Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Democratic Race to Office [Insert YAWN]

I do not know about you but ever since the Jeremiah Wright joint went down, and that #20 something debate that did not discuss any new issues...this Democratic race just got played out.

Now its time for someone to drop out this race, and dang it HC all signs point to you.
But your not bouncing? WHY?

So just how much of a lead does BaRack have to secure the nomination?

View this nifty creation by the NY Times:

Now that you have seen that, Should HC Bounce?


focusedfemalegem said...

I believe she is staying in the race because she feels a loyalty to women. She feels that she is making history. AND she is pulling all the racist stupid folks toward her. So she's getting boosted off of that. LOSER! and unfortunately...the Dem party is full of slow racists who might just vote for McCain or not vote at all.

She is a wound to the democratic party and the longer she stays the larger the wound and the harder it will be to heal....This batch really acts like being the FIRST WOMAN is better and bigger than being the FIRST BLACK.

C'mon now...

WTF!?!?!?!? said...

Being the first at anything is big, black, white, latino, or greek. Its a large milestone. Everyone makes this democratic drama a race issue, and its tiring. I'd rather focus on their policies for how to really get us out of our economic mess, our defense woes, and over all our domestic crap. Im tired of ppl focusing on the fact that obama is black, and hillary is a white woman... what the flup are they gonna propose to beat the republican candidate... what are they gonna do in the office.

If i have to read this race heated stuff again...

boring... next topic please... write about policy or something

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