Monday, November 12, 2007

Monogamy is a bad word

One of my sorority sister's recently got out of a relationship in which she found out homeboy cheated on her. Now she is all intrigued with cheating and has been conducting interviews with friends to get their opinions.

This took me back to when I committed the crime of cheating.That previous experience is primarily the reason why I don't cheat. I learned my lesson the first time. No need for repeats.

Its 2007 though. Monogamy is almost a bad word. I mean for real, I look at myself and my future and I realize that my husband is 90% likely to cheat on me, and I am 85% sure I will stay with him.

I credit this phenom to desensitization from the Media: Reality TV, Bill Clinton, Music. Cheating is exciting, Cheating is acceptable in the family, and its cool to cheat. Everyone does it.

Whatever it is, people need to be careful. My thing with cheating is if you are engaging in sexual activities with another individual, you might as well be charged with First degree murder.
With all these diseases going on, one involved with such a risky behavior has to at least increased their likelihood to die by 50%. If not by an STD, but maybe by the person you are cheating on. (SEE any episode of Cheaters).

I also feel that if you are not ready for monogamy, then don't do it. You have got to let your partner know the truth! It is life or death you are playing with. Do not trivialize it.

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