Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Should I Be Offended?

As if it wasn't bad enough that we didn't have MLK day off yesterday, to add insult to injury the Following e-mail was sent out by my company (shall remain nameless) HR on MLK day:

Subject: "I have a Dream..."

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Donuts and Coffee in ****** to celebrate!

My initial reaction to this was "WTF! That's SOOOO disrespectful!" Then my 2nd reaction was, "well at least it wasn't watermelon and fried chicken" lol ..SMH! I don't really find this funny, but all I could really do was laugh, like coffee and donuts? seriously though? damn.

So now some might wonder, "why didn't you say something?" Umm well, my answer for you is simple, I like my job and I want to keep it! lol.

But for those who ask that, let me ask you, what would you do?

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