?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who is really Anti American??

I try my hardest to not discriminate. It is not right.

I hope people do not look at VHI Flavor of Love, or BET, or OJ Simpson and think they represent all Black Folks.

With that being said, I refuse to believe that all White people from or near OHIO are like this.

BTW, isn't it funny how the ONE DROP rule is proving still true in 2008?

Funny how Barack Obama, is half white. Raised by Whites. Just like some of these White people in the video, yet he is still a 100 NEGRA in their eyes...

If this is the America we live in, in 2008? For real, I am anti American. This ish is just plain old WACK!!!

November 4. VOTE.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Soooo several people made remarks about this show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, so I finally took it upon myself to watch it and all I can say is WOW! Like are these bitches fa real??? For those of you who are not aware of the television program I am speaking of it comes on Bravo Tuesdays at 10pm. The show follows several high profile wives of athletes, businessmen, and celebrities living in Atlanta.

Okay so I want to be a successful buppie but I DO NOT want to be like most of these women!!! YIKES! Materialistc, self-absorbed, control freaks spending they man's money! This is with the exception of Mrs. Lisa Wu Hartwell, the Blasian. She the only one who actually appears to be working for hers with her husband. I can't knock her hustle for using some of the resources of her hubby Edgerton Hartwell and her ex hubby Keith Sweat in her own ventures. My only problem with her is that I haven't seen the kids from her previous marriage on the show but hey maybe there is some private reason for that. I digress..

Let me not fake though....I FLIPPIN LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It is sheer entertainment. The catfights about not being on a guest list to a bitches party you don't even like, the shopping and clothes, the token white chick being laced by a mystery man that chooses to remain a secret (probably because he's married) UUUUHHH GIMME MORE!! I LOVE THE DRAMA!!!

However, in actuality all of these things seem so surface! Like if any of the husband's of any of these women decide they no longer want to be with them, they broke! This is with the exception of a) Ms. Hartwell who I think would be fine because she has work ethic AND b) the bitches smart enough not to sign a prenup. Granted they'd still have money but not what they have now. But let's look at Ms. Sheree Whitifield who I believe is the brokest out of all of them. She's in the middle of a divorce from Bob Whitfield and is determined to get a 7 figure divorce settlement to sustain the exact same lifestyle as she had when she was married. I know Bob is thinkin, "Damn I regret the day I met this bitch!"

Granted, the Black Atlanta elite lifestyle looks wonderful!!! I mean black people doing big things is a beautiful to me. Maybe that is part of the reason why I love this show so much. However, I think this can also be viewed as a negative depiction of the Black women's ideals as well as a negative depiction of the shallow values of successful Blacks.

My Night in Jail Part 2

SEE Part 1

Approximately, three hours into us waiting, Husband Homeboy's shows up. With a Chick.

Wifey of course is pissed. Homeboy pissed. They go at it.

Wifey: "Where you been? all this time??"
Homeboy: The Police told me to come back at this time.
Wifey: Where is his car?
Homeboy : Parked.

PAUSE: CHICK should MYOB. She caught a mean attitude like the situation had anything to do with her.

PLAY. Husband Homeboy bickers a bit. Stops talking to Wife, goes to the counter to bails husband out. The Clerk processes the $75 BAIL.

PAUSE. EXCUSE ME CLERK. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR 3 Hours trying to bail Husband out!!

Wifey proceeds to become incredible hulk mad and yells from the top of her lungs: " EXCUSE ME. I AM HIS WIFE !!! YOU NOT ABOUT TO ACT LIKE I HAVE NOT BEEN WAITING HERE FOR MY HUSBAND AND IGNORE ME" really she was referring to Husband Homeboy

PAUSE: woah woah woah now! Where did that come from?

PLAY. Police officers in station.
"WAIT a Minute now! You not fitten to act all crazy in here. We will arrest you for Disturbing the Peace. Calm that ish down"

PAUSE. Now, What am I doing? Laughing MY A$$ OFF!

Anyway, things of course calm down. Even after the Police threats. Wifey is not calm. She is highly pissed. She is pissed at the fact Husband Homeboy acting like he saved the dang on day, and she sat here and waited.

CLERK: Says to Wifey, Husband Homeboy got Husband stuff, that Husband Gave to him, so Husband Homeboy has a right to continue to hold it.

Pause: OK Whatever.

CLERK then says: He will be right out after we run his Prints.

PAUSE:Run his prints?? WTF. The same prints process that I saw took 2 days! We have been waiting hours!! I am READY to GO.

PLAY. So Husband Homeboy and Chick proceed to go wait in the other side of waiting area. Entire time Husband Homeboy and Wifey are quietly poppin off at each other.

