Monday, November 3, 2008

Countdown To Vote

Today is Monday. Tomorrow is the beginning of what seems the rest of my Buppie Life.

The way my stomach is turning every time I think of the results, you would have thought I was a 7 year old who just realized they have to bring home a report card with a D on it!

Whatever the results I really have to thank this election for getting some many people involved. Including me!

Honestly, I will always remember at least 2 elections. This current one, and of course the day George W Bush got elected. I just knew he would bring back slavery.

What ever the case is tomorrow. Let's GET IT Buppies!


FiGZ said...

dam. "bring back slavery" though...i feel la obama!

Radiant said...

WE DID IT! History is staring us in the face and I can't wait for the next post in this blog!

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