Thursday, March 20, 2008

Women are Smuts too!

Dear Buppie,

So,Where is the chastity these days? It seems like it's no longer taboo to sleep with, talk to, or pursue your friends' associate, be it man or woman. For example, there is a young woman that has expressed interest in me. She is slightly younger, so I decided to take it easy with her, because a deep voice tends to scare them away. Nonetheless, I find out the she was already...acquainted with several of my friends one of which who called and told me to be wary of her. Ok, easily done.

But, that example in particular, and this phenomena in general, is by no means limited to younger women (1-2 years younger than me). I am not sure if it is due to the lack of Black men around these days. I mean, I am still here. But, the point is that people seem to assume that Black men are inherent smuts, and will take anything that is offered to them.

And some guys will, but there are many more that won't. I am not a young woman, so my perception is slightly skewed, but is chatisty no longer a part of the upbringing? Have women(pardon the generalization) really decided to play the game as men would play, knowing all of the trouble that we have caused?


I am going to speak in general.

NewsFlash. Women like to bone, smash, get off, bang, get laid, copulate, hump, etc. etc.

Chasity does still exist, its just hard as hell. We live in a over sex society. a Sexist society. Just the mere fact you are writing regarding chastity of a female, shows that women have these standards of sex put of them.

Nonetheless, keeping to what your situation is. She is what we in DC call a ROLLA!! She rolls from the next dude to the next dude to the next do. Like a tire down a hill. She just keep going and going and going... Got the point?

And how she is acting and why she is doing what she is doing could be based on several factors. Just a few that come to my mind:
1. Confidence: Unfortunately some young women confuse the attention they receive as assurance of themselves. With low confidence, you become susceptible. You think how others feel about you determine your self worth.
2. Immaturity: I am not going to fake, personally I have been through my stage where I was ...curious. Like years ago. It was short, still would not make me a ROLLA but nonetheless I was immature to the seriousness of a physical relationship.

Now homegirl who is a ROLLA, ain't the one for you. I am confident you know that already. Keep hope alive Chasity exists. In my circle of peeps 90% of my buppie home girls are practicing Celibacy.Make sure you are surrounding your self with a respectful buppie crowd and you set the expectations of what you want.

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