The amusement of Jail rubs off me quickly. We had been waiting too damn long, just to be waiting longer for some damn prints. I asked wifey, take me home.

Wifey is like she doesn't feel comfortable leaving Husband Keys and Stuff with Husband homeboy. Ok gotcha. I understand.

An hour passes.

Now I am getting pissy, because Husband Homeboy should go ask for an update from the CLERK. I mean there was only like 2 people in jail that night.

Wifey is still lamenting in her pissedness. She walks up to CLERK to ask,
"As his wife do I not have a right to my husband's stuff? I do not feel that Husband Homeboy should have my husbands keys and wallet. I mean I am on the car insurance, not Husband Homeboy."

CLERK: "There is really nothing we can do. Your husband gave him the keys. I can go back and ask him what he wants to do"

Pause: And Gay people want to get married because?? You really dont get a right to much in marriage these days.
Pause Again: GO back clerk and speed up this damn process while you at it.

So in the meanwhile, Wifey comes upon Genius revelation that works in her favor. She drove her car. Husband drove his car, but proceeded to get arrested. Husband gets out, he will not be able to drive his car, because he lacks license. Husband Homeboy a$ed out, unless Wifey does drive, since Wifey on insurance.

CLERK Returns, She said the Husband said :"Go ahead and go home wifey. I will take friends home."


Wifey: Well he cannot drive them home because of his license. And I do not have his keys, so I guess we gotta get the SHYt TOWED.

Wifey proceeds to give Husband Homeboy evil look. Pulls out triple AAA card.

Pause: It is looking like Husband Homeboy better just give up the keys.

So Wifey proceeds to act like she going to get the car towed. We continue to wait.

Husband Homeboy and Chick walks up to CLerk.

Husband Homeboy: "I would like to check his things in"

Officer in the back: "Wait aint his wife right there?"

Clerk: "I guess he doesn't want her to have it"

Pause: Woow. These people are trippen. Are you really going to check his ish?

Husband Homeboy, checks in Husband stuff. Then proceeds to bounce. Apparently someone comes and picks him up.

Wifey: "I told Husband his friend is crudy."

Pause: Friend is crudy. Could wait on his homeboy to get out? Then call a ride?

Finally, Husband gets out of Jail. Of course Wifey is pissy. This drama was too much. I was not even all that mad because I could finally get home. The Drama was over, right?


Husband and Wifey had both cars there. Husband has a tricked out car, Impala, tints, RIMS.

Wifey told her BFF to drive his car.

Husband had a hissy fit!

Husband : "Naw eff dat, you drive my car WIFEY!! I rather get the shyt towed then have BFF drive"

He is jumping up and down in the middle of a street in DC at 3AM mind you!! Hissy fit over his lackluster a$$ impala. (BUPPIE DON'T BTW)

Wifey: "Husband, are you saying your car is more important than mind??!!!"

They go back and forth for 5 more minutes before Wifey Angrily Screams in the night "FINE!!!".

AGAIn this is 3:05 AM around the corner from the Popos!

She Drives his car. BFF drives hers.

Finally I am home.

End of Story...

Message: Avoid Jail period. Both in person and in MARRIAGE.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things Fall Apart

Having one of those, Non-BF and GFs, but are dating exclusively relationship, still has an ending similar to a relationship break up.

After a few months in "Booship", the relationship dwindled and we went our separate ways.
When things were good between us, it was excellent. He seemed capable. Ambitious, Open, upwardly mobile. We both had a similar sense of humor. We became attached. It was quick, but occurred just naturally.

As the woman in the relationship, felt I had grown so much. All the childish relationship things that occurred in the past, were not going to happen here. I was a woman for him. I enjoyed spoiling him. I enjoyed giving. Cooking for him. Spending time with him. Supporting him in all his endeavors. I had grown so much with him. I thank him for allowing me that opportunity.

And he a GREAT Man. Treated me CORRECT. He never disrespected me ever! He took me out, he spent endless time with me. He cooked for me, and even taught me a few things in the kitchen. We had similar interests, but he took the time to teach me more about his interests.

We enjoyed each other a lot. Things were great. I was happy and he too.

Of course as a woman, I questioned our booship constantly in my head. Why? I was enjoying him very much, and I wanted to make sure we were working towards a relationship. Even though, quite frankly I was putting in relationship type effort.

We had some discussions , and he told be point blank I was not wasting my time. Cool. Nice to know. Things continued.
Then one day we were chatting about commitment. Now, I will say I have my tiffs with commitment. He did too. He was reluctant. It was not something he really was interested in.

