Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where is my Piece At!!

Since moving into DC last year, I have been wanting to "ARM" myself. I can only afford to live in mid-gentrified areas a.k.a (The hood in transition) and I live by myself.
To my dismay, I found out DC had a Ban on Guns!! So what was a chick to do??

Well, last week the Supreme Court revisited our 2nd Amendment, and ruled that DC's " 32-year-old ban on handguns as incompatible with gun rights under the Second Amendment" .

Sometimes, you just want things because you cannot have them. Now I can really get a gun, but I have mix emotions about this ruling and its effects.

Really, what is the true reason folks have guns? I do not really want to kill anyone. I have been living thus far without the need for one. (Thank GOD) Self Defense is forever the reason why the 2nd amendment continues to exist. But in a way, isn't this the US failing us because our so called "Defense System" does not work? Thus we have to take it in our own hands? How much of our city, state, and federal taxes to funding Intelligence, Defense, and Police Agencies who carry a piece just like I now can? Yet we continue to pay taxes for their shortcomings. Isn't this noting a failure in our system? I mean should we not request some of our money back? Am I not doing the US a favor by carrying a piece? At least give me a write off, if I have a Gun.

Further, I am still waiting for is for folks to take Chris Rock seriously. We do not need Gun Control. We need Bullet Control. That is real, because if I had to take out a loan, and get my Credit check for each bullet I purchased, I would think twice if its a necessity or not. Why can't we tax Bullets??

Now, Now do not get in a tissy fit, I was simply looking at it from another POV. Can you imagine with the current state, we are in everyone running around with a loaded GUN?? Oh wait we do! DC is called the Murda Capital for a reason. We try to regulate it, you know the whole you have to register and not have a criminal background, but really, it has not proven successful. Who are the folks causing all this drama, but criminals that our police officers cannot get to? What impact will the 2nd Amendment is going to do for the US?

Well, lets look at Georgia! You can now tote your heat on the Bus and MARTA!

NOW what if Crazy Soulja Girl had a piece!?? Nope not a good Idea.

Full Article On Supreme Court Decision

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Avid Reader said...

Excellent post!

I really think you're on to something with this post, but I have to make a comment in defense of those who do conceal and carry. We carry for three reasons: 1. Its our constitutional right to bear arms. I think its funny, but in its original version it is said we have the right to bear arms against the British but that part is often forgotten. Secondly, we carry out of. necessity. You can't bring a knife to a gun fight. Most of the criminals that will mug you on the street or break into your home will be garnishing weapons. If you want to have a shot in defending yourself you need to be on a level playing field. Third, its a stress reliever that you wouldn't believe. Having all that power in your hands puts a lot of things in perspective. Sometimes the release that an orgasm provides isn't enough. When that happens to the range I go.

I think the problem with gunsis that people confuse themselves with action movie stars. When in reality, in a defensive situation, one would only be able to get off two maybe three shots at perpetrator that will only be an arms length away. If people had knowledge of how guns are actually used in defensive situations also knowledge of proper gun use, care, and maintenance guns wouldn't be as big of an issue in my opinion. It all comes down the the cliched phrase that guns don't kill people, people kill people!

Just my thoughts on the subject.


The Avid Reader

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