Sunday, November 9, 2008

Equal Rights FOR ALL!!! Especially when it comes to LOVE.

Okay so everyone is caught up in the honeymoon stage of this election and such. I know I am. The whole thing is still surreal to me to be quite honest. But at the same time it was quite a downer to me the following day when I found out that Prop 8 was passed in California. It was one of those things I saw and thought "Huuuhhh?!" Talk about taking a HUGE step back in a forward march to equality. In the days following I noticed the posts of some of our fellow bloggers such as The Snob and My Favorite Tenant and saw their thoughts and figured it was time for me to weigh in on this topic. And in the spirit of The Tenant this post may sound more like a rant....

I can not believe that people still have the audacity to deny people rights that honestly in my opinion would not hurt ANYONE! I mean wtf?! And the irony set in when I found out that around 70% of African Americans who backed Obama also backed Prop 8. Like are yall f*ckin serious. I am having a hard time articulating my thoughts on this because to me the whole thing is so oxymoronic. I will let Jon make his joke because it kinda explains my sentiments....

Like this to me goes on the same list as abortion in politics, IT AINT NONE OF YOUR GOTDAMNED BUSINESS. It is a private matter so bud the F*CK out and find something else to vote on that is more relevant.

My mother and I were in church a few weeks ago and there was a guest pastor who decided he wanted to entertain this topic. (The guy reminded me of rev Wright because he was high yellow, militant and loud. But moving on...) So he goes on to say that homosexuality is wrong, it says so right in the Bible, and if you are a homosexual there is a nice warm place in hell for you. So the congregation gets up and starts clapping and screaming hallelujah and my mother and I were just sitting in the church, that we have been in all of our lives, in an uneasy state. I tapped her and said remind me to tell you later how I feel about this. Once she reminded me later I explained to her that I believe in the Bible, I read it everyday, and I believe in it when it comes to my matters of faith and order. HOWEVER, do I take everything in the Bible literally? NO! And I don't for a number of reasons. I believe much of it is metaphorical and also it was written THOUSANDS of years ago. Homosexuality was not as clear to people then as it is now. There have been many developments in thought that I think give a greater understanding to homosexuality.

Now do I think that every person that is gay was born that way..... NO!

Do I believe Homosexuality is wrong.... NO!

Do I believe spiritually you should be condemned to HELL if you are homosexual...... HELL NAW!

But this is the school of thought of many Blacks in particular due to the Bible. Many believe if we are to take the Bible literally we should be allowed to own slaves. Now MY Black people yall don't like that part do ya?! This goes into my school of thought on the Black Church (a blog coming to you very soon). Many Blacks enter a state of naivete when they get into their spiritual self especially in church. They will accept anything a preacher throws at them without using their own "spiritual common sense" if you will. And as a result become extremely judgemental. I was raised in a Baptist church. However, I was also raised to have a mind of my own.

I know too many good hearted, open minded, gays and lesbians to believe that they are hell bound because they are attracted to the same sex. I also personally know a couple that desires to get married but can't because the government won't allow it. Personally I just don't feel that is right!

What are some thoughts on this topic? Would you vote for or against Prop 8 where you live?


FiGZ said...

I am a little disgusted that people are using African-American's as the scapegoat for the passing of Prop 8. African-Americans make up as little as 3% of the total Californian population which is around 3 million. The exact number of African-American's who voted for Prop 8 is around 1.6-1.7 million, which, in retrospect is not much at all. There are far more White-Americans and Latino-Americans that were pro-Prop 8. There were well over 12 million White Americans that voted for Prop 8 and critics want to scapegoat African-Americans just by because the percentage was higher? I have to disagree with their sentiments.

Anonymous said...

I agree with figz. If African Americans alone could not successfully elect Barack Obama to the White House, neither can African Americans alone pass Prop 8. In fact, in California the total population is 36,457,549 (according the Census Bureau). There is NO way that we were the deciding vote. That African Americans participated at all, each their own.

As far as the bible is concerned, I have to disagree. Homosexuality was FAR more embraced and understood in biblical times as opposed to now; it is just that the man's body and not the woman's was valued. (So men were homosexuals, not necessarily women.) The reason many cultures started to hate it is was due to disease.

However, I do agree that the focus has changed. In the past homosexuality for many cultures was not a lifestyle, but an indulgence. That would be different from today.

As far as the Black Church is concerned, there is no such thing. As it happens, I had to do a thesis on this very subject, so I look forward to the Blog.

