Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Power of the D-I-C-K

So a few weeks ago a fellow female buppie and I were talkin about what we have observed personally and with fellow female buppies about sexual relationships. We have both noticed that some strange and unusual habits may come into play when a woman gets with a man that SERIOUSLY knows what they are doing in bed. It has become strangely apparent to me right before my eyes that some "good dick" can make a perfectly sane and intelligent woman turn into a dumb ass dickmatized crazed looney tune! All because no one has ever put it down on her like that before. Let's explore this a little farther shall we....

So for a few female bups I know I have noticed that good dick arrived around 5 years after they started having sex. (This just makes me shake my head in shame) So therefore when they do get some good lovin they will do anything in their power to hold onto it because they figure it won't show up again. So they will put up with and do some of the most irrational sh*t ever to keep this dick supply in abundance.

On the flip side for men, they know when they have a woman open and they're good in the sack! It's just like Eddie Murphy said on Eddie Murphy Raw, "Once a man hears a woman make a certain noise in the bedroom they know they got her. So they will act completely different." Completely different meaning act a damn fool and do whatever the hell they want because they know they got your ass! This is not always true but seems to be a trend from what I have observed. Men can get away with a LOT more knowing that they are putting it on a chick and chances are she aint goin no where too quickly due to this fact.

Let me take the time to define the term

DICKMATIZED (dik-ma-tized)- When a woman gets an all around sexual experience from a man that is so satisfying that it impairs her better judgement.

Here are some examples of the irrational things I have witnessed:


The women about to be described are under the influence of some GOOD DICK! They do not have histories of being crazy or dumb until these particular penises came along.

Scenario 1) A young woman has been seeing a guy for 2 years but she is the woman on the side. Now this man is living COMFORTABLY because he knows he has wifey and and this other young woman satisfied financially and physically. Now this young woman says she has feelings for this dude but she is just dealing with the situation as it is. When I asked her why a BIG part of the reason was THE DICK!

Scenario 2) Riding past a dude's house because you have the feeling that he is cheating. She sees he is not there so she camps a block away checking periodically to see when he arrives home and if he's alone. Only to see that he arrives home with someone so she proceeds to get out of the car and act a fool. Now the woman I am speaking of is a perfectly sane woman, HOWEVER, she got hit with some serious DICK and now her judgement is impaired and bitch is playin 007 actin a damn fool! SMH

Scenario 3) You just spend the night with your beau and you are leaving. You realize you forgot your phone so you go back to get it. Now on the way back you see the chick that you suspect your beau may be sneaking around with walking around the block so you have a pretty good idea where she is going. Now when you go to get your phone your beau looks a bit panic stricken and says he will go get your phone. But you know the next bitch is upstairs. HOWEVER this does not stop you from continuing to see this dude! The woman being described has gotten SMIZACKED with the DICK!

Scenario 4) You start messing with a dude that is cute but not really your type. And upon hanging out you come to the realization that the dude is an ultra LAME! He asks to borrow money, asks for you to rent him a car, and slangs dope! Now you are a PROFESSIONAL woman but one day you gave this dude a chance and let him hit and now look at you......DONE OFF! Led astray, bamboozled, DICKMATIZED! Givin a LOSER the time of day because he laid the pipe!

I say all this to show you ladies that it is a DISEASE! Don't get DICKMATIZED! It feels good when you got it but I challenge all my ladies in this situation to take a step back and look at yourself! Shameful aint it! Now don't get me wrong being DICKMATIZED is not always bad if a GOOD GUY has you in this trance! But if he's not, you may find yourself in a WORLD of trouble!

Here are some traits of guys who you don't want to deal with PERIOD. However you definitely don't want these dudes to get you DICKMATIZED:



Broke and aint even trying to be on the come up (I don't have a problem with men who are on the financial come up. Let me just put that out there because people can get really sensitive)



Dumb as a box of rocks

Bitchassness Disease (this is a whole other blog entry....just stay tuned)

And for the ladies who are struggling with this.....DO TRUST another good dick will come along.


Udochi said...
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focusedfemalegem said...

"It has become strangely apparent to me right before my eyes that some "good dick" can make a perfectly sane and intelligent woman turn into a dumb ass dickmatized crazed looney tune!"

i'm a victim.... fortunately...i have yet to attach my feelings to that type of situation where all sense goes out the window...its also good to know power of a vagina and how to use this power

seriously tho....there needs to be a support group for the dickmatized-aholics

Unbreakable said...

You know I've been there too... sad yes, but women can recover.. she just needs to realize that she is being dicked around and the PHENOMENAL DICK cannot relieve her stress that well. Let it go ladies. There are good men around. You can always train a man to deliver your needs the way you like them... use the power of the VAGINA (but you cannot be a dumb ass... ditsy chick, cause it don't work like that for us females. Be about your shit.. have you life in check please)

AccompliFemme said...

you are so right, its no secret "good dick" is hard to find. It will make a woman accept things she swore she would never deal with. So its important that we try not to get sucked in by the "power of penis" like I call it. Once it gets you its a wrap.

Like you said, women have that same power. So if you know how to use that power of the vagina, you have an advantage. But That Penis would get you my friends! I know Been there and done that!

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Company Account said...
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