Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Rants of Male Buppies

So one of my closest friends, a male buppie we will call Friend X, and I were talking about his dating habits. During this conversation he reiterated some points that I have heard from other men. He stated that even though he wants a good woman he does not know if he is ready to put in the time and effort to get that woman at this time. As he says he tends to go for women who are more "hood rich". He likes to go and meet chicks that are in "awe" of his college education and the fact that he drives a luxury 2007 car. He enjoys the lack of effort it takes to impress these women and the fact that they are also loyal and willing to stand by his side if he indeed wanted them there for more than 5 minutes. Friend X stated that a lot of his closest female friends are bups that are doing very well for themselves and when he hears them talk about men and their issues with them he often thinks, "Wow, yall just want waaaayyy to much. As much as I love yall I do not have the time and energy right now to be entertaining all your demands."

Friend X compared buppie woman to find German engineering in cars. He stated that I would love a fine automobile to drive around so everyone can see how nice it is and the way it runs. However,

A) He has to accumulate the wealth needed to buy this car. This draws the parallel to him that it is a bit extra pursuing a buppie woman because "you have to do sooooo much more to impress them."


B) This car is a fine piece of machinery but maintaining it is quite arduous. It requires constant maintenance and if something does go wrong with it he has to get the part from across the globe and it is going to cost him a fortune. He draws the parallel with this by saying that buppie woman are "so demanding and constantly want MORE." Friend X went on to say that if something goes wrong with a buppie woman, like if he makes the slightest mistake, all is in disarray and he has to go through an abundance of extraneous things to fix things and that may not even work.

So therefore Friend X said he will stick with his '96 Nissan Maxima woman. She dependable, if something goes wrong he can fix it relatively quickly and if you pimp her out she looks nice with her tints and sounds great with her new sound system! He states, "She's alright for the time being and she can be groomed. Granted she is never going to run like that Benz she will still run and look decent doing it."

Another buppie I am well acquainted with, we will call him Friend Y, comes from accumulated wealth. He is getting his second masters degree and is extremely attractive and very nice to talk to. We met through a mutual friend and he is extremely personable. However, he says he is done with buppie women, period. He has dated a few girls that I have met in the 2 year period that I have known him and they all have been White, Asian, or Latino. So recently I took the time to ask him about this. He replied "I been there and done that and I feel like Black women are not willing to even meet me half way. I gotta just meet them." I proceeded to tell him that I do not have a problem with "interracial dating" I do however have a problem with "discriminatory dating" and I thought he was better than that. He proceeded to say that "Yes, I understand where you are coming from with that but it is just my personal preference. I have had extremely bad experiences dating Black women and I am convinced that I am more compatible with women from different racial backgrounds." (SMDH) So I asked, so do you equate all Black women with being difficult to deal with? He responded, "To be quite honest I don't even pay much attention to them anymore in that respect. I think Black women are beautiful but I do not look at them to date them. They are apart of me but I have no interest in dating them. It may not be exactly right but it is how I feel."

Lastly, there is Friend Z, who is definitely on the up and up to where he needs to be. He had to leave undergrad for a while due to financial issues. However, he's taking classes part time at a community college and is about to finish his bachelors in the fall. He is working a 9-5 but has also started his own business. He is hard working and determined to get where he wants to go. Friend Z states that he loves buppie women and he definitely wants one but only "ragamuffins" are attracted to him. He admits to being picky himself. He wants a woman with no kids and her real hair for starters. He exclaims that as soon as he gets into his education situation buppie women seem to be immediately turned off. He says "I do not feel the need right away to go into why I haven't finished school yet. It's personal and in a few months it will be resolved. However many buppie women are so damn superficial that they do not know a good man when he is staring her ass in the face! So quick to judge somebody!"

Bups, males and females alike, what do you all think???


Avid Reader said...

First, I'd like to say that I really enjoy reading this blog.
It never ceases to make me smile or laugh outloud!

The topic at hand: Random Rants of Fuppies (FAKE Buppies)

Friend X: He should be embarrassed to say that out loud. He must not know that like anything else in the world...Anything worth having, is worth working hard for. If he doesnt wanna work hard for the prototypical female Buppie thats great!!!! More for me!! Obviously he doesnt realize that buppie status isnt gained with a goodnight sleep. That shit takes hard work. I'm talking blood, sweat and tears; literally. If he doesnt want 'em, then I'll be happy to have 'em!

P.S. Although he may have said fine GERMAN vehicle, you posted a fine ITALIAN one. [LOL].

Friend Y: Actually has a point. I've had my share of all flavors and colors on the woman spectrum. I have had good experiences with them all and bad ones as well. I will admit, there is something about those Asian woman. Dont get me wrong, I love black women, but I am an EOD (Equal Opportunity Dater)to the core.
On the other hand, I agree with you in that Discriminatory Daters blow! I think they should be tar'd and feather'd in the public square. I believe that's just inexcusable!

