Monday, August 3, 2009

Tick Tock Tick..My Clock Just Kicked in

This a bit of my random thoughts. This buppie is turning 25, and I'm starting to trip.

It is just about 1 week until I hit my "mid -twenties". In the beginning of the year, I made a list of everything I wanted to accomplish prior to this Birthday.

1. Go to Medieval Times.
2. Learn to drive a Stick.
3. Shoot a Gun.

Odd list? Maybe, but I have not done any of this. Life is happening so fast around me, and I am becoming more aware that I am not getting any younger. This upcoming age must be the age where people take note too.

As nonchalant as I used to be about it, I am now more than ever painstakingly aware that I am SINGLE!! Every time I have seen my mother, she asks "Do you have a boyfriend yet?". My sister was engaged at 26 and married at 27. She looks at me with the side eye. My uncle asks be how old I am, and says "Next time I see you, you better be engaged".

Dammit! Are ya'll hearing this tick tocking clock too? I've been trying to muffle it with this here pillow, but the closer I get to mid twenties the louder it gets.

People always want to boost up everything they have going for yourself when you are young. "What! You only ! Wow. You have so much going for yourself!" or "You are young you have so much time to accomplish this or that." No, apparently I don't when it comes to MEN. When you get older, folks start questioning. There comes that point where they see all these good things about you, note your singleness, and now start to wonder "What's wrong with her?"

Really there probably is something wrong with me. But it is my hope its a wrong that one day somebody will love. I know I HAVE things. Those things only get you so far. I know how to look cute. I know how to buy a home. I know how to maintain a career. What I do not know is this find a life mate thing.....

...Or how to turn this fuggin Clock off.


True2me said...


I am 30...THREE ZERO

Im not even CONCERNED about settling down (maybe because I was already married)


you will get a headache..I mean a man soon have PLENTY OF TIME



Ihudiya said...

I thought I would share this article with you. Your not alone:

Happy Early Birthday by the way :D

Anonymous said...

25 is not old and trust me Mr Right will come around. Its better that he comes around while you have achieved a good portion of your personal and career goals cause otherwise they start to clash and you only get headaches from the men!

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