Tuesday, April 1, 2008

George Bush Ruined my life

I do not understand America. Thats why I do not plan to live here for the rest of my life. I got to go some place where I see what my money does. The entire system of how we are run depends on keeping folks in debt. You always owe in America! What do we really get in return?? Not a damn thing, but the ability to live, which I thought was a god given right....

But ever since GWB got in office, I have really noticed how life just has not been the same.

I remember the the day he STOLE the election. I was in high school not old enough to vote. You would have thought they reinstated slavery.. it was the saddest day on earth. We were all just so gloomy. We sat in class on the brink of tears. Repeating rhetoric like,
"WE are not going to college because GWB is going to get rid of financial aid". Just sad. (The fact that it came true is even sadder)

But for real though as I reflect on these last 8 years, granted I am blessed to be where I'm at, GWB did ruin some parts of my life. And yes I am using this phrase as a hyperbole but the effects of this 8 years, cannot be forgotten. Many of the changes are so close to home. Have you noticed?

Let the list begin:

  1. Gas: I wrote this down specifically in my yearbook. In June of 2002, Gas was $1.53. In 8 years GWB almost Tripled Gas.
  2. Stamps: 23 centers, now 41 cents.
  3. Phone calls: a Quarter..now it is like 60 cents
  4. States Sales Tax. 2002. 4.5% 2008 6%
  5. When I first entered my college it 18Gs I left and it was 32G's. College is more expensive. Financial Aid does not even compensate.
  6. The student loan rates doubled from when I entered to when I left.
  7. Doublemint Gum 25cents what it now like 45cents???

This list can go on. All these are normal everyday things and the increase in cost has been ruining my life. How can people really make it with these increases????

That why this nation is F&%KED. We are definitely going towards some hard times. Poor Obama or HC. One of you is going to inherit some F&%KED up SH%T!!! You are going to have to increase taxes just to make ends meet. You are going to have to incur more debt for these VETS and Health care. I am praying that this Recession/Depression it effects me minimally. Lord let the IT business continue!!!

This war, we are damned if do, damned if we don't.
So what if we send our troops home, WTF are they going to do? There are no jobs!!! Many of the those who return find themselves homeless! The VA is not giving them any benefits. The money they earned overseas is not going to last.

If we stay there, its costing us like 20B a month sending us farther in debt??

Damned I tell ya.

Thanks GWB, had we invested that money in the US, maybe just maybe folks like me could use the money to buy more stuff to keep companies afloat, so that they would not be laying so many folks off!!! I could have used that tax break A$$$hole, cus paying back these F&%KING student loans is not Whats up!!!

I'm sure if we all evaluate how things were 8 years ago...Gosh Pre GWB... Revert that time to now. Man I would be living a more comfortable lifestyle.

And this stimulus package.
Stimulus Plan Damage
Stimulus Plan Damage

I am sorry folks, I am not at all that excited about it. GWB just gave us a loan from a loan. That like borrowing from Peter the Peter borrowing from Paul. I.E DEBT! We have to pay it back next year. I am putting that joint right on the mortgage interest. F&%K stimulating this economy.At least mortgage interest is a write off. Plus for real, when has GWB had a good idea that actually worked???

Buppie's, I am making this a call to action. GO BACK to Africa! No seriously. Invest there. You can open a business and make a impact on a real economy. Your kids will receive a much better education. Africa has countries which are developing fast, i.e South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, etc.
Get you foot in now!!! Then boom, all of us just chuck the deuce. You know what we can do with a fresh start?? If we truly organize as buppie's we could raise the entire continent to the greatness it deserves.

And the next president, based on what we are facing. We need some one to come in there with Some NEW DEAL FDR stuff. Aggressive plans and working with the Congress to re-up this country.

So GWB thanks a bunch. I can tell my days as a buppie...are winding down. See ya'll in Accra!


focusedfemalegem said...

I tell you one thing...people are going to vote for McCain because he is promising the SAME things Bush did when he ran.

Cutting taxes??? That's a LIE! And of course, when he or Bush says that, they mean the RICH.

Also during Bush's presidency...the Rich got richer and the gap between the Rich and even the UPPER MIDDLE CLASS got wider. Of course, the poor cant even survive!

fo shame!

Anonymous said...

I could write all day on this one...but I'll keep it short. During the Reagan years, I gained everything I had, during the Bush years I lost everything I had. I had a $112K a year compensation with $225K retirement fund, now I rent a small bedroom in someones house, have $0, my stuff is in storage and I haven't been able to find a job in nearly 3 years. I survive on help from friends and family. It even goes farther, I think that administration has me marked as a TI because I am stalked and harassed daily. I think it's to kind to say Bush was the worst president ever...he should be punished as the criminal who destoyed America.

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