I agreed. Went back is reexamined my position. Should I be acting like a girlfriend, and putting boyfriend like expectations on him, If in fact that is not what we agreed to do?

The reality is, WE WERE not BOYFRIEND and GIRLFRIEND. We were not. we were not. So no, I was wrong for doing that to him. To making him feel that he had too act a certain way. I was wrong for expecting him to do Boyfriend like things! I realized I was playing wifey, to someone who was not interested in a wife.

So I began to Operation Fall Back. I reduced the pressure he had to spend with me all around. He had to handle a lot of other life issues, and I did not want add to it. At the same time, it became kind of weird, forced even. Our relationship drastically changed. We stopped communicating more and more. I filled my time trying to stay busy to avoid really noticing what was going on.

Anyway, we have the conversation, which I knew was coming. Throughout the past week, I was racking my brain, cus i honestly missed how things were. However, I did not know if I really wanted to fight for it if he was not interested. As I reflect, I feel I saw his lack of interest develop about the same time I decided to fall back. He would no longer commit to partner based events. Perhaps his way of setting me straight on my role.

He explained to me he saw things change. I explained to him, that I felt I needed to fall back, because of the direction we were heading in. He explained to me, that he also felt the need to fall back because he had so much going on in his life. True. Maybe he became bored. We did reach that 3 month mark!

The relationship dwindled to a point of no return. He was dealing with alot in his life. Trying to figure out his next career move. He felt unsettled, and because of that he felt he could not dedicate time to the booship. There you have it. Its over.

While it is true he needed the time, in these situations, where you cannot follow-up question, you begin to have doubts about the true reason.

Yes he was busy. BUT maybe He was also bored? Maybe there was another interesting woman...

The point is , I will never know. So why even let my mind wonder to what ifs? So I suck it up. Appreciate the Good times, and Keep it moving...right?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

5 Rules to Tipping

RULE NO. 1: Unless the server is rude, condescending, and/or completely absent, tip between 18 and 20 percent.
RULE NO. 2: Never tip on tax. Tip based on the subtotal. And if you're calculating your tip simply by doubling the tax, stop it--you're being cheap.
RULE NO. 3: Unless you drink like Dean Martin or have a taste for expensive wines (i.e., $40 or more, depending on your budget), it's best to include booze when calculating a tip. Bartenders expect a dollar tip per drink (which is usually about 20 percent of the drink's price), and it's no different with waiters.
RULE NO. 4: Never turn a blind eye when others are tipping--especially if they're unfamiliar with our tipping culture (i.e., Europeans). If you think your tablemate is lowballing the service, it's best to hand the waiter a few bills on the way out.
RULE NO. 5: If a few dollars here and there really matter that much to your bank account, perhaps you shouldn't be going out to eat in the first place.

Frugal Buppie

"It can be cheap but it can't look cheap. Don't do trends just do you."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


OK Third Debate. We are closer to naming someone our President of America!

There is all this damn talk about Joe the damn Plumber, Joe Six Pack! EWW.

You forgot all about Joanna the Buppie or Johnathan the Buppie?

All over the US, us buppies are upset with this government.

In the words of Ms. Buppie Buppie, "I HAVE BEEN PAYING SALLIE MAE THEIR MONEY FOR 2 YEARS AND MY LOAN STILL 20 G'S!" Education is too damn expensive. Our kids school sucks. American schools are not good enough. Charter schools are cool. But damn I do not always qualify?

Buppie on Abortion:

SMDH. Can someone name anything he did for black people?

Business being Fined for lack of healthcare:
If you do business, and you cannot afford to provide healthcare for your employees, you deserved to get fined! Main reason ppl need healthcare cus they are working me to damn hard!

Big Business:
EFF your tax break If I had more money, Big business would get theirs...

Healthcare Credit from John McCain:
5000 for the whole yr??? Whylin! .

We need to create jobs. We do need to reexamine everything, and cut strategically.

I cut your ass if you raise my damn taxes!

All buppies differ in what they think, just as plumbers. However neither candidate has addressed us? What would you tell them, they are whylin on? Or a point they missed? Or what you are really feeling?


Dear Buppie,

Okay so I have been invited to a wonderful event which will be filled with lots of buppie people to network and hang out with to celebrate Halloween at the end of the month.
I just realized, however that...after looking around site after site, there are no BLACK COSTUMES?!!!

Do I have any other type of choices? Whats up with that... We dont have any "superheroes," or anyone that we can step foot in and "be" for one day?

