Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Buppie Waste: Food, Drink and Clothes

I wonder if becoming a Buppie means that it’s okay to “blow” a little money on the finer things and not sweat the details anymore. Have we forgotten those days when we didn’t clean our plates and our parents would remind us that children were starving in Africa? Do you remember this when you’re at a restaurant and you haven’t finished your plate, but you’re full? Instead of taking a doggy bag, or finishing our plate, we just settle the bill and move on. I think it’s something wrong with that.

What about how we don’t mind wasting money on drinks? We have convinced ourselves that we need our space in the club. But do we remember that bottle of Grey Goose costs $30 from the liquor store? No, we still bought it for $250. Because we wanted our space. Remember when we used to make our liquor last? I think that’s all gone now. I’d recommend that every buppie sort their bank account by transaction type and see how much they spend on alcohol a month. Enlightening.

As the spring and summer near, we know we about to throw out those winter clothes and bring up the spring clothes. Problem is, a lot of that stuff we don’t even want anymore. But we don’t want to give it up. We just let it sit and collect dust. I know myself I got some clothes I’m not going to wear again unless I have to paint something or go play in mud. Those clothes can be donated instead of taking up closet space, so I can feel like I have such a large wardrobe.

I’m just saying, do buppies have a tendency to waste?


S0_Flyy said...

Uhm... I think most buppies do... but I'm not sure if it's just a generational thing but age thing as well... I believe as we move into our 30's and 40's we'lll adopt some of the more conservative notions of our youth.

I don't spend much on the alkie in a month b/c I'm not a heavy drinker & as a women, I get in the club fo' free (lol) but my bank transactions say a lot the habits of being a food connoisseur. And as far as the clothes go, I rotate every season to the local thrift shop/mental health home. I like to shop and they apparently like labels. *shrugs* & Uncle Sam loves that I donate. Everybody wins.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, some of the richest people in this world are frugal and spend wisely. Donations are a great tax write-off.

The District's Buppie said...

Discretionary Income! My friend and foe. YES. I waste. I sort as advised, and alot of "allowance" is spent at restaurants , you know the bar. Funny you mention the grey goose, as my group of friends in 2010 made a blood brother RESOLUTION that we would only spend our money on TOPSHELF. Many Reasons drove this decision, hangovers, taste etc. But Being a buppie has changed the way we shop. Instead of bargin shopping alone, I have combined it with a best value approach. Gone are the days where it was acceptable to drink 99 because it was the cheapest yet highest proof drink. FYI 99 ... BLARING BUPPIE DONT!

Besides that, I have been finding myself more and more comfortable with not taking a Doggie bag home and cringing because i can feel my mother slapping me in the back of the neck for wasting food.

Knowing this about ourselves, means we need to be way more conscious of conservation in other ways. Donate the clothes, gain the write off. Buy timeless pieces, and avoid trends are just a few things I practice. If your stepping it up in one area, step it back somewhere else! :) Right Dr.J?

The Tenant said...

not a fan of day old food (except pizza)...been like that since i had teeth.

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