Friday, November 21, 2008

Are you 100%??!!

I just saw a NON White MALE President win the election , so my faith in things occurring have drastically improved. AND A couple of weekends ago, I was able to attend the Essence Young Woman's Conference in DC.I went to this conference, filled Woman from all Walks of Life, College and Beyond, FAMOUS Business minded women of COLOR.

I came to the ultimate realization, that I am very lazy and complacent in life right now. I know this because I have hunger and I am a do it type of person. However my last 2 years of life I have not been grinding.

Instead what I find myself doing is just riding the waves, and not creating the waves! I looked at these Women mentoring and sharing their knowledge, and knew I have the drive to be them and much more.

I am young and independent. I should be really moving and shaking.

I am not giving my goals the attention they deserve!!!

TIME for my BUPPIE A$$ to snap out of it!!!

Like for real, what are you doing? Are you 100% right now? I feel like I am really running on 40%. Time to take it up! And right in time for 2009!


Taurus Lady said...

Girl, I know what you mean. I have all these projects in mind, yet I feel like I'm only giving my 40% right now. I guess the fear of change, of the unknown and failure can hold us back at times, and giving our 100% also means we gotta work even harder than we are now, which involves superwoman powers. The sacrifices we have to make to be 100% all seem worth it, though. I'll work harder on my grind and stop selling myself short. You can do it too!!!!!

Olette said...

I went to the Essence Young Women's Conference in Atlanta and it was well worth the drive and the money. It made want to strive more for 100%. I'll probably try to go to something like that at least once a year to keep myself inspired.

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