Gimme a break....
Angry in October

The Districts POV:

I totally feel you. I just racked my brain this entire weekend thinking of what if we are in this predicament, what about Asians and Latinos? They are just as EFFed as we black folks are, If not worse off!! Angry in October, this was such a good question!

Why does is seem that all the costumes seem to be driven for Caucasians? Is this their holiday?

The reality is. It is. LOL. However, it does not mean we cannot join in and enjoy it! I am glad your buppie friends went out on a limb, and conducted such a buppie event! I love it!

The reason I think people really enjoy this Holiday is because they really can be anything they want to be for a day. You and I, need to think like that when we are going for these costumes. So what Superman is white!

That night you are going to be the flyest Superman. That is the aim of the Day.

Now, Now! When you walk through that costume store, you are going to want to be safe and typcial. The typical black costume for me, is anything that one can hook up with the outrageous Afro. 70s. Black Exploitation films. Pimps. Ain't that a shame? DO NOT TAKE this easy way out!

So, I advise you to go balls to the wall. If it does not look like typical out of character of black costume, You do it! I mean really do it! Make people believe that is you! That is the point of Halloween! Go Big!

Up&Coming's POV:

I am the wrong bup to ask about this one because I do not celebrate Halloween. When I was younger I did and I was a witch, pirate, cheerleader etc. Me and my best friend go back and forth about this all the time. My bestfriend LOVES Halloween because it is the time where she can be creative and provocative at the same time. I am honestly not amused with it and just think about my mother picking through the candy she didn't want me to eat as a kid.

With that said here are still some thoughts. Be whatever the heck you wanna be and transform that to fit you. A friend of mine was the prettiest BLACK Marilyn Monroe one year. I was like wow and everyone else was like "Marilyn who?" because she made it her own. One year my mother dressed as a flapper and I thought that was cool! However, I think you may be a guy so that may not work for you. LOL A friend of mine went one year in a nice suit as GOD's gift to women wearing a label that read: To Women From GOD. Thought that was interesting.

Maybe part of the reason I do not celebrate Halloween is because I have some of the same sentiments about it that you do now that I think about it. But I agree with The District's Bup when she says it is the day where you can transform whatever you want to suit you! So I suggest you just decide what you want to be, put your own spin on it and do it up!

Here are some suggestions from my BFF who I referenced earlier ( I asked her for ideas cuz I don't have a clue on this one):

- Cop

- Love Doctor

- Cowboy

- Adam (if you have a date she can be Eve)

Hit Or Miss Relationships (This was a Miss)

So a guy who I have been dating off and on over 3 years hit me up today and made me realize how much the relationship was really in need of closure. It is so crazy how you can have chemistry with a person and that particular person is still not for you. We have a lot of love for one another, shared a great deal of good times, had a number of screaming matches and fall outs but at the end of the day he comes back to patch things up with me. However, our last fallout struck a different cord. The bell finally went off in my head and I seriously asked myself, "Self, why are you doing this? This is never going to be what you want it to be!"

So this just made me wonder what is it with these hit or miss relationships. (Well more so miss relationships cuz this one was defintely a miss.) Why is it that some people have such staying power in your life yet and still when it comes down to a serious relationship with the person it never works. We laugh together, vent to one another, enjoy one another's company but there are just personality flaws on both sides that neither of us can get past. So you would think we would let it go but nooooo that is not how it works. We continue to be gluttons for punishment, he gets pissed at me or I get pissed at him and we fall out. Only to go on another 2-6 month hiatus of not speaking until one day he calls my phone and I answer.

All this being said why is it so hard to just let it be. I'm not in love with the dude although I do care for him very deeply. We have had a 3 year homie, lover, friend relationship. I am always the one to break it off however, he always comes back and I always let him in! Deep down I think more than anything I am afraid of losing a friend. However, I know that our relationship will never be simply a friendship therefore I need to let it go and just not answer that call or text next time he attempts to re-enter my life.

The life and times of this bup (sigh).....

Hey, things could be a LOT worse!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Inconsiderate B!tches

Inconsiderate B!tches are giving us GOOD Women bad raps.
I consider an Inconsiderate B!itch just what its says. A female DOG who does not take into consideration other peoples feelings. She pisses everywhere. She is not trained. She runs wild.

Let me mention, It is OK to be selfish when it just effects you or the other person is cool with it, however when they are not AND you know they are not and you still pursue the situation for your sole benefit, that just WRONG.

Case in Point: Do you know someone who really plays with peoples emotions just because? Dude likes girl. Girl really not feeling him, but continues to flirt with him. Asks dude to visit her, knowing good and well she not feeling him. He gets there. She doesn't like him so she plays him when he gets there.

