Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why I hate buppies


is written by an uber fabulous woman who lives her life for her. Her blog is a combination of her daily rants and events reviews. Above all its is always *true*. In the spirit of showcasing good blog love, and I dearly enjoy True. She wrote this feature just for us. Enjoy and show her blog some love.

Yall know that I love everyone and the diversity of people. But you buppies, yall can be quite aggravating. Not 100% cause I done kicked it with a few of yall. But seriously..somethings…Ugh..read on…

What I hate about D.C Buppies

1. You don’t know anything about them other then how many degrees they have. The conversation goes like this “so what do you like to do” them: “Get my 2nd masters and PHd”…”No what do you LIKE to do..like outside of that “ “Is there anything outside of that?” “what do you like to do for fun”..Fun….”whats that..im working towards my 5th degree.”

2. All they do is work…WORK WORK WORK..and work…AND WORK..the hell you working so much for. You gon be old by the time you get finished doing all that work. Working all them hours and all that time so you can live comfortably. And by the time you done, you gotta move to a retirement home LMAO. Never statisfied MOFOS lol

3. They think they better than everyone else…WHY..I dunno. Cause they are in more debt than others from home ownership and college loans and what not? Cause they have the entire alphabet behind their name? Cause they pay too much for rent just to say they live in a certain area…BOOO…

4. They care too much what people think – wtf..do yall dance, sing, get loud, have a hair out of place. Sometimes I think yall are effing robots. I bet you if you go near water you will malfunction. Mm Hm…I know that’s the real reason why you don’t see buppies getting into the pool at pool parties and why they claim they can’t get their perms wet. Whatever. Yall aint human..I want to see some sweat or blood or something. So what if you like Gucci Mane. Your 15 degrees won’t get revoked if you do something ignant every once in a while. No one is REALLY watching you..trust me.

5. Buppie MEN don’t think any woman is good enough for them - yall might as well date eachother since you too good for every damn woman you meet. You’d be quick to by a round of drinks for your man but not 1 dranks for that pretty lady standing next to you. UGH…like I said. Date eachother. Dammit..better yet..date your degrees

6. Buppie Women..STOP HOLDING UP THE DAMN WALL in the club. It has support beams. Let the beams do their job. Smile too. I know its hard for you to smile when your weave is so tight or your perm has burned your scalp, but its going to be alright. We see that you fly? You don’t have to mean mug us to get us to notice it. Smile and be proud that you independent and on your way to wealth. Besides..your nose will get stuck that way (shoot that’s probably what you want)

7. Stop Discriminating - yall worse than racist mofos. Yall got education discrimination, area discrimination, job discrimination, salary discrimination, house discrimination. DAMN..Im bout to write the NAACP about our own damn people call Farrakahn and Al Sharpton. Yall need some sensitivity classes and some reality check 101. SHYT HAPPENS..its not above you.

8. They all seem to be the damn same. They act the same, talk the same, like the same things. Shoot. That’s how you can spot them. You can’t tell them apart. If they say “We” all look alike its cause of you damn buppies. Least with ghetto girls you can tell the difference by what color they have on.

You know what, maybe its because they don’t have degrees on how to be yourself. If you can’t learn it in a college or textbook or spend thousands learning it, then its something you don’t possess or know how to do. Do they have degrees in PERSONALITY? If so yall need to obtain one. Matter of fact, let me start the True’s College of Personality. This will not be online, it will be accredited and will count towards your degree in getting of your high horsededness.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know not all buppies possess all these qualities. Some do some don’t. And PLEASE I’m not asking you to change. Hell you don’t affect me in anyway other than the monotony of your lives being in my face all the damn time. That’s cool tho. Someone’s gotta be a buppie just like someone’s gotta take out the buppies trash.



True2me said...

and why yall gotta own homes before you 15 years old..damn can you finish high school first

*yeah Im lame commenting on my own shyt..carry on*

Dr. J said...

I think that to me, you're describing a certain type of buppies. Perhaps, the "bougie" urban professionals. I think that as it pertains to the Black Urban Professional the actual definition is a Black professional in an urban area. (Not to belittle.) Therefore, a lot of people fall into this category. I don't have a million degrees, I like to dance and am wildly inappropriate and I know several people just like me who are doing the same thing. While i'll agree that these 8 or so points that you made are sometimes valid, I would say that they are exceptions to the rule and not only do you find them unattractive or unbecoming, but other buppies do as well.

True2me said...

Thanks Dr. J. But I can specifically recall some events where some of this DOES (in my opinion of course) pertain to you. Doesn't matter tho, I effs with ya, you are my dude and I can't wait to attend another one of your cook outs :)(if you'll allow my ghetto butt to return)

Im talkin about my experience of buppies. I'm on the outside looking in. Of course there are exceptions.

Dandini said...

Ehhh... It's hard to say.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO!!! This was hilarious. Uh, I can't say that I experience this daily, as I don't live there, but I know some people who do and, well, these people do have some of those characters. Again, hilarious!

The Tenant said...

After reading Dr. J's recent post, I was SURE you were talkin bout him lol. He already admitted that all he does is work work work and no woman is good enough for him right now.

True2me said...

@The Tenant..I really wasn't directing this at anyone. But like I said in number 8, they are all pretty much the same. Thats how they can be lumped into a category in the first place. Its cool tho....I dont hate on anyone

Anonymous said...

She definitly need to Vlog it...I love M.s true2me in a reader subscriber type way.

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