Thursday, July 10, 2008


5 Questions to ask a man (when you meet him AND definitely before you "break off the cookie"!!!) –Steve Harvey:

1.What are your short term goals? (What are working on now and your 1, 2, 5 yr goals?)
2.What are your long-term goals? Cannot be the same as the short term goals.
3.How is your relationship with your family? Family Questions..Relationship with GOD.
4. What do you think about me? Sit and LISTEN!!!
5. How do you feel about me? (This is what he is REALLY thinking).

****IF you have already "Broke off the Cookie", go directly to #4 & #5.

The COOOOOOOOOOOKIE!!! Buppie's, When do you give up the cookie or take the cookie?
Lets be real it is apart of buppie's life. If you are a married buppie, you doing it, if your single you can if you want. As a buppie we are liberated in a entirely different way than those before us. So what do we do? As I mentioned Women are Smuts. Men have been smutting for years. I have been Smut free and counting for 4 months. And I do not plan on handing out cookies to those who are not worthy. Men, are tricky. And I'll admit Women are tricky too. Men are cookie monsters. Women are Girl scouts. If you treat them nicely and pay their fee you get the cookies.
Those five questions my homie Steve mentioned. On point. Men giving you answers. Ah not so easy. You see cookies women give out to people they like. Men, do not care where the cookies come from they just eat eat eat. So you are likely to hear what they think you want to hear so he can get his cookie's....

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