Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fat Happy B!tch

Thanksgiving just passed. I am sure you stuffed your face enough to feed a small African village.

I used to seriously be in love with food. (CODE FOR: I used to be more fatter than I am now.)

Last new year, I was on this serious health and weight loss kick.I did well. Invested in different foods, worked out, and learned the weight thing.. I learned a lot about FOOD and the body. It totally changed my outlook on things. But the main lesson I learned is, BASICALLY the key to lose weight in America is to realize that 99% of the food here is bad for you!

I remember the day I fell out of love with food.After a 6 months of avoiding MCDickme ahem I mean .MCDonalds. I was in the midst of busy day and needed a meal. I went and got some meal with the CRACK Juice AKA Orange HI C. Now you know that ORANGE HI-C is straight CRACK JUICE!! I wrapped my lips around the straw in excitement, only to realize my tongue slapping the shyt out of me. THE ISH WAS EFFING NASTY. I knew it was all mental too. All I kept thinking about is how I am sucking down liquid fat. Coating my throat and I would have to RUN 15 MILES just to break even.

How is it that other cultures eat CARBS AND SUGARS and LOADS of MEAT, but in AMERICA you eat that same thing, and next thing you know your on the BIGGEST LOSER???!

Take for example RICE.
Pretty much every well populated place, eats RICE and loads of it!
-India, Africa, China...

America you eat too much rice(A CARB), you will blow up like Kramer from Senfield Career!

Now you can give me that " they live a more active lifestyle" arguement. I do agree.

However, do you think they naturally do 2 hours in the gym worth of activities in their day to day???!!!

Seriously, I have come to terms with, for the rest of my LIFE, I will have to Go to the GYM 3-5 times a week, just to make up for the leaves I eat!! We cannot afford not to workout.

Beyond that I really think this food ISH is a conspiracy. I know they are putting something in our food! That slows down our metabolism or something! You eat a biscuit, you get high blood pressure. You gotta buy medicine. The medicine doesn't work unless you lose weight.
You eat food ---> You get sick --> you buy medicine --> you gotta work out...

Plus go to the grocery store. Everything healthy is always more expensive. Salad is $5.00. 20 pack of Twinkies #3.00. They don't want us to be healthy, because we would Eff up the cycle!!!
They get kids hooked on sugar and carbs early, with all those cereals! Remember when you used to be tricked into cereal for the free toy!!!??! McDonalds, kids meal free toy. All succesful scams that have our Kids looking like this by age Five.

PLAIN OATMEAL aint never giving away a free toy.


Anonymous said...

1) Dieting rarely works because the body protects itself by becoming much more efficient at burning fat(less and less) the longer the diet lasts; called diet-induced thermogenesis it means that the body adjusts its energy usage according to its new weight (Martin, White, & Hussley, 1991). In short, when we diet our body perceives it as a famine and to keep us from dying of starvation it keeps that fat on as long as it can.

2)The food we eat is designed to exacerbate this problem. The phenomena is known as a High Positive-Incentive Value. Certain foods we eat taste better to us because, from an evolutionary standpoint, such foods have high energy content (sweet, fatty, and salty). Food and pharmaceutical companies exploit this phenomena to a great degree, hence of all the flavoring additives.

3) MORE IMPORTANT to remember is nutrition has almost NOTHING to do with our hunger pains and eating (Pinel, 2006). Its effect is far from direct and much of the programs that claim a direct link between hunger and nutrition are VASTLY misleading.

4) "Eat, Drink, and be Healthy" by Dr. Willert (at. el) offers non-conventional advice on how approach diet differently. Consulting the Dietary Guide for Americans is also useful because it is updated every five years.

Anonymous said...

"Plain oatmeal never gave no free toy..." LMAO

FiGZ said...

I'm a firm believer of not really paying too much attention to what you eat (i.e. counting calories, not enjoying cake, cookies, ice cream, et al). We are endothermic in nature and need a lot of energy to maintain our internal tempertature. Some people like to care about the animals we kill and blah, blah, blah, blah. Granted I don't eat beef or pork, I'm not knocking anyone's carnivorous eating as the saying goes, "party hard, study even harder", the same can be said when it comes to food if you're looking to maintain whatever figure you see as being healthy, "eat however you like, work out even harder than you like." I ate so much on thanksgiving my stomach was bulging...lmao...seriously. The next day I took my nephew out for a run though, and ended up carrying him most of the way (he talking about, "my ribs hurt", with a frown on his face). Life is too short to be paying so much attention to simple things; in my opinion. There are people who would rather seek help and some who need help. Anonymous #1 used some good references. Live your life...good honest post, though, thanks for sharing.

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