Friday, November 9, 2007

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

Good evening to the world. I will be known to you as the District's Buppie. It is my pleasure to have brought this blog spot to your reading pleasure. You see, I enjoy blogging. I enjoy expressing myself. Expression is beautiful in all forms. I will tell you I am not a poet. I am...what I am..

I was told that as a professional woman, it is important that you have solid introduction. A memorized type of spill. But I dislike those parameters. I like to say whatever I feel when I feel it.
Can you tell? Probably not because we are given so many restrictions in this world, that deprive us from being ourselves.

When I hear the phrase, "Me, Myself, and I". I believe that brings true representation of who were are as humans. We are all "fronting". We all don't keep it totally "real".

So when I am asked to introduce myself...What do I say. Depends, if they want to meet "Me, Myself, or I."

A 20 something black female, who overly blunt, selfish, and frighten. Me is the type of girl to do everything by herself if she could. she worries only about herself and can at times be ruthless as she makes her way to the top.

Myself: Silly, careless and smiley. Totally appreciative and loves and thrives in the company of people.

I: I comes off ass well spoken, polite, educated. If you were to meet her, she would intimated you with her how strong she comes off..all the time she is being kind.

Whew...So who would you like to meet first???

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