Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do you even Like Berries?

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I could not help but comment, after I watched the Chris Rock Special again for the 5th time.

Chris Rock explains, that the real reason black woman hate on black men dating out side of his race is due to the fact, that black women are not attracted to non black men.

I had to stop and really think about this. WRONG. I see hot men in all races. But to be real, what concerns me most is I am not sure how non black men view black women. In particular, I rarely ever get the mojo signs from a non black man, without me making my self SAFE.

SAFE as in making the first move. Even then, it does not work out well.

Also, its rare that I can walk into a room on non black men, or be on the street, and feel that they are checking me out or find me attractive. I do not think I am in their taste.

You see me I am voluptuous, yet petite, dark chocolate bup. I have thick thighs, Rotundness, and boobs. These are things not typical in the preference of some non black men.

Now me, I always been a person to think outside my race. My first crush was white boy. Blonde hair blue eyes. I have a thing for Indian men. I like Exotic features .I appreciate different looks. But I dunno, if I believe Non black man appreciate the unique features of everyday black women.

I mean, I know all men will reference Halle Berry, or dig video chicks. But what about the everyday black woman? Everyone was ranting on Sarah Palin (everyday white chick), but what about how HAWT Michelle O is?

Am I missing something? I rarely hear an appreciation, so real talk, Non Black men, do you think of black women as possibilities?

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