Now on some realness, no GROWN MAN or GROWN woman suppose to be traveling to see someone, when its clearly not platonic, and not expect to beat. That is just the way the cookie crumbles. So what I am saying is this; if a man is traveling to come see you because you asked for it, Or coming over after midnight because you asked, please consider his feelings. After all he is a Man. A man is going to feel like SMASHING. Please CONSIDER this before you extend an invite. Most women do. I.E The BOOTY CALL HOURS RULE.

But then there does exist the inconsiderate bitch who will proceed just because she is amused from it. Act like he is wrong for getting a hard on!

Another point case, just for better understanding is when women MEALS on WHEELS. I know I am going to catch flack, but I think it is inconsiderate for woman just to go out with dudes for a meal. Please please, stop wasting a dudes time doing this! He is not paying for nothing!! He wants something in return, and I urge you to be considerate. He will be the main dude playing bugaboo. If you not feeling him, go half on the meal. OR at least, try to find another reason other than food to go out with him! (Networking, something)

I urge us women to be more understanding of Men's wants. Let's not take advantage of people for shyts and giggles.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Night At JAIL! Part 1

Last Saturday, I spent my night at the 3rd District Jail in DC .What was supposed to be a pleasant evening celebrating my Libra friends, and dancing with HAWT Personal Trainer Guys, was a evening of DRAMA and Comedy (Very Similar to a Tyler Perry Movie!)

Break Down of the Atmosphere

Walking into jail, I had thee biggest smirk on my face. It was weird. I knew I did not belong, at the same time it made me chuckle, because of the reason for the arrival. First of all, the dang station was right in the midst of a quiet neighborhood. Right across the street, were homes. How much of a blower is that? Knowing you live right across the street from the PoPos?
The station reminded me of YMCA/School. We walked in, and saw bulletin boards. Trophies. Domestic Violence Literature.

The Officer on Duty, who was working as clerk was husky black female with lots of tude. Similar to MADEA.

At first I was excited. I wanted a tour of joint. I sat my ass in the chairs and looked around took everything in. The place was not modernized, and I wonder why the DC Gov't missed this in its budgets.

Soon after we walked in, an older married couple walked in solemnly behind us. Being that the clerk was loud, I could hear all their business. It seems their SON, a college student, got wrapped up for a DUI. TSK TSK. At this point in his processing, they need to run his prints. Apparently this process was going to take a bit of time, so the parents opted to go home to bed and call back to check in. The Clerk warned them, that if his prints did not come back clean, he would have a Monday Court date. Also the clerk told them do not be surprised if something were to come back, because people hide shyt all the time.. SHAME

Any who after we cracked the initial jokes and took some photos ops, we waited and waited, and waited some more.

We spoke to other people who arrived later in the night. One was a dude who was very familiar with jail and the processes, from experience. He spoke about how this station in particular sucked because things were so slow.
Somethings he said:
"Usually when you wait for something you have a TV, Look they do not even have one."

"One time when I came here, tried to get my friend processed out. The told be their fingerprint machine broke."

One thing,I learned is cops don't give an EFF about Customer Service!!

The DRAMA Beyond the BARS:

So why was I at Jail?? The reason why I went to jail is because a friend, her husband caught a charge. Driving without a valid license. Apparently, he goes to jail often. He is Jail-prone. Now, Husband was with his homeboy on the way to Adams Morgan. Did not stop at stop sign. Husband Homeboy, disappears but has all of Husbands stuff. You know: Cellie, Money, keys to vehicle. Watches Husband get arrested.

Now Husband Homeboy has Husband Car and Cell. Husband in jail, cannot seem to get a hold of Husband Homeboy. He Calls Wife. Wife calls Husband cell phone, which Husband Homeboy is supposed to have. Right. Husband Homeboy does not pick up. MMM

PAUSE. Let me say throughout this situation, I practiced MYOB. I minded my business. However, I did draw my conclusions about a couple of things.

Conclusion 1: Husband Homeboy, Why did he not call Wifey to let her know Husband is locked up?

PLAY. So Husband, eventually begs Wife to come bail him out. Wifey pissed Husband Homeboy abandoned Husband. Apparently Husband Homeboy, has a history of leaving Husband A$$ed out. Wifey dislike Husband Homeboy because of history. There is beef.

WE waited for freakin hours. Wifey of course identifies her self with the Clerk. Clerk says something of the officer processing husband, had some other paperwork to do prior to processing husband. We waited more.

Approximately, three hours into us waiting, Husband Homeboy's shows up. With a Chick.

Wifey of course is pissed. Homeboy pissed. They go at it.

