Thursday, January 8, 2009

Act Like A Lady. Think Like A Man

Happy New Year Bups!!!

So I hate for my first post of 2009 to have a negative tone but I gotta vent. Ladies, we really HAVE TO step it up in'09! Like fa real. So many female bups that are close to me were doing some pretty idiotic things when it came to men in '08, like habitually dumb. I hate to judge cuz hey I don't have a man, just male "friends" so what do I know?! But some things to me just seem painfully apparent that are not in your best interest as a woman who says she wants a decent man. But since '09 has begun I feel like these ladies that I speak of are making even DUMBER decisions and they're talk about getting out of these situations is just that....TALK!

To add insult to injury I was listening to my favorite, The Steve Harvey Show, this morning and The Strawberry Letter was dumb as hell AS USUAL! A woman who THINKS she knows something getting played by a man. This morning it was a woman who has been seeing a married man for 7 years and has a 3 year old son with him. She wasn't worried about him being married she was just mad that he was so jealous. BITCH YOU SERIOUS?! Of course Steve said something that was right on the mark and made me think about some of my friends. Women are always asking why men cheat and why they do some of the other crazy things they do. Then they say the crazy SH*T they put up with in the same breath. Women, are the reason men cheat and act crazy! It is because women allow them to do this. When the women I know make this ridiculous, "All men cheat and are no good" statement I often reply well you allow that type of behavior so what do you expect?!

So I am happy to say that the book will be out at the end of the month....

Needless to say I will be buying a copy of this book for myself as well as several additional copies for some other women in my life who I feel should read what Mr. Harvey has to say. I find much of what Steve Harvey has to say about relationships to be quite insightful and have been looking forward to seeing his thoughts organized through this book.

Ok ladies, let's get with the program in 2009! Especially if you CLAIM you want happiness!


Anonymous said...

I'm an english major and I love the site. My only complaint is that you should use more appropriate grammar and punctuation please; especially since this is catered to the black urban professional twenty-somethings.

...I'm over this relationship BS so i won't bother commenting on this dummy. Steve set her straight this morning.

The District's Buppie said...

Anonymous come back, are you willing to be a proofreader?? email us.. We know we have a problem!

Anonymous said...

Are you aware that Steve Harvey divorced his first wife, while she was recovering from cancer? And I hear he has a young model chick on his arm. I'm just wondering why should I read this book? Please advise.

Up&Coming Buppie said...

"I find much of what Steve Harvey has to say about relationships to be quite insightful and have been looking forward to seeing his thoughts organized through this book."
-Me from this post

I have heard about Steve Harvey's multiple divorces. I believe he has had two. I try not to pay much attention to celebrity divorces and such because I find that you often don't hear the whole story and I have heard multiple accounts about what happened with Steve Harvey from his infidelity to how his wife turned down alimony, to custody battles.... the list goes on. Not my business fa real.

With that said, I am buying the book solely off of what I hear on his morning show which I happen to enjoy. I think he makes a lot of valid points when it comes to women and men and the mistakes they make in relationships. Hey, maybe he is speaking from his own f*ck ups. Who knows? Either way I stick to what I said. I am interested in seeing how his thoughts are organized through the pages of his book. Because the thoughts I hear on his morning show are often quite insightful and sound experience based. Whether it is good or bad possibly from what he has done I can dig the insight. Don't get me wrong there are things I have heard him say and thought whaaaaat?! This dude is ill! But all in all I like to hear his take on things.

So the decision to buy the book is ultimately up to you!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for some real insight. Thanks

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