Monday, March 2, 2009

All Hail Strippers

Ok. Ok. Ok. I am going to keep it 100 with you all. I am a person all about experiences. If you do not try something, how will one ever learn. Well Today's lesson is, I have much respect for Strippers, Exotic Dancers, Pole Dancers etc.

I admit it. I have been to a female strip club. I will never forget that day. The spot was called "SugarBares!" Now SugarBares was the real deal. Ass and Tities everywhere. All types of broads. Brown, Yellow, Haitians. Whites. All types of customers females, and males. I was amazed at what the women could do but I did not have a true appreciation for it until now.

So, here is the real story. I am turning the big 25 in a few months (another post) and have a list of must dos before then. One of them was Pole Dancing.

Last week I gave it try. WRONG of me. Went to class and so glad I got scholarships for school, cus If I had to get on the POLE?? SMH. It was a sorry sight. SOORRRRRRRRY. Do you know the amount of coordination you need to swing your body around the pole, real sexy like????

Nonetheless, If you know anyone who was or is stripping on the pole?? You need to TIP them immediately! Their job is hard work. My hat and a very high level of respect goes to these women! Not just anyone can shake their ass! I will never ever talk bad about folks who choose to do this for a living!

Flashing back to the my night at SugarBares, I was enthralled then! I tipped them because I was utterly fascinated at how sexually free these women were, and the THINGS. The THANGS these women could do on stage. (that I now know the strongest man in the world could not do.) These women need to go to the Olympics. Once beyond the nakedness of their bodies, one can really appreciate the athleticism, choreography, and masterfulness to turn men/ lesbians on.
Sadly I also underestimated them. Every woman should attend a strip club. Not that Gentleman's club soft core joint. I am talking about the real gutter, Aint trickin if you got it Clubs!!! It will open your eyes.


The Tenant said...

A woman that finally gets it

Anonymous said...

I'm so good. Lol.

FiGZ said...

Ur right...but I'm waiting for the post where u describe the class u took...I have to hear about it or see it in writing...Big Up to all the skrippers out that performing their craft; it sure is tough...i'm not throwing money at any skripper ever again...only once, and that was for my 24th bday...i'm good on just throwing money at a woman; i'm so good.

FiGZ said...

Check this out:

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