Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Blues

This Holiday has been kind of an downer. Tomorrow is Christmas and while I'm never excited about the gifts, I am almost always looking forward to the quality family time.

This year will be different.

For one my parents have officially retired and at the behest of some of white America, they have moved back to Africa.

Very happy for them. However, they have left there SINGLE baby girl behind. So as much as I dearly love my siblings, I sometimes feel like such a 3rd wheel. Why? Because they have their own families or boos to bring with them.

This year, with my sister going to her in laws, my one brother is traveling. Leaving me to be 3rd wheel to my other brother and his wife. Luckily they ain't going no where, otherwise I would REALLY not have a Christmas.

Yes, join my pity party. :/ Bah Humbug.

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Journey said...

Yeah I feel you. I think i got it worse though. My father doesnt celebrate christmas, and mother is not in town. So being the only child can suck. Thats why Ima have 20 kids. Sigh... Making the best of it though.

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