Wifey: "Where you been? all this time??"
Homeboy: The Police told me to come back at this time.
Wifey: Where is his car?
Homeboy : Parked.

PAUSE: CHICK should MYOB. She caught a mean attitude like the situation had anything to do with her.

PLAY. Husband Homeboy bickers a bit. Stops talking to Wife, goes to the counter to bails husband out. The Clerk processes the $75 BAIL.

PAUSE. EXCUSE CLERK. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR 3 Hours trying to bail Husband out!!


This is a pretty long story...So I will Continue.. super long blogs suck!

Buppie Don't: Naming your Child

So, I just read this in an email. Do not do this. It is not cute.

Le-a is her Daughter's name.

How would you pronounce this as a child's name???

Leah?? NO
Lee - A?? NOPE
Lay - a?? NO
Lei?? Guess Again.

Are you resorting to tongue clicks yet?? Scroll down

It's pronounced "Ledasha" oh read it right. The dash is not silent.

This child attends a school in Livingston Parish. ( Louisiana )

Her mother is irate because everyone is getting her name wrong. SO, if you see something come across your desk like this please remember to pronounce the dash.

When the mother was asked about the pronunciation of the name, she said "the dash don't be silent."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why America Doesn't Make Me Proud

Saw this via another blog....I am speechless.

Race Injected Into Obama Vote

By Mary Kane

Over the weekend, Sen. John McCain’s brother referred to the Northern Virginia suburbs of Arlington and Alexandria as “communist country,” presumably for their traditional Democratic-leaning ways.

I don’t cover politics at TWI, so I’m not going to comment on the campaign strategy behind the remarks. But I do live in Arlington, in a neighborhood called Clarendon. And I can tell you a little bit about what’s been going on here.

During the past few weeks, people who posted “Obama for President” signs in their yards in Clarendon and in the nearby neighborhood of Lyon Park received this letter. Addressed to “Dearest Neighbor,” the letter informed them, in a tone meant to be friendly and helpful, that they should consider the possibility that they are supporting Obama to cover up for their own, hidden racism.

Here’s the letter:

The neighborhood listserve lit up with people arguing over who could have been responsible for the letter, until the moderator shut the topic down. No one knows for sure. The letter itself has made it on to two anti-racism websites, and a site that chronicles voter suppression. The Institute for Healing Racism posted a statement on its site disavowing anything to do with it.

In the meantime, life goes on as usual, here in the communist suburbs of Northern Virginia

Monday, October 6, 2008


What would a Buppie Do, If this was your kid?

New TUPAC song???

So on my ride home today, after brushing up on my Rosetta Stone audio companion (gettin my Espanol on), I decided to listen to the radio. And to my surprise there was a new Keyshia Cole song. I wasn't really excited about Keyshia. I can take her or leave her. However, Tupac opened the song with a verse. Oh schnap this is Tupac's song! Now I was not the biggest Tupac fan, however, I respect him for being one of the best lyricists ever in hip hop, a true poet. Plus I love his voice. So hearing him on a new jam through the airways was bittersweet for me. (I was a tad bit hott because he only rapped in the beginning of the song then Keyshia sang the rest.) Then I thought "this dude has been dead for 12 years now and still puttin out music?! Damn he must have recorded a LOT of shit.

Then it made me think about the age old Tupac really dead? LOL. Many don't believe he is. I remember when Tupac died, I was in the 7th grade. And one of my closest friends at the time was the biggest Tupac fan EVER AND STILL IS! She probably still doesn't believe his ass is dead either. But before his death she was always saying "Tupac is going to die soon" and I'd just be lookin at her like what?! She was like "yeah he is gonna fake his death. It is apart of the Makaveli ." So when he actually died I think it was consoling for her to think that he really was not dead.

Listening to Tupac's voice just took me back and made me think about how hip hop has changed more for the worse than the better. It also made me think damn, I hope Luther recorded a lot of stuff we haven't heard! I would love to hear a new Luther jam 10 years from now!

Anyway I leave you with this Tupac and Michael Jackson collabo that my friend just put me on. WOW! I wonder what Tupac would think about this one....

SMFH! R.I.P Tupac

Saturday, October 4, 2008

One Month

November 4th. That is the day that us registered voters unite to make a decision.
We have watched 2 debates, and endured months of campaigning.

How does it feel?
How does it feel to know that what you do that day determines the shift of this country?
How does it feel to know that how you vote effects your paycheck, mortgage, Co-pay?