Up&Coming Buppie said...

So yeah according to Bill Maher mormons raised 20 million dollars to back Prop 8 so they were one of the primary forces behind Prop 8 being passed.

I do agree that it is NOT the fault solely of Black Americans that this did pass and the media tends to be bringing a lot of attention to Blacks as if it were. However, I do think that the school of thought that many Blacks have on homosexuality is plaguing our community.

D said...

Why is it plaguing our community? Do you have gay friends? Is this why that statement was made? Are you going to post a segment regarding Black attitudes toward gay people?

Up&Coming Buppie said...

Another very interesting take on this issue which has opened my mind on this subject:

Up&Coming Buppie said...

Oh and if you listen to this NPR link make sure to read some of the comments underneath as well. It gets DEEP!

FiGZ said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you refer to the school of thought plaguing our community do you mean that it is the major cause for brothers on the down low, a high percentage of lesbians, and more GLBT African-Americans hesitant to come out of the closet? If you're talking about issues similar to the few I have stated I agree with you. The school of thought is the school of old and not the school of new. Paradigms need to shift and thoughts should be re-evaluated from older individuals...and on a side note, if any one gets a chance, check out keith olbermann's response to prop 8 ( )...I thought he was gonna cry, but that's how passionate he was...i'm not a big fan, but i feel his point of view...except him believing (that's what I deduced) that African-American's were the cause of Prop 8 being passed.

Up&Coming Buppie said...

Figz, yes that is what I mean with that statement. I believe that Black American's are some of the most unaccepting people when it comes to homosexuality particularly in our own community. This leads to Blacks being afraid to come out of the closet and have healthy relationships whether they are homo or heterosexual. What I think Black America needs to understand is that homosexuality aint goin no where. It is an issue that needs to be dealt with and accepted. And I think a big reason why this is not being accepted goes to the school of thought within the black church which is the root of many ideals within the Black community.

In response to D I do have gay and lesbian friends but that doesn't have much to do with why I made that statement. I made the statement because even if I knew no one that was gay or lesbian there are still apparent issues within the black community that in my opinion are a direct result of MANY Blacks unnacceptance of homosexuality.

Soul Status said...

Well, while I do not agree with homosexuality, I will not condemn any individual. Thats just wrong. We should treat each other equally and let people do what they want. God will judge us all in the end so why are people trippin'?

We are some of the most unnaccepting people on this earth and that doesn't just lead to the church. It leads back to our roots as well. When it comes to certain issues, we are just well grounded in our stance against it. It's unfortunate, but it's true.

And I don't give a hootin' dayum what anyone on this earth says...people aren't born gay. End of story and I ain't debating ish because that's my story and I'm sticking to it (sorry for being close-minded but you can't be serious.)

To say that African-Americans had the deciding hand in this matter is totally bogus. We may back what we believe, but when it comes down to it, we are just few, with Caucasions the majority. If anything, they are the ones who get things done, hence President-Elect Obama.

FiGZ said...

Thank u for one comment I needed to help spark my next post..."And I don't give a hootin' dayum what anyone on this earth says...people aren't born gay"...I used to feel the same way, but I have an interesting argument. It's purpose won't be to change anyone's mind, but grease those cogs in your brain and get those intellectual juices flowing.

D said...

Black people being unaccepting of the "gay" phenomena racing through our community? Absolutely. I agree with soul status in that no one should be condemned. However, I would argue that the Black community views homosexuality within its own borders as part of a larger identity crisis. I also agree with soul status in that no one is born gay. However, I have read studies that suggest that homosexuality has a genetic/biochemical basis. (Though I think these studies help the argument of those that are anti-homo.)

The Tenant said...

A) Nobody is blamin the blacks for the passing of Prop 8. They are saying how IRONIC it is for blacks to vote yes on an issue that oppresses people's rights. I would've expected less than 30% of AF-Americans to vote yes. So 70% is a huge number to me too.
B)Even if being gay is a sin, like almost everyone here said, who are we to judge? God said a sin is a sin no matter what sin it is. So I can't knock a dude for butt banging Bruce when I'm out butt banging Beatrice (and we ain't married).
C)For some people being gay is a choice (or a gimmick a la Lindsey Lohan). I know a couple girls who have been with girls because they wanted to try somethin new...but when I try to get them to do a threesome, they look at me like 'o hell naw', like i'm askin them to include a donkey and a midget.

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