Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Medical Marijuana?!

Do not even fake! Everyone knows somebody who is a functional a$$ weed head. In fact, these folks tend to be the most outstanding N!GGAS sometimes.That s$%t boggles my mind how one can smoke weed 8 hours a day and still manage to have intellectual conversation with relevant information to contribute in a team meeting.

On the other hand, we all have seen weed turn a buppie bad. Those are the saddest moments, because it can kill the potential and drive we all love.

15 jurisdictions in the U.S have opened medical marijuana joints. DC is now considering to join them.

I cannot help but think about the excuses people will come up with to get a prescription?! Shooot. We got Universal Healthcare too???! This will be the first time people will be happy to go to the clinic!


FiGZ said...

Street pharmacists are going to be livid! The state, and federal govt is starting to dip into their pool #shrug

The District's Buppie said...

Come FIGZ, weed is like the lower level street activity. The real money is in Cocaine, Pill etc. Weed is marginless lol...I know this because of my 6 weeks on DC Jury Duty

FiGZ said...

LOL! You are right. I totally forgot. That's because I don't do drugs and have only served one round of jury duty. I might volunteer to earn some cash.

Up&Coming Buppie said...

Personally, I feel like it is about damn time. Marijuana has been proven to help with many ailments from chronic pain to post traumatic stress disorder. I don't see why this drug can not be obtained in every state with a prescription. Cigarettes kill people as the minutes pass by which is more than a lil mary has every done to anyone. Besides every drug out now a days is abused. Smokin some weed for your arthritis is better than poppin oxy or percocet. All of which can be considered "gateway drugs" in this day in time since that is the ultimate excuse about marijuana.

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