Monday, June 29, 2009

Reccesion Rock

The recession has hit folks around me and has put me in a totally uncomfortable situation even though I am employed. Those who lost their jobs, have to find another means to feed themselves. This can totally destruct the paths one has set for oneself. After all, buppie, or not, everyone gets accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Anything that leads us astray from it, can make us all hostile.

Everyday, I thank God that I am blessed to be moving along life well. I aint trying to rock the boat, but it crosses my mind frequently what if something happened that took all this away from me? what would I do?

"I am a hustler baby, I sell water to a whale"- Shawn Carter

Intrinsically, I am a go GETTER! I know if something WAS TO HAPPEN I would hit the ground running. But running doing what??? Right now I am walking, and walking slow. Checking out the scenery. Everything is smooth, but not completely satisfactory. It is not hard work, it is habit for me now. I just do things because I am suppose to.

What is funny is, I think it will take me losing everything to begin truly grinding again? Right now I am complacent, when I do not have to be. I cannot find my true passion. I have noticed that with many of my buppie folk, that have been hit with the recession rock have unequivocally found their passion and are working hard towards bringing it to fruition.

Is that the trade off? Lose stability to gain insight and clarity?


Anonymous said...

Been catching on my blogroll and this post caught my eye. You sound like someone who can and should create something for yourself. And not just for yourself, something that you can pass down to future generations, family and friends if you have no children of your own. You can't pass down a job.

The Tenant said...

the verse is "water to a well"

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