Saturday, April 18, 2009

She Smashed a Homie!

Forgive me, I just watched an episode of Ray J, where it comes out that one the the girls going for Ray J's heart smashed one of his homies. Of course she did not know it was Ray J's homie when it was done, but nonetheless she smashed a homie.

"DANGER, She smashed a Homie"- Tom Green

Which brings us to the debate of Smashing homies.
Straight up who has successfully done this? Smashed a homie, or your S.O did so, and you had a fruitful relationship???

For me if you even tried to holla and got rejected by my home girl and then swang around and came at me... Wrap it up B!!!. No Play here. I do not want to know that you were ever remotely interested in any of my homegirls. I would forever felll awkward. And its beyond extreme for you to have smashed one of my girls??!!! The same mouth that you put on her you want to put on me?? Oh please. I love my home girls, but dating a dude that smashed a homie is a no no..for ME!.

Now for what I think a guys POV is, Which I am speculating, because I am not a male bup, but to you (MALE BUPS) if she smashed a homie, she can probably smash you but never become a Wifey. By her smashing your homie, than trying to come out you..Well SMDH she is a ROLLA.

Yet I know there are female bups who have been in the above situation. Please comment in how it even got like that.

I know sometimes you do not know who to like. You may come across a dude, smash, and realize he is a asshole. Then met his friend on a reality tv show and fall in "love".

Which circles back to my main principle, Stop smashing casuallly out here folks. You do not know what bridges your cross or burn by having random sexual relationships. Everyone needs to remember this formula before one decides to smash.
Everyone has at the LEAST 3 Good Friends that are in the "NO SMASH HOMIE ZONE." So for every one person you smashed, technically you cannot smash 3 other people. So you stop smashing your casual, it not only one person that you will not be smashing, but you lose out in smashing 3 other people. Starts to add up...

Now I know there are people that are out there smashing homies, groups homes, etc. Hey do you. Be the pass around offering if you want that. But there is going to come a time, when you are going to catch feelings for someone and want more than just the usual smash, or to be taken seriously. SMAShing homies is something that stays on your relationship record. One of those 3 people close to your SO is going to be always able to utter this words about you:

" < Enter Name>, smashed a Homie"


The Tenant said...

i don't even want her close male "friends" to come to the wedding...just because I know the smile on their faces won't be because they happy she got married, but they thinkin bout that night in the hot tub.

An FTB Inc. Blog said...

I would be like Morris Chestnut in "The Best Man". He couldn't stop thinking about Mia get smashed by Taye Diggs as she walked down the aisle. If you knew your girl got smashed by one of your homies it would be almost impossible to get that vision out of your head.

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