Tuesday, January 19, 2010

30 Days Left in Korea

Happy New Year Bups!

So after much thought, prayer, and discussion with people I love I have decided to return to the US after my year abroad in South Korea. There are many things that brought me to this decision, aside from chronic bouts of homesickness. (The holidays were extremely tough for me over here.) However, the experience in this foreign land has been unmatched by anything else I have done and has taught me a lot about a different part of the world and more importantly about MYSELF!

Some of my reasons for returning to the states

1) The more time that I spend not working in my profession the harder it will be for me to re-enter. I have worked in my field for 3 years and have been out of college for almost 4. I am ready to get back to trying to hustle my way into publishing through photography as well as continuing to produce my own work and freelance.

2) There are some things happening in my personal life at a rapid pace that I would like to give my attention to at home. (Details in a later entry)

3) Living in South Korea is like being in college. Eventually you have to graduate. I see many people who get complacent in this environment. Kind of like that person in college who just never leaves. They just keep taking classes, starting new majors or whatever they must do to stay. And they are always partying! There are no real worries or cares here. You have to go to work, just like you have to at least go to class in college to not be a complete and utter failure. However, when you are not doing that all you do is party and travel. You forget about having real responsibilities such as paying rent and actually taking work seriously. Best Bup was just saying how she gets mad when people ask her to do something at work. Like "What I'm on vacation! Oh wait...no this is my job huh?.....damn!" Not saying all people who extend their stay in Korea are complacent because that is not the case. But I do not want to stay here because I am afraid to come back home and make my life work.

4) I still have a stream of income to sustain me until I find a job!

That being said I have done and seen things in Korea that I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to experience. I can honestly say that I see the difference in the student's I have taught over the past year and how their English has improved and how their demeanor towards me has become so warm. I will truly miss them. In addition I will miss and always treasure the many relationships that I have formed with people I have met here. There are far too many to name in this post but they have all had impacts in my life and taught me some life lessons that I will always value.

30 days until my return to U.S. soil :-)


JRMitchell said...

Amen lil sis. Korea to me was equal to a one night stand while on a "break" from your real relationship. You love the excitement, change of pace, that "new new," and then you realize, you miss that thing that created so many fond memories. That bond that shaped you, that place of familiarity. You can't turn this fling into something of substance. It was fun while it lasted, but you invested too much into your real relationship to let the fun keep you away.

Your Brother & the Flyest Nupe you know,


Dorothy Rimson said...

Nice post. Keep posting

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