Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Black History Month is in a Recession

I look forward to Black History Month, but this year it seems like that joint is in a recession.
BET.COM considers its BHM tribute pictures of famous people on the Red Carpet???

HENCE WHY Watching BET is part of the demise of every type of folk. (EXCEPTION Baldwin Hills, and American Gangster)

The best part of Black History Month for me is learning, and I love absolutely love the TV programming. But this year, there is nothing on that I have not seen. Where are the specials???

Perhaps they had to cut budget. We all know the first thing to go is the diversity budget.

Nonetheless if you have not caught these shows, Check them out. Learn something about Black History.

- African American Lives
- The Black List
-PBS List of Programming


FiGZ said...

The Black List is kind of old now...they first aired it on HBO sometime late last's still great though...can't wait for the volume II

The Tenant said...

It's not a recession. It's called: "We gave you a black president, we're even". I'm tellin you, nobody cares (as much) anymore.

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