Monday, March 15, 2010

The Elephant in the Room

Over the past four years I have entertained a few casual relationships. But back in 2006 I fell in love....HARD! At the time we were both too young to deal with the feelings and it did not last. Good thing it ended because there were many things in my life that I wanted to do that I probably would not have done if I were in a relationship with him. I moved to a different city, moved to a different country, and dated different men. I can say I would not have done most of these things if I was tied down in love in a relationship. However, this man was always in the picture. We always kept in touch and as much as I tried to cut him off I couldn't. In addition, every relationship I have tried to entertain, casual or semi serious he has been the "Elephant in the Room". The man that I am still in love with and am trying to forget but CAN'T!

So before I left South Korea "The Elephant" re-emerged. He was coming back into my life like he always did from time to time but this time with a different approach. The approach this time was more than the usual "just wanted to see how you were doing." This time it was a direct "I am coming back to take my position approach." Of course he was more subtle about it but it soon became clear to me what he wanted when he straight asked me, "Soooo what are we doing when you get home?"

So returning home I was excited yet nervous about the love that was awaiting me. I was afraid of being hurt again and it being more severe due to the fact that this wasn't just anyone. This is my "Elephant in the Room." However I must say that this Elephant never led me on. If we were friends he never tried anything. He was a gentleman and kept it platonic. He never wanted to confuse or taint our relationship. So I knew the fact that he wanted to change our relationship back and do it so drastically was a sure sign that this man was ready to be with me and nothing was casual about it.

And thus far that's how it has been....... :-)

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FiGZ said...

Absolutely wonderful! But I have an interesting question...I find that a lot of people say that they wouldn't do certain things if they were in a relationship. Why is that? Personally, I don't feel relationships have to be limiting, but most often, people do so. Just my curious mind at work...

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