Palin vs. Biden: Scenes From a Debate

Since when does being poised and confident make you qualified to run for the second most powerful position in the land?? That is my question to all the people who are using this argument in defense of Palin doing a good job on Thurs! I am poised and confident speaking in front of a crowd. Hell, maybe I can be the next VP!!! Anyway, here are some thoughts shared with the New York Times about Thursday's debates.....

(Letters to the Editor of the NY Times)

To The Editor:

Re “Cordial but Pointed, Palin and Biden Face Off” (front page, Oct. 3):

In the first and only debate between the vice-presidential candidates, Gov. Sarah Palin looked great. She sounded great. At first glance, it looked as if she hit a home run.

Only problem is, she consistently and consciously ignored the questions posed by the moderator and went directly to her talking points that the McCain team drilled into her so successfully.

She looked into the camera and said, point-blank, that she didn’t care what questions were asked, that she was determined to speak directly to the people, without any filters from the media. She took this opportunity to give a political speech.

We must remind ourselves that this was a debate, not a speaking engagement. And when you look at it in that way, she struck out. John Fineberg

St. Paul, Oct. 3, 2008

To the Editor:

Today the race starts anew. Sarah Palin’s eloquent, plain-spoken performance in Thursday night’s debate reset the clock.

Sure, she dodged some questions, but that only proves her ability as a politician. Conventional wisdom says nobody votes for vice president in a presidential election, but that was then. Now, I think lots of regular Americans will vote for the Republican ticket because they want to vote for her. In fact, they’re probably thinking that she’d be a better opponent for Barack Obama than John McCain is. Tim Burke

Middletown, N.J., Oct. 3, 2008

To the Editor:

The most telling point in the debate for me was Gwen Ifill’s question about whether the Constitution places the Office of the Vice President completely within the executive branch.

Sarah Palin gave a rambling, disjointed nonanswer as she desperately tried to segue back into one of the stock answers she had practiced with her handlers.

Joseph R. Biden Jr., on the other hand, gave a reasoned and coherent answer that showed he was familiar with the Constitution and how Vice President Dick Cheney has overstepped its restrictions. John Robison

Westfield, N.J., Oct. 3, 2008

To the Editor:

Sarah Palin proved her critics wrong, showing that she has what it takes to be vice president. Under intense scrutiny, Ms. Palin stood her ground on Thursday night and calmed fears about her abilities, showing poise and confidence.

Ginny Tretter

Trent, Ohio, Oct. 3, 2008

To the Editor:

Ironically, the vice-presidential debate hurt the McCain campaign, because Sarah Palin performed unexpectedly well.

By showing that she was at least competent enough to debate, the focus shifted from Ms. Palin’s fitness for office to the positions and strategies of the McCain campaign.

Ms. Palin sought to portray John McCain as a longtime proponent of increased regulation of Wall Street. She sought to portray Mr. McCain as a hero of the Iraq war for his support of the surge while ignoring his central role in leading the country into this disastrous war of choice under false pretenses.

As Ms. Palin clearly articulated Mr. McCain’s central positions and Joseph R. Biden Jr. responded, it was clear that there was neither factual nor logical support for Mr. McCain’s positions.

The weakness of the Republican position would not have been nearly as obvious if Ms. Palin had stumbled and made the evening about her qualifications.

David VanSpeybroeck

Portland, Ore., Oct. 3, 2008

To the Editor:

Your Oct. 3 editorial “The Vice-Presidential Debate” gets it just right when it says that Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. left Sarah Palin “way behind on most issues.”

Indeed, an apt analogy would be to a newcomer to the world of running taking on a world-class sprinter in a 100-meter dash. The expectation is that the newcomer will surely lose and might even fall during the race, and many watch expecting to see the newcomer embarrass himself. But when he completes the race without falling, many applaud his success, though he lost the race by a large margin.

For the whole article visit:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Calculate your TAX CUT

Taxes are killing me!! And now we gotta pay 700 Billion to some big dummies.

Check out this Calculate your Tax Cut Link.

It compares Obama's plan to McCain's.

You Embarrass Me

Sarah Palin makes me sick. Nothing about her represents me. The only thing we do have in common is that we menstruate.

Throughout her introduction in the campaign, I dismissed her largely based on her political stance.

However last night I was pushed to the edge and now its personal. If I saw her and W Bush together, and could only slap one, I would Bitch Slap the SHYT out of Palin!

How can a woman disgrace herself and other women like that? It frustrates me to no end to see her BS and look ditzy in these interviews and debates! Then play the media card? The Media is cruel, but do you expect us to believe they are being EXTRA cruel to you Palin? When you cannot even remember to say "I read ....such and such paper."

Well At least we know she reads....NOTES!

