Friday, July 11, 2008

Ryan Lesile

I first came across Ryan Lesile, when I heard the Track "Diamond Girl" spoke to me because the beat was hot, and the lyrics called to me.
I can be ya wake up reason daily
You can be my first and leading lady
I'ma make you happy that you waited
For me to settle down (oh oh)

Started researching more and I saw for one he was good looking and stylish. I saw he was educated, Ivy Leaguer at Harvard. Sought to be an original producer and is very passionate about music. Beyond this all the dude is in sync with his community as he protested during the Sean Bell Trial. All great features of a Buppie.

This dude flaunts his talent via You tube. Sorta of Obama-eqsue on his self promotion. On his youtube videos he shows he comes up with this beats and concepts. On his myspace page, he sent a honest message to members talking about how he was hoodwinked into a Music Video he disliked.

R-Les has a nostalgic style, sometimes mimicking Stevie Wonder, Morris Day, and Prince. Yet hip enough to compete for the same crowds Kanye moves!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of this post?

NJ B.A.P. said...

Initially, I wasn't a fan, but the song grew on me, and I like the video. Go head, R-Les! said...

love him. im really hoping he blows up!

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