Sunday, June 14, 2009

An "Ah Ha" Moment.

Its about 845am in Ghana. It is my last morning I will wake up here. Although I am refreshed and re focused to return to my U.S life with new vigor, I am thoroughly sad I am leaving this way of life.

This visit could not have been at a better time. As I embark on my Quarter Life, I am realizing so much about myself and reaching clarity on my future. An "Ah Ha" Moment.

Previous to this visit, I was in Ghana 15 years ago. It its a sincere and true privilege to be able to travel abroad. Frankly, it is a true buppie must do. If you aint done it, GET it poppin immediately.

Back to what I learned about about myself:

1. I am BLESSED. - You see out of my family I was born in the U.S. The rest in Ghana. My mother used to tell what she used to do for money, selling Yams at the Market. My father a school teacher in the village. And now they went from humble beginnings, and only one plane ride (them immigrating to the U.S) decided my families future. At the same time, it is their background that has instilled in me a STRONG humbleness, but also I AM PROUD!

2. I am BEAUTIFUL. - One thing I hate, absolutely hate is when someone tells me, "I do not look African". What the Eff does that mean? Black people, I know for some you don't know where exactly you come from, but to be real, no matter if you were the First slave in the 1600s, or like me, to be completely honest and based on what I have seen this last 2 weeks, all people with melanin, could pass for African! But do not take shame in that. Because I am telling you, Everyone here is BEAUTIFUL. All shapes, all sizes. All skin tones. Stop trying to europeanitized you features. African features is where it is at!!!

3. My Culture is Wonderful.- This visit I combined it with visiting many sides of Ghana and reading a book about the history of my particular Tribe. So much about ME, and my family makes sense now. Why my parents were raised a certain way, Why we act the way we do! It all makes sense. I have a culture, and I encourage all to find and identify with it.

4. I Forgot about LOVE.- I will expound in another blog, but in short I forgot it existed.

5. I love my FAMILY. - I am the first to say that folks get on my nerves in my family. I am a outlier ( as far as being born), but the older that GET, I appreciate Having my Family. We are thick as thieves. We really roll by that Blood is thicker than water motto. I know that if anything was going to happen to me, my family will be there. That is a great feeling to have.

More to come about my Visit...

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FiGZ said...

Absolutely amazing. Africa has that effect on a lot of people.

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