Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free Healthcare! Sign Up Now!

I get amazed at politics in this country. And I realize that this country becomes more and more socialist every day. I make a concerted effort to remain bipartisan. The result is a lot of people being quick to judge me as a republican when in reality I’m closer to neither. People who are informed about politics in America know that the differences between Republican and Democrat in this country are very small and often insignificant. At times, they flare up but generally speaking it’s about word association. Think about it this way, you have Bloods and you have Crips, both sides have their own agenda and their personal stance on the situation, but does that change that they are both inherently flawed, nope. Same with politics in America.

I think that misinformed people are so into being “democrat” or “involved” that they fail to realize when the party has gone completely off its rocker. They fail to hold people accountable for things they have said they would provide in their administration. Today, I’ll briefly touch on healthcare, because this needs to be said. I’ll be concise and then perhaps we can get some dialogue going…

Since Obama has entered the White House there has been nothing but Democratic policy being passed and old Republican policy being overturned, tossed out, and thrown to the waste side. This is what usually happens when a new regime takes over. Out with the old, and in with the new. There has been more transparency before, but it comes as a smack in the face to the Republican side that Obama and his democrats are so gaudy to pass legislation that disrespects the GOP and basically says, “Yeah, well what are you going to do about it?” The problem I see here is that Obama’s administration promised bipartisanship, and we have yet to receive that. (This is what happens every administration and we wonder why we have the problems we do. New administration comes in and completely reverses everything the last did. It’s counterproductive. But I thought Obama promised us change? Womp.)

As it pertains to healthcare, the Democrats went on their side of the house, developed their policy and then shoved it on the floor. They didn’t include the Republicans in their policy development, because they had it under control. When the republicans received this proposed solution to healthcare they reacted like babies. They were tired of being left out of the room where the important things are going on and they were going to show it. So what did they do, they showed their ass. They just started throwing wrench after wrench into the proposed solution. Admittedly, some of their points don’t even make sense. I’m sure they do not want things to stay the same, what they want is they just want a seat at the table to develop the policy too.

This sounds like a bunch of elementary school children. However, this is my issue with Congress. They act like a bunch of babies and nothing gets done. I mean, it should be stated that it’s neither the GOP nor the Democrats who can blame anyone. They end up arguing and they get to a stalemate and nothing gets done. It is business as usual. So why are we so concerned with picking sides?

Let’s cut the malarkey and get this healthcare bill passed. I could give a f*ckless about a public option or not. What I do care about is the inability for congress to operate as a legislative body. I find it problematic that the two sides are supposed to allow Congress to be balanced and represent all Americans. However, these guys have forgotten what a true republic is and somehow feel like they have the power to spend their time in childish debates while people suffer without healthcare. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, just do something, I don’t care what you do, but show me you can do SOMETHING.


max.fabulous said...

this ish reminds me of canadian politics...minority governments year after year that can't accomplish a thing so they call an election every two years...and then we have another minority government who can't accomplish anything. makes me wanna stage a coup.

The Tenant said...

That's why it hasn't be bipartisan, because the Republicans don't HAVE any good arrangements. Obama has said this from day one that the Republicans are fighting him for the sake of fighting and not because they truly have a good agenda to push. And you even said, some of their points don't make sense so why even let them sit at the table if they're only goal is to watch Obama fail?

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