Friday, April 10, 2009


So recently I noticed a serious STENCH in my apartment. It took me a couple days to realize that it was the food going bad in my refrigerator because it stopped working. I don't open my fridge often because I eat out a lot plus I was gone for the weekend. However, I need my fridge to be in working order! I immediately told the staff at my school to contact my landlord about replacing my refrigerator. Here is my old refrigerator:

Koreans are never in a hurry to do sh*t! Therefore, it took my landlord damn near a WEEK to replace my refrigerator. If I were in America I would be getting a discount from my landlord on the rent for this huge inconvenience or at least getting my food paid for that went bad. I simply got an "I'm sorry" when I asked about some sort of compensation for my inconvenience and was told by my boss not to expect much else. As you can see I had a nice size refrigerator. Here is the new fridge that they brought to my place:

Okay so as you can probably guess I had the "WTF" face. Like first of all what is with this big ass bubble on the front of the fridge?! Like it got burnt or worse! Second this sh*t is half the size!!!! UGH! Granted my big fridge had never been close to being full, it is just the principle! Like how you gonna downgrade me like this when my original fridge stopped working?! Shouldn't I at least get an equivalent size refrigerator, even if it ain't brand new? And then you left the old refrigerator in my crib! So I got a big ass non-workin refrigerator just taking up space in my kitchen.



Matt said...

lol, this is pure comedy! sry, hahahahaha

The Tenant said...

maybe he's tryin to tell you u get rid of that butt lmao

Dr. J said...

But like... fridges overseas are so much smaller than they are here. I think it's because people eat less. Either way, tell em why you mad son!

You know who it is,
Dr. J

FiGZ said...

Unless your fridge is always stock're good :-\

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