Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Music Spotlight

I am an avid Anthony Hamilton fan. He never disappoints. I have all of his albums and am always eager for the release date of his newest work. My anticipation for his music is always heightened after I hear a single coming through the air waves. His newest work is once again a testament to his mastery and stays true to his style which keeps his fans yearning for more. It is not for the faint at heart. You really have to be a true fan of authentic rhythm and blues music to appreciate this album. He has his traditional sultry honest ballads, tracks such as The Point of it All, Her Heart, and Please Stay. There also some more upbeat and tracks that give you the same heartfelt satisfaction and food for thought such as Soul's On Fire and I Did it Fo Sho. In addition there's a love song that has a upbeat ol skool spiritual sound to it that I really enjoy and then it switches to a slower ballad just like Stevie Wonder is known to do on some of his tracks. The song is titled Prayin For You/Superman. The lyrics are rugged yet engaging due to their eloquence and honesty. As usual his voice is raspy yet still maintains it's beautiful and clear melodic flow. If you are a lover of grown folks music pick this one up. You will not be disappointed!

Here are some of my feelings on some other albums:

Musiq- On My Radio
So I will admit I am a fan of Musiq but this album was not one of my favorites. The lyrics were okay and I can not listen to it straight through. It is not terrible, just not his best work in my opinion. So I just skip to the tracks that I like on this one. I don't think it will stop me from getting his next album though.

Kanye West- 808's & Heartbreaks
You either love or hate this album is the consensus I get from most who have heard it. I happen to be on the love side. I feel this album!!!! Like seriously! Now Kanye is no singer, but lyrically I feel this dude's pain. I know what being heartbroken feels like and my man is heartbroken! The first listen was shaky for me but this Kanye work quickly grew on me as I listened to the lyrics and the understood the message and mood the album was supposed to deliver. Street Lights and Paranoid are my favorite tracks.

Jamie Foxx- Intuition
This man does it again. (Clapping) I expected some club bangers and freaky mcnasty songs and that is just what Jamie provided. It is no masterpiece but I believe Jamie delivered exactly what his fans wanted. This is a cool album that starts with you wanting to dance and then transitions into you wanting to get it crackin in the bedroom, just like his last one. I hate to be so frank but hey, these are just facts. "Blame it on the Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhh Alcohol!!!"

Beyonce- I am Sasha Fierce
UGH! Beyonce's music is beginning to be strictly for the club to shake your ass and nothing more, nothing that I can listen to in the car. I just feel like if you decide to drop a double disc you need to have a lot of good tracks and she does not provide that. I bought this album because I like B. However, I wish I would have downloaded it. Disc 2 is more appealing to me than disc 1. The alter ego Sasha Fierce on disc 2 has some songs that I really just dance to sometimes when I am cleaning or getting ready to go out. That's about it though....

Raphael Saddiq- The Way I See It
This CD is amazing! Once again you have to have a grown up ear to appreciate it. The Close Confidant put me on this cd and I was skeptical at first but I don't know why I doubted him. This junk is HOTT! Raphael decided to do an album with an ol' skool Motown sound and he was very successful. He gives this ol' skool sound a modern twist and lyrically and vocally sets the bar. I have an old soul when it comes to music so this album suits me. The only thing I wasn't really feeling was the track with Jay-Z and this slow ass mind numbing flow he puts down. Like Hov, STOP! But the track featuring Stevie Wonder (I am biased bc it is Stevie and he is my absolute favorite) Never Give You Up is awesome.

Young Jeezy- The Recession
I know this is a big jump on the music scale but I bangs wit Jeezy! (It's my inner hoodrat I guess. People close to me know she is way strong.) He is another person whose albums I get as soon as they drop. And I waited a while before I picked up this album and I am mad that I did because I was missing OUT! Lyrically Jeezy just keeps it real and I can't hate on that. Plus he gets me hype! Love him. The production on this album is really good to me though. Like it bangs in the ride!!!! Hustlaz Ambition, Welcome Back, and of course My President are some of my favorite jams on this album!

Albums I have to give another listen:
Avant- Avant
John Legend- Evolver
Bups if you have heard these 2 albums I'd like your insight....


FiGZ said...

First in the hell have you not listened to "EVOLVER" yet!!!??? That Album is absolutely breathtaking. Granted I'm a John Legend fan, and a legal impersonator (check me out in the yellow pages...lmao...just jokes...I'll take his voice any day though). I would have to agree with your choice of albums. I haven't listened to Anthony Hamilton's album yet, but I'll take your word for it. I am cheering Raphael Saddiq and Jamie Foxx; Kanye West, Beyonce, and Musiq's albums are aaiiiiiiiight. Jeezy is real across the board. Hardcore will be Hardcore. A couple of quotes from me: "MY president is Black, but forget about the lambo...Barack is an American!" "Blame it on the goose? Nah blame it on yaself!" LOL

The District's Buppie said...

I know one thing. Buying Beyonce's CD is a waste. All you have to is turn on the radio or go to the club. They play her entire album!!!

HeaVyNeSS said...

Im listening to alot of trey songz crazy remixes...

808's is ok...

I'm bumping the new jay...

Im definately bumping the dream

Alot of biggie classics.

I stopped listening to albums, they often fail to impress me. I go through all the songs once and remove what annoys me. I do a second go through in about another week. Alot of artists just want to push singles, albums don't seem worth their weight anymore. Though I get tons of music a month so, I hardly have time to focus on the whole album vs several singles.

Up&Coming Buppie said...

Yeah I love the Dream! That album never gets old to me!

Also listening to some Biggie tryin to figure out if I am going to go see the movie.

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