Thanks ThinkProgress!

You are a poor representation of a female Leader. As a woman, you have to go harder, when you are competing with men. You have to go over and above. The same rule applies to anyone(minority) against a white male. You Palin, look dumb and unprepared all the time. You read, and BS thru the debates. It wasn't cute. You were trying to make it cute, but I was offended that you would have to stoop that low!

The fact that within the last 5 weeks you have not been able to positively represent yourself, or show that you have even read up on McCain's position is devastating to me. You bring shame to female leaders.

Sarah Palin, you embarrass me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Misleading or No?

I think many men often mistake a woman being congenial as them being interested. I am a mannerable person so when I meet someone I smile, give a firm handshake (which oddly I am often commended on lol), and engage people in friendly conversation. Whether I know you or not I treat you as a friend until you do something to make me feel uncomfortable or piss me OFF! This is how I was raised. No matter what a person looks like or how they may come off initially they are worth that respect. Now recently I have discovered that CERTAIN men feel like because you engage them in conversation that you are interested in them.


I know from my male friends that they often have this same problem with women. Just because I engage your ass in conversation does not mean I am interested in YOU! I smile and greet human beings all day with courtesy and respect. Please do not mistake that as flirting. I am a networker as well as a social person so quite often I will genuinely ask questions when I meet people and have a decent conversation. Now fellas, if you decide during this convo that you are interested and express this PLEASE don't be mad if I tell you that was not my intent. If that is all you wanted for real I will understand if you no longer want to carry on a conversation with me! Cool, catch ya on the flipside. However I have noticed that men seem to stick around and give you a mean undertone after this.

Some Points....

1) A male bup was telling me that he was making conversation with a woman in a DC lounge and after finding out some things about her professionally he asked for her number. She quickly responded "Oh no I have a boyfriend." He said in his head he was thinking, "Bitch I don't care I was going to pass your resume on to my friend!" He was so turned off by her quick response though he just laughed in her face and walked away. See this is why I am always nice. You never know a person's intent. I often give out my number because I do contractual work in my profession. Now I'd appreciate if it were not abused if it is given to you under the pretense of BUSINESS! If I give my number to someone who I have not flirted with in the least and they call trying to holla it really bothers me. Be straight up about your intentions.

2) Now I am willing to admit my faults in these situations. It sometimes is hard for me to tell a nice gentleman that I am just not interested in him. SO I may throw clues such as "I do not give my number out in bars." or "Actually I have a boyfriend." This is after you have made it clear that you are trying to holla! But my attitude will not change. I will not become mean or short. However, if I feel you do not get the point I will reiterate or politely excuse myself. This is part of the reason I am hesitant about excepting drinks in bars. I feel like some men think this is a way to buy your company for the evening. However, I will take a drink acknowledged the sender thank them and go about my business.

3) Now this is where it gets difficult. I have noticed that some men who are casual acquaintances feel like if they take their interest in you to a different level and you aint on that level then you are leading them on. Just because I say we can do lunch does not mean I am interested. I planned on payin my own check! HELL, I thought we were cool. You talk to me about other women! I have never expressed any interest in you. We just know each other and occasionally talk like two social human beings. And even when you did express your interest it was never reciprocated but I am still going to be nice! However, if I feel you do not get the point I will cut you off!

Men, am I completely off base with this? If I am please let me know! I am nice to people in general, maybe too nice. In my head I can think wow this guy is not at all my type to date but you are still cool! And guys I am interested in KNOW it! I am very direct when I am genuinely interested in a man so I feel like the difference in temperament is clear.

Here's a funny anecdote to close out this entry:
So I was at a Sports Bar alone a few weeks ago to watch some football. ( I am a huge NFL fan and sometimes I just like to go watch games with other people who appreciate it as much as I do. And also I do not have cable because I am not at home enough to watch it.) So I go to a place up the street get a beer and begin to chat with some of the bar regulars. So this woman who was a LOUD Cowboys fan was cuttin up the whole time in the bar. So EVERYONE was laughing at her but I noticed she began to talk to me more. I figured it was because we were both women surrounded by men. This was until she straight out asked me if I was into women. I was appalled that this lady thought I was flirting with her but kindly told her I was not wired that way and she had clearly gotten the wrong idea. This woman is a regular at the bar so all the guys knew what was coming the whole time so they just wanted to see my reaction. But this bitch was PERSISTENT! The guys were like, "Leave her alone she said she don't get down like that!" as they laughed! After the woman left the guys told me "You can come back she's not here that often. LOL" Talk about being embarrassed and being too nice!!! *Shakin my damn head.*