Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Justice is a Fairytale

This last year, I have witnessed a lack of justice,
A. Jena 6
B. Mike Vick
C. and Now this Sean Bell Case.

In case you do not know about Sean Bell,( I will not even GO OFF on you if you don't know it, as it is likely due to this FREAKING WACKA$$ MEDIA), this is a case of Police officers (NYPD), who mistakenly shot and killed Sean Bell believing him to be carrying a weapon and/or involved with prostitution. Sean Bell was having his bachelors party at a Queens Strip club, where the police officers were running an undercover operation.

Important things to note here. Undercover cops, the thought of Bell's friend carrying a gun, Oh and yes 50 shots were fired from 3 police officers. More then half from the white cop(he led with whompin 31 of the 50.)

50 SHOTS?? WHAT? I have been to the shooting range, hell we all have played DUCK HUNT!!! 50 motherfucking shots takes about 3-4 minutes to release. Thats the length of a Music Video, Commercial break, Time it takes to pump your gas. 50 Shots.

No matter if it was mistake, or not, Sean Bell died. The night before he was to be wed, no less!

Here is what I am thinking.
  1. PIMPS do not have guns. If this was about prostitution investigation, you buy sex, what use do you really have for guns?? I mean, really. If this was about drugs, where people are known to tote heat, but c'mon Pimps? If you are building a case of prostitution, would you be better off carrying a camera, getting the sale on tape??? If you shoot the pimp or the hoe, you have no case? Where is the need for excessive violence in prostitution?
  2. 50 shots? Naw. No Way buddy. This is OD. People say, the police heard someone in Bell's party had a Gun. HEARD. Did you see this weapon?? Better yet did you tell him you were the PoPos?? Then you fired off for like 4 minutes, where's this gun?? There is footage to tell, these dudes where just firing off recklessly and almost killed various other bystanders. See this video
  3. Yall saw this 4th man business?? Clearly a lie , a cover up.
Nevertheless, it goes to court against the POPOS. What are we thinking here? The POPOS should go down on manslaughter no less. Right??!! I mean, the facts of the case are funky, but its clear Bell is dead and was unarmed. Right??


The POPOS were acquitted. They walked off clean.

Ultimately, you know that thing called Justice, that shyt does not exist. That shyt was created to make folks think they had a chance at life. It was created to make us at ease, and as of late it is continuously coming to light that it really is a FIGMENT of our imaginations. Just like the tooth-fairy.

To the Bell family, our hearts and prayers go out to you.
The POPOS and especially Mr. 31/50, and to the judicial system participants who allowed these dudes acquittal ...EAT SHYT and DIE.

More Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_Bell


Joymarie said...

This story never ceases to amaze me.

And that first video was completely and utterly ridiculous (the lovely lady), yet the condition we find ourselves in. Injustice will continue to occur and excuses, justifications, and rationalities will continue to be made up by those that are too blind to wake up and smell the stench of racism in this country. I don't care what anyone says.. Sean Bell was profiled by those officers. I feel that had it been a suburban white male that BY NO MEANS would 50 shots have been fired.

And it aggravates me that we as a nation are always looking for the out.. the escape.. the justification for something. Stop the sugar coating and the political mumbo jumbo and tell it like it is!

Those cops will have to live with the consequences of their actions for the rest of their lives because at the end of the day they know the truth about what happened that morning and it will eat them alive. And honestly this is the only system of retribution that we can rely upon.. because it's definitely not coming from the legal one anytime soon.

The District's Buppie said...

Please note the use of the first Video was not for the hysterics, put the digital imaging of the shooting...

Up&Coming Buppie said...

So I took some time to listen to some police perspectives on this topic on talk of the nation. (I encourage our readers to go over to the left and click and check out the views of people on the Talk of The Nation Blog). It just reinforced some of my feelings and some of the one's already brought up by the District's Buppie. Many officers believe that these 3 officers were justified because they identified themselves and they thought that Sean Bell had a gun. And all I have to say to that is that if Sean Bell were a white man we would not be having this dialogue. Kai Wright a columnist for theroot.com explained farther that if you are a black man it makes no difference whether you have a gun or not. You are a threat in the sight of most police officers out here period. And this blind ignorance and sometimes outright disgust for blacks and black communities has caused countless deaths of black men by the police. He also referred to night clubs in Chelsea, a prodominantly white neighborhood where there are your occasional killings and rapes. Now if there is a disturbance there, there is a simple "break it up". However we all know that it is not like that in black neighborhoods. You don't even need a disturbance in a black community for there to be a black man killed. An example of this is Timothy Stansbury (19) who was shot by NYPD in 2004 in Bedstuy just for startling an officer with his presence. And guess what that shooting was accidental and justified. Big f*ckin surprise!

Anonymous said...

What hasn't been brought up alot is the fact that only one of the three cops was white (Mr.31/50). I know for sure one of the cops was black; the other i believe was Hispanic...wouldn't this change your views? Can it be racial profiling when its one of your own?

Up&Coming Buppie said...

It can still be racial profiling when it is your own yes. Many black cops due this as well due to the fact that they are from different socio economic backgrounds and because in many police academies it is systematically embedded in you to stereotype and believe things. I know this because a close friend of mine is going through police academy now and I have some family members who are police officers. Cops in general racially profile blacks, not just white ones.

But in addition I want to talk about contagious shooting. This is is a situation in which one person let's off a shot and there is no idea where it came from so people just start/continue shooting. So Mr. 31/50 inititated the shots and everyone joined in. Regardless of each person's race and background all these cops should have been guilty in my opinion.

And one more misc. rant that I forget to say earlier the media coverage on this has been unacceptable. I don't know why I am surprised tho because the NYPD is untouchable and nothing that they ever do are they held accountable for. But we hearing about Hannah Montana taking off her clothes in some magazine (who cares), a bear trainer getting killed by a bear (surprise it's a bear. It is unfortunate though and my condolences are with his family), and God forbid a white girl goes missing in some foreign country the news is all over it! But an unarmed black man is shot in NYC 50 times and it gets like a day or 2 of media coverage and that's it. I don't give a damn about where in the world Matt Lauer is TODAY show tell people some real news! (And I do like the TODAY show but that just made me mad this morning.)

brran1 said...

Unfortunately, things like this will continue to occur and be justified as "I thought she/he/the dog had a gun". SMH

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