Tuesday, December 1, 2009


World AIDS Day!

Go Get Tested.

We all know we should get tested. It is my hope we are all having safe sex. I am having the SAFIEST SEX! Cus I am claiming Celibacy right now! But no matter if you using a jimmy hat or not, the WORST part to an HIV test is the WAIT for the Results.

Time and time again, you use protection. You "trust" your partners. You may even trade AIDS/HIV results before you boogie. You do everything right. But then you hear ish like 1 out of 2 people in your city got AIDS. You start thinking of What if scenarios. What if you was that one person to use a condom, and catch it? You start thinking every partner burned you. You want to sue Trojan for false advertisement. Your stomach gets all flappy. You get depressed. If someone says the wrong word to you, you could break out in tears.

Then you get to praying.

"Dear God. Please let me be negative. I know I shouldn't being having Sex. I know I was wrong. If you make me negative, I will never have sex again."

We say this prayer, hear our Negative results. And get right back to EFFinng.

Shakes my Head.


The Tenant said...

that's my "unprotected sex prayer"...but then i let "loose" again, shake my damn ignorant fucking head!!!

FiGZ said...

I've been neglecting my own blog and reading others, but good look on this post. So true. I'm going to post a very in depth post soon on a lot of things that revolves around HIV & AIDS. Thanks for being an advocate and inspiring me. Wonderful post!

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