Monday, January 25, 2010

Ho into an Hosband?

Based on a True Story... (Written on a Sunday Afternoon during a Saints Game...)

I know this buppie man, Reggie , I never knew him to ever have a girlfriend. I would see him all over the city. Doing what I see many men do, going after ass. He always appeared so slimy to me so, I never really got too close to him. However, we had lots of common friends.

One of our common friends, Kim, grew up with Reggie. Kim and I are very cool buppie chicks and naturally bonded. A few years ago, I was catching up with my homie Kim. She mentions that Reggie has a jumpoff in Chicago that he would just come in town and EFF. Kim stopped associating herself with this Chicago chick. (Excommunicated like a homosexual Muslim.) Kim thought it was beyond tacky of Chicago, because Chicago knew that Reggie had a girlfriend in Boston.

OH WORD?! #Welldamn. I knew he was a slime ball.

Anyway, I chat with Kim the other day (and years later) and she says she is going to Reggie's Wedding.

I ask, "Who is he marrying?"
Kim informs me it is quite an interesting situation. "Boston. All of Reggie's boys are trying to talk him out of it. Boston is such a good girl. His boys are like "What are you doing dude?!!?" Reggie has been effing Chicago since him and Boston got together."

I ask, "Wow. How can Boston not know?"
Kim says "I have no idea. But she is not with him in DC or Chicago. So maybe since she is not close..."

I , always giving folks the benefit of the doubt , ask "Really, how do you know he is still effing Chicago?"
Kim, who lives in Chicago, says " This NASTY A$$ N!GGA He came in town last week and asked to use my couch to BEAT. Seriously, I was like please stop. When I said no, Reggie asked one of his boys can he spend a night on his couch. BOOM. Boy walks into living room, he see's Reggie and Chicago getting it in right there on the man's couch. That ho is nasty."

I shook my head. "Why does he feel the need to get married?!"
Kim, "Well apparently he thinks marriage will change him."

Change him?! This is so deep.

Can you imagine that the man you love and are going to spend your life with has never been dedicated to you? NEVER!?! Not a slip up, because sometimes a slip up occurs. But a regular intimate relationship with another woman?

Then Chicago. How dumb is she going to feel? When he stops effing her? Or if he continues to eff her during his marriage, to know she was never good enough to be serious with?

But mainly lets discuss this dude Reggie?! How completely and utterly selfish of him?! To be so unfaithful and only think of himself. How can he really think this is going to work? Something is not satisfied in him, if he feels the need to continue to eff Chicago. Why not just wait it out? Why the rush?! Sow them oats! Put a hold on commitment.

But I ask you all out there, is it possible for Reggie to really change and become faithful just because he jumped the broom?


Rochelle said...

He won't change. Maybe he has a sex addiction or something, but if he sees marriage as a last resort, and he's never been monogamous before, that doesn't bode well for his commitment to Boston.

m said...

I don't think he'll change...but I don't think he's a sex addict either. Maybe it's the combination of Boston and Chicago that keeps Reggie fulfilled. Or maybe Boston knows and just doesn't care.

Longshot1906 said...

I have actually seen a man change. It is like an addiction my friend says that he has been off cheating for 11 years since the day he got married. It can be like an addiction but only a person can decide if they are going to change. He is completely faithful to his wife but he had to make that decision to stay faithful no one or nothing is gonna make it happen but you!

True2me said...

I dunno. I have a best friend who started off being her husband's jumpoff. He left his then fiance for her..and so far as they say, he hasn't cheated since.

So my best friend made him want to change..but he was said to have not cheated once they became exclusive *shrugs*

I think once a man is ready to settle down and he finds the right girl to get him to settle down ...they he does do it without cheating.

I think this guy isn't ready to settle..CLEARLY..and he just doesn't want to lose a good are right..he is very selfish

I think I believe anything is possible...who knows , maybe he can change

Jerlyn said...

If you think about it:
Marriages don't change anything. Some people marry just to continue doing that (or it's a business arrangement for tax purposes)...

Also, maybe Chicago doesn't care that Reggie is... taken some women get down like that.

This pattern seems to be working for him so I don't even know if any of us are in a position to judge.

I hope Boston doesn't know (seriously) because I don't know any self-respecting woman who would keep herself in that situation.

Men do not change unless they really want to (if the marriage will let him change then it's because he set his mind to really do so but men are more desirable to some women when married ;-)).

Dr. J said...

I just threw $0.50 on the ground and took a knee. Let us all bow our heads and say a prayer for Reggie because he is currently under the BUS. Let Reggie be great. If he wants to marry her, let him marry her. Some men are out on the prowl but when they get married they take it to the crib and leave that behind, I got faith in Reggie.

Black N Blue said...

Reggie will not change. He sees something in Chicago that Boston does not possess, and vice versa.

Reggie is not a sex addict, but he does need to realize the fact that probably Boston + Chicago = What he truly wants. Marriage to Boston will not change his behavior, because he is still with the same girl who is not fulfilling him sexually and emotionally.

He's using marriage as a "way" out of his cheating ways. Marriage will make the situation worse, because its the ULTIMATE commitment you can make to a person.

{Ms. P} said...

He'll change when HE gets ready...and not a minute sooner.

FiGZ said...

What kind of a people would we be without FAITH...I have FAITH in Reggie. I pray that he and Boston won't be a statistic among the countless numbers of newly divorced...(sigh)...thanks for sharing

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