Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Your b!tch is Wild

A few weekends ago I had a bit of mixer at the crib. It was a interesting dynamic because between myself and my roommate, we pulled buppies from all types of different crowds. For the most part it was successful except for this one buppie couple. And now I write this ode to them

Your Bitch is Wild.

1. Your bitch is wild if she come to a cookout and don't say hi to anyone.

2. You bitch is wild if she come to a birthday mixer and don't wish the birthday girl happy birthday.

3. You was wild for dragging your bitch here in the first place.

4. You bitch was wild for coming into the condo, and still not speaking to anyone.

5. Your bitch was wild, because even people who aint even know your bitch was like she stank, and she aint even open her mouth.

6. Your bitch is wild, because she took one shot, and was drunk for 5 minutes and told all the girls in the house they had weaves.

7. You bitch is wild for going to look for you when you walked 20 feet away from her.

8. Your bitch was wild for asking how much we pay in rent? Then got mad when we politely chose to say that's not her business.

9. Your bitch was wild for running into my bedroom talking like "sha nay nay" "O my goodness don't wear those shoes."

10. Your bitch is wild for fitten to fight your female co-worker in the club for talking to you.

The bottomline is this, it is a buppie don't: NOT to have social skills. It is a personal buppie don't to be all insecure with your man in front of people. Come on ladies. Keep your confidence issues behind closed doors. It is so not becoming. Please lets stop having "Wild bitch moments." The world will be a better place if you left your crazy bitch at home.



Dandini said...

Could have been worse...

FiGZ said...

no u didn't use the sha nay nay pic...smh...HAHAHAHAH! dam i wonder what the "wild bi#$"'s boyfriend thought...?

Anonymous said... wild for posting this M.S Buppie,she must've really irked them nerves huh lol,but yeah you should give us another V-log I cry laughing on the way you be going on things that piss you off and I want to see your expressions got damnit lol...I demand a V-log rant.

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