Lastly Friend Z: I feel bad for the brotha. I see his pain. I keep the company of female bupps, I have heard some of the superficial things that they say and he's right! The good thing for him is that once he's settled in he'll be knee deep in buppie panties. You might even toss a pair his way.


The Avid Reader

Up&Coming Buppie said...

LOLOL! Clearly I know nothing about cars. Now I have to correct my error. Thanks for your thoughts I am over here crackin up!

Prof. New Age said...

O.K Mr. AVID READER !! 1st your a CLOWN !!! forgive me for the bluntness... but this blog is all about keeping it real. Your "blood sweat & tears" ass is a joke I'd smash your broad in a 1/2 date most likely b.c shes tired of you cry'n...j.k. But I feel my dude Friend X as well as you... anything worth having is worth working for, but all about you shedding tears, blood, sweat & all that other good stuff I'm good.... you go ahead and keep crying & your girl might get swept Mr.Charmin...MAN UP DUDE !!! By know means are "hood rich" chicks whack its truly a personal preference in what you want. My closest friends are Bup's to the "T" and I love them to death and I must say they're Bup's, that play both sides if the fence.....they play it how it goes, they'll put a clown chick in their place....i.e a 2004 Honda will ride 4ever and outlast anything imaginable thats what I NEED !!! My dude Friend X makes a valid argument as well as the other brotha's..... sisters have all the right for high standards but like Hov said..." real should always recognize real and your looking real familiar" jus dont over look a cat b.c of what you initially see be open to the over all person !! Sneakers Heads hold it down my dudes !! Bup's keep doin yall things the New Age is in full effect !!

Avid Reader said...

Fuppie in the flesh...Prof. of the New Age...

What are you a Prof of? I'm guessing Saucony's and Hyundai's!
Maybe your a Prof. of Plagery. Get ur own lines. I can quote Jay-z right back to you bro.
You mention being real. So lets get all the way funky. You...sweeping up my chick?? I'd love to you see you try. You might be experiencing a little apprehension or discomfort because your new chick, is probably old news. Sorry! But if by any chance you could bag my chick, I have no problem "making best chick see the exit." I mean, I dont "chase 'em I replace 'em." [There's a little Jigga for ya]

As far as crying...No tears here. Just an expression of emotion. Meaning I worked hard for the things I have. Do you have any idea what that means? Hardwork?

Anywho, I've had a pleasure engaging in the virtual battle with a virtual thug over something pointless.


Avid Reader

In closing. I'll be a clown. Cl

brran1 said...

It would be nice to settle down with a woman that will be on the same level as me in an educational aspect, but I can't help who I'm attracted to. If Tisha the accountant can hold me down, then that's where I'll be. But if Monae the hairdresser or Lanelle the cashier can do the same, why should it matter? At the end of the day it's all about compatibility not which one of us the most degrees hanging on the wall.

J.F Credible said...

I'm new to this blog thing, but by the request of a homegirl I figured I check it out. Apparently this is a heated topic or this guy Professor new age is just kinda I feel both sides (..KINDA..) of this war of comments. Like the 1st cat said if something is good I feel you should work hard to get it and 2 keep it. On the other hand theres a small part of me that honestly enjoys hood chics what can I say they're a good time !! lol But by know means can you wife one...sorry girls but it is what it is.
Friend X: has a very interesting POV kinda feel him, if your not ready to go all in right now dont.. why waste everyone's time if he's finding breif satisfaction for that time more power to him.. sure he's a good just needs a little work lol as we all do
Friend Y: This is pretty deep I haven't venture over to the other side or entertained women outside my race..sad may be but I went to predominantly black schools my entire including college & I luv the sista's so I'm good. But if he's had bad experiences can you blame him.
Friend Z: Sucks my dude, handle your grown man B.I and you'll be cool. Its whak that some women base a guy off of his education but these are the women that"ll possibly flocking 2 you later in life & that my friend gives you the upper hand.
Overall Team I LIKE HONDA'S..IMPALA'S (96'S lol not the new ones)as well as your Benz's & Lambo's. Havent venture over to white meat, general tso's or curry chicken but im sure its all good.
Grab your education, then grab your bread and close it all out w/ your "buppie" if thats what you want.
Its been real maybe you'll hear from me soon.
Peace & Luv Team

Anonymous said...

Very interesting....I had no idea people got so souped up on internet blogs....Flippin Priceless. I dig what everyone has to say, but I'll close with a simple quote...."Can't we all just get along?" It doesn't matter what car we driving, as long as we get to where we going on-time and safely.
Yall be E-z.


Tearsa said...

As a young professional African-American woman who is married to a wonderful Black man (who loves his sweet, aggressive, talented and loyal wife who has brown skin like his mama LOL) I will say this.. Focus on the quality of a person not their resume or race to find a long term dating mate (potential spouse). Sometimes the trust of a loved one can help inspire someone to finish or start their education, go for the better job or start their own business. You can't buy class but everyone is one good decision away from career success.

As for the discriminating dating.. I just shake my head at that one and say whatever.. that is ignorance on another level.

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