Friday, February 12, 2010

Strictly Platonic?

Today, something happened and I talked to one of my HOME BOYS in the most platonic way. He was updating me on his life, and I realized that I have some of the most AWESOME male friends. Sometimes when I am sad or down, these wonderful guys can always make me laugh.
Sometimes they just appreciate DC Bup for her.

But most of all they give me hope that there remains some good guys out there. I mean, my male homies are TOTALLY on Point. These men are handsome, intellectual, professional, genuine, ambitious, and caring men.


Dammit ...Clearly I am Friend zoning the wrong guys??


Honestly, I truly love these men. But just not like dat. And although we both recognize the GREAT things about each other, we understand we are not... we just not like dat!

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FiGZ said...

Awesome way to show love to the MEN :-D The few words that you used to describe your males friends are what make up a true GENTLEman. I've always had the opposite with having so many women in my family :-\

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