Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Man Scorned.....

....aint got SHIT on a woman scorned! Recently I have been speaking with quite a few guys who blame their infidelity, lack of trust, and intolerance for relationships on ONE thing. A woman who hurt them. Maybe it was 6 months ago or maybe five years ago. However, these men are carrying some BAGGAGE! Here are some quotes from these men I speak of:

"Man, women aint shit. They always talking about how dirty us men are but they just as wild if not wilder than us!"

"It just takes me a while to open up because I been hurt before and that shit was not cool."

"That dirty bitch slept with my bestfriend! I know she aint her but man who knows what THIS woman is capable of?!"

"Women are cheaters just like men they just more clever with they shit! TRUST ME I know!"

"You can't really love any of these women out here. They get comfortable and act up. You can't trust these broads man! Who knows if I will ever settle down."

Now women are often looked at as bitter bag ladies when we have these sentiments but I have a feeling that many men really hold onto these feelings for much longer than the ladies do. Even though we may say we don't trust men we are liable to trust a partner quicker after heartbreak than men are, I believe. I think this is for a number of reasons:

1) It takes a LOT more for a man to open up emotionally to a woman. So if they are hurt or betrayed once they do decide to open up......ALL US BITCHES ARE EVIL! Like seriously c'mon fellas. Being hurt one time or another is apart of love. Some of these men need to take their own advice and stop blaming every woman for the faults of ONE bad one. But I do understand once a man is emotionally exposed weakness comes into play and we know men aren't trying to appear weak. So take advantage of their weakness and you got some big time problems.

2) Pride Plain and simple. Men are some prideful creatures. They don't like being wrong, taken advantage of, or manipulated into thinking someone is sincere when in fact they are not. But does anyone really like feeling like that? Uhhhh NO! One guy I spoke with simply said, "Yall women are sneaky! I will never trust another woman completely again." Like dude get serious. Put ya damn pride aside and examine yourself cuz you sound real foolish right now! I mean I have trust issues too but I can't say based on any of my bad apples that I will never fully trust another man. That just sounds like it will lead you to an unhappy, insecure, lonely life. I mean am I trippin?

3) Could it be that once true feelings are involved that maybe men are more emotional than women? I mean it is just a thought. Every person is different so who is to say who is more emotional from relationship to relationship. However, quite a few of the men that inspired this blog just sound like they were wining without the squeekiness in their voice. Like why are your feelings more hurt or why is your heartbreak any more intense than anyone else's that has been through it?

Now I know all men are not this extreme when they are hurt. However, every man, and woman for that matter, shows a little unknown fury when they are scorned. It is just becoming more apparent to me how REAL and lasting a man's fury can be when they are betrayed. But I ask all the guys that feel this way, whether it is mild or extreme, to not make every woman pay for one's mistakes. I mean c'mon yall hate when we do it.

Just my thoughts.....


FiGZ said...

"Even though we may say we don't trust men we are liable to trust a partner quicker after heartbreak than men are, I believe." I would have to agree with you on this. A family member of mine before she was married wasn't faithful and neither was he. She didn't confess until 2 years into the marriage and her husband took it really hard...smh...all these dudes whining to you need to grow some balls. Love is constant, but Life changes. Men are prideful, but women scorned are dangerous! LOL!

Perfect Examples (Excuse me for butchering their names): Lorena Bobbit, Nancy Carrigan, and Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez (R.I.P.) just to name a few

Somethin Special... said...

lol LOVE this post!! I threw a status on facebook about this the other day!! It was like every other status was some bitter man saying females aint ish. And when u get into a convo with them its something that happened years ago and since then EVERY chick is suspect. C'mon Son.... C'MON!!

Even if dudes aren't as vocal I STILL think they harbor ill feelings once they have been 'done dirty'. And what I've noticed it can be ANY kind of relationship with a female. If they mama did them dirty at 5 they carry that ish way past 25. Its like listen.. Get over it.

Like you said its a part of life. Females constantly get dubbed as bitter when dudes I notice are far more bitter than females. (IMO). At least we are more likely to give a new dude even if we make him go through a love obstacle course lol...

Dr. J said...

I really want you to listen to this because i'm about to break this down with the best analogy you've never heard...

The reason why the two react differently is simple. Ask a boxer, what punch can you recover from faster? The one you are looking for, or the one you never saw coming?

Simply put, women in the back of their mind always trust a man to be a man. Men, they never think that a woman is out there doing her thing.

Retweet that.

Anonymous said...

I believe a person put to much confident in a mate and this is how you really get hurt.All human beings are unpredictable,so your faith should be in GOD and not MAN!Men for years believe they are the ones who does the cheating,women are learning from men how to do this cheating thing.After being hurt from a man,they vow to never be hurt again and the same could apply for a man too.If you see someone your attracted to just go on with them,don't cheat make that person your mate,because it will STOP this vicious circle!

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