Friday, November 20, 2009

There Goes the Neigboorhood.

I live on this gentrified block in DC. You know the block that if you go East, West, North, South.. shyt might just pop off. But this is to be expected, when we move our buppie and yuppie butts in a "up & coming" neighborhood to be able to afford the convenience of saying "we live in the city".

The most that has ever happened to me are my car windows got busted. Oh I lie. I got robbed too. But hey, I consider it a fact that you aint no real DC resident until you got your windows busted. So toast to me, it has happened twice.

I find it amusing how some other folks, ahem usually white yuppies, are surprised about the shyt that pop offs.

OMG, they are selling drugs! OMG there is a crackhead! OMG! OMG!!

HELLO!?! We all moved into the Hood Willingly! #wheretheydothatat!!!

All we can do is protect ourselves and employ common sense. Right? Mmhm Common sense is not common. Check this out:

A random neighbor wrote this :

"Yesterday at about 8:00 p.m. as I parked near Y Street about 20 black men were walking down the street in two large groups. They were coming from the intersection of X Street and 71 st. One of them attempted to initiate conversation as I got out of my car (from across the street). Needless to say, they were intimidating. Not sure who there were… I certainly didn’t want to assume negative thoughts, but could help to wonder if they were a gang."

OMG! 20 black people walking on the street at 8pm! There goes the neighborhood. Yea right. This person needs to get real. You moved into a predominately black neighborhood. This particular persons common sense said to him or her "Group of black people walking in the street= Gang". Some places this could be true. Is this person a racist?

A response written to this admission of intimidation:
"The post seems to be a partial admission of internalized racism, but I can't tell if the writer is struggling to overcome it or seeking validation from the group for holding these feelings."

What you do you think? Racism? DC Bup needs to move? What?


BrownEyedPanther said...

So ... I'm obviously not a Buppie because that picture looks like a decent neighborhood to live in without the possibility of anything wrong happening. *shrugs*

I think there definitely is some internalized racism with the comment that was made. Sadly, I think this person was seeking validation when they made it.

Should the person move? Eh, I honestly don't know. I think they won't, simply because some people have to be a part of something, regardless of what that something is.

However, the moral of the story is that common sense ain't so common. *sigh*

eaglebird said...

Yes,that was racist in pure form if you ask me,And hell to the NO you buppies shouldnt have to move,you buppies(love saying that word) work to hard damn near your whole lives almost I mean some of you buppies even go to school for 12 year after highschool GTFOH so you buppies got the right to live anywhere you damn well pleased believe or not the hood love you,you making the property value look good,and its almost 2010 being afraid of any type of people is not very becoming especially on a grown adult.

p.s thank god for you buppies seriously 'cause yall making shit happen,if the world was full of people like my lazy ass thing would never done so shout out to all you buppies!

DaddysFishBowl said...

I'm not so sure that I think it's racist. Maybe since I don't live in the DC area, I don't truly get the context. But where I'm from, if you see 20 people walking down the street together, more than likely it's gonna be a problem. Not necessarily saying they are a gang, but with that many people together anything can happen (I used to be one of those 20 people). So with that being said, if I saw the same thing, I'd probably start prepairing myself for any situation that could occur.

The Tenant said...

wowwww, like DFB said, a group of 20 people regardless of race is a problem. I would assume that they are in a gang unless them niggas had some sports equipment on. Ain't nothin racist about that thought and kudos to the person protectin themselves.

FiGZ said...

LMAO @ the Tenant, "I would assume that they are in a gang unless them ni**as had some sports equipment."!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH! I feel you.

I'm curious to know what the "group leader" said to try to "initiate" conversation? That can change everyone's perspective on this situation if we knew that.

Is it racist? Yes. If you see a group of 20 black men and automatically assume they're in a gang, that's racist. If I see a group of 20 white men I don't automatically assume they're down with the KKK. You don't have to move at all. You're neighborhood is aight. The hood is everywhere because people move out the hood and bring it with them no matter where they go creating microcosms of the hood.

Question...are there block parties, cook outs, etc? Is that something you would like? I know I would. I like living in a communal environment...I know I definitely can't get that in NYC, but I'll wait until I make my next move to have that.

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