Friday, December 7, 2007


Dear Buppie:
There is a female I was trying to see what was good with. I told my homeboy that I was trying to get at her. Next thing I know she and my homeboy are hooking up. I am starting to think my homeboy is shady. He did not even let me know he was getting at her. Now every time I see them together I feel some type of way…
How should I feel? And what should I do?


There is one rule to the GAME that must be recognized here:
“Bros before Hoes” and my female sisters no disrespect as that rule applies justly to us. “Bros before Hoes” in this case, because. He was your Homeboy before this chick...While he could have at least had the decency to let you know they were hooking up, he did not. Nonetheless he is still your friend. Take this situation as a lesson about him and yourself. You know how he operates. While I am sure he did not purposely not tell you, I am sure he did not think too much of it. This is where the “Hoes” part comes in. “Hoes” are expendable, temporary, for fun. I think you homeboy was not even paying that much attention to the entire situation.

Now for you:
I doubt you were truly even feeling this chick. I think it’s mostly a shot at your ego because she chose your homeboy and not you. I feel you dude. But you have to overcome this.
The best way I have seen people adjust to this, is to become a temporary hater. Now be careful not to make hating a permanent personality feature. Hate to only trusted people, or keep all your hate to yourself. (Hate is contagious)

Let me be clearer: You know that the girl is not all that fly, or you know you man can not do such and such better than you. Keep it real, and every time you see them together smile. You know why you smile? Because you know that you have a one up on that chick and your man, and you were LUCKY not to have hooked up with her. An example of this hating could be,

“Wow I just noticed she has a flat ass.
Wow, my man's swag is not even on my level.
This chick falls for anything.
Wow. She has a shady attitude.”

This way you appreciate yourself, give yourself ego boosts, and above all you will see how this situation worked in your favor.

Thanks for Asking the Buppie!

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Empress said...

damn that's kinda messed up, especially after you TOLD him that you were feeling her, he could've let you know right then and there that he's feeling her too! I think you have a right to feel some type of way when you see them, shoot I know I would! However, I agree with Buppie take it as a lesson learned about yourself and your boys character. And I mean if its really that serious that you think it might significantly change the future of your friendship, then you might just wanna holla at him and let him know how u feel ..u might be surprized ..he might be actually be like "word son I ain't even know u serious about tryna holla at her, my bad" or something. Then you'll see that he didn't purposely try to be shady.

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