Friday, January 9, 2009

No More Whoopy

The other day I was having an interesting conversation with a homeboy. the past couple of months he has been complaining about this girlfriend. Talking all types of ish. But of Course I am the District's Buppie. I give my two cents on EVERYTHING. What he has was the case of, "I do not know what I want from a GirlFriend." I asked him to evaluate her and make a list of what you want from her and this relationship. This was a couple of months ago.

So, yesterday we chat,

Homeboy: "It's really a wrap for this relationship."

Me: "Sure, I Heard that a couple of months ago. "

Homeboy: "No For real though. Do not look at me like a feen when I tell you this."

Me" What happened?"

Homeboy: "Well, It really a wrap because she said she wanted to be celibate."

Me: (Thinking Pause...The Dumb Ish women do. Giving up their Puss Power! FOOL!) " Man she just playing. Maybe she is testing you. Besides, I thought you said you were not the type of guy who focused on sex."

Homeboy: "Well how I am going to go from Steaks to crackers? Plus said she just realized premarital sex is a sin."

Me: "(Thinking, NEGROS ALWAYS LIKE THE DUMB BROADS!) DAMn . I feel you."

Now the chick clearly does not have her screws together. There is nothing wrong with celibacy but honestly, if you are going to pursue it in a relationship in which sex was involved. Why would you not consider your partner's feelings? Plus how are you going to go cold turkey with him around. You at least have to get him on the same page, or break up so you can concentrate. I thought it was a test for him, but WE too OLD for TESTS and GAMES.

On to the main point, so after I got off the phone I thought about it some more. Essentially it took SEX for this man to break up with his girl. All the other shyt that was bothering him, and SEX was the final straw! Not the chick spending all his money, not the daily fights, not the lack of the ability to relate!!!

Am I wasting my time trying to be a better woman? Maybe I should quit trying to have more depth and quit reaching my goals, and just do 100 pussy crunches a day? SEE BELOW


Anonymous said...

I think games and tests are just part of life...we don't have forever to find a good mate, so we have to weed out people quickly.

But I think his chick was playin one of those crazy person games, she just didn't want to be with him anymore but she didn't wanna break up with him.

FiGZ said...

100 pussy crunches though? SMH :-\

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