Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Glimpse at Korean Children

So recently me and a Fellow Bup (FB) teaching in Korea were having a conversation and this is a snippet:

FB: Please tell me why did a fat kid try to donchi me????!!!!???? I tried to break his arm after that!


FB: I threw his big ass on the ground

Me: Why did he do that?

FB: All these kids are PERVS!

Me: Hol up what exactly is a donchi?

FB: When they put their hands together with the indexes out like a gun and try to ram it up your ass! They think that shit is funny!


FB: They don't speak enough English to tell me where they learned that shit from. Who thought of that shit??? That's not something that I would have even DREAMED of doing to somebody, especially not a grown person or teacher.

ME: yeah man that shit is so WILD! AHAHAHA!

FB: That's a good way to F'ed up! It has to stop immediately...he didn't understand after almost getting his wrist broken the first time!

ME: So wait, they have done this to u more than once? The same kid? I wish one of my students would even think about doing something like that!

FB: Yeah, same kid twice today! He thought I was playing the first time.

ME: I grabbed a student up this week for hittin me tho! Like I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to me LIKE DONT EVER IN YOUR LIFE TOUCH ME! Then let him go with a little force!

FB: Damn....hit you where???

ME: Like jumped and slapped both of my shoulder simultaneously! HARD TOO!

FB: kids always want to practice their Taekwondo on me or arm wrestle me....TWO losing battles!

Just a lil glimpse into the life of an English Teacher in Korea. Bad ass kids!


The District's Buppie said...

Let me find out you got karate chopped! LMAO hahaha

The Tenant said...

The donchi is a very popular thing in asian cultures, i've been tryin to bring it over to the states and add spice to the sex life, owwwwwwwwwwwwww

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