Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is A Masters the Answer?

Decision time is approaching at a rapid pace here in Korea. To stay or not to stay? I have been exploring quite a few options back in the states and abroad. Recently I have been looking at a lot of positions back home. Many that require a masters degree. Now I have a bachelors in fine arts. The degree that I chose to attain is very much what you make it. Being an artist forces you to be creative at all times and to really sell yourself. However, the positions in my field are split pretty much 50/50 when it comes to the level of degree you need. But of course the desired pay I would like requires that I have a MFA or even a PhD behind my name.

Okay so here is my issue. I am on the study grind to pay off my student loans. I am on track with them being completely paid off by the time I turn 30. This is very important to me. I don't believe in having to pay for school my entire life. As a matter of fact I believe that everyone should fill out a questionaire before college. It should have some realistic figures as to how much you will get paid with your degree. Then you should write a realistic income level that you hope to reach based on those figures. And THEN once you reach that desired income THAT IS WHEN you began paying off student loans! Of course this is unrealistic but in my imagination it sounds grand!

Therefore I am very hesitant about going back to school. I know it would be an asset in my career but it would not be an asset for my financial goals. The only way I would seriously consider it is if a company was paying for it or I got an awesome scholarship opportunity. (I am currently investigating any program that offers significant assistance with grad school funding.)

A lot of bups I know are taking the higher education road. However, I think it is very possible that I can attain the level of success I want without it. I just have to work a LOT harder to attain it.

I know this varies with different fields but I am just curious. Bups as far as education is concerned what did you feel was best for you personally? What made you seek the level of education that you attained or are currently trying to attain? Is a Masters or a Doctorate essential?


blkwmnanimator said...

I also only have a Bachelor's degree and am in the artist field. I have been saying for the longest that I'm not getting a Master's unless someone else pays for it (a company). I don't want to attain a master's until I have some experience in my field and can choose a course of study that would supplement my skills.

I figure that since people can enter my field without a degree (my field is 3D animation) that spending more money isn't going to make things better. I just need to continually work on getting better at my craft and have things to put in my portfolio.

I'm sure it is much different for people in other fields. Some people have to have a minimum of a Master's to even start looking to get a job in their field.

The Tenant said...

i'm just being stubborn, but my field appreciates higher degrees and continued educations through certifications...but fuck all that. I'm smart enough to learn..i've been doin education and learning all my life, so why must I pay for something I can learn and master through experience? But employers would rather hire someone who ALREADY knows what they are doing rather than having to train someone. Oh well...I don't even like computers all